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„ 4. Very porous and friable.

„ 5. Completely fused into a vesicular »ass. t,
„ 6. Slight fusion. At white heat edges sharp, surface slightly vitrified- compact. Colour

changed to light grey on surface, but remained black inSide.
„ 7. Similar results.


„ 8. Ditto. Not so compact and strong as Nos. 6 and 7. *S
The black colour probably due to the action of carbonaceous matter, which is present- £2

having reduced the iron to the condition of magnetic oxide.
Augile in cavity in rock-specimen. Faces exhibited :(coP.) (1 io), C»f?oo . (oio), P. (l It), x

2P. (22O)- CO$TO (I")- 002P, (120). ?«


Notifications by the Government of India during the months of August, September and October i8gi, published in the "Gazette of India," Part I.Appointment, Confirmation, Promotion, Reversion and Retirement.


Annual Increments to Graded Officers sanctioned by the Government of India during August, September and October rSgr.

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From Ist October To 31sT Dkcember 1890.

A specimen of pyrrhotite in quartz, from 40 miles south of Ranchi, Chota Nagpur.

Presented By R. R. Waller. layers formed in silicate of soda.

Presented By Col. J. Waterhouse,


From Ist October To 31sT December 1890.

Titles of Books. Donors.

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Blanckenhorn, Max.—Beitrage zur Geologie Syriens: Die Entwickelung des Kreidesystems in Mittel-und-Nord-Syrien mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der palaontologischen Verhaltnisse nebst einem anhsng fiber den jurassischen Glandarienkalk. 40 Cassel, 1890.

Blanford, Henry F.—An elementary geography of India, Burma, and Ceylon. 8° London, 1890.

Bronn's Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier.Reichs. Band IV, Wiirmer, lief. 15-16;

and Band V, Abth. II, lief. 28. 8° Leipzig, 1890. Butler, Samuel.—Evolution, old and new; or the theories of Buffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and Lamarck, as compared with that of Mr. Charles Darwin. 8° London, 1879. H. F. Jones.

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