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(Loire-Inferieure, Waldviertel, Ceylon, United States), the pyroxenic gneisses are in evident relation with the calcareous metamorphic rocks. We have shown how the existence of scapolite in these rocks is generally in direct relation withJhese limestones.

We have likewise studied the junctions of these scapolite.bearing pyroxenic gneisses with granulite, in Brittany. By means of petrographical peculiarities that we have noticed there we have been able to explain the remarkable modifications that we have met with in the similar rocks of Norway and of America, although we are unacquainted with the eruptive granulite which has produced them in the latter localities.


Fig. i.—Corundum-and sillimanite-rock (Sdcm).
Fig. 2.—Anorthite-gneiss—

8% Anorthile; ?.o , Pyroxene ; 35, Fouquiiie.

Fig. 3.—Scapolitic gneiss (Salem)—

8, Anorthile; 14, Sphene; id, Scapolite (irernerite) ; 20, Pyroxene; 25, Garnet.

Fig. 4.—Wollastonite-bearing rock (Ceylon)—

8, Anorthite; 16, Seapolite; 20, Pyroxenej 25, Garnet - 47, Wollaslonite.

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No. 8.—Ending 31sT July 1891.

Director's Office, Calcutta, 31st July i8gi.

The staff of the Survey remains disposed in the following parties:—

Madras Party.—R. B. Foote, F.g.s., Senior Superintendent, Cuddapah

Burma Parly,Theo. W. Hughes Hughes, A.r.s.m., Superintendent, Tenas-

Fritz Noetling, Ph.D., Palaeontologist, Upper Burma.

H. Warth Ph.D., Transferred to Madras.
Punjab Party.—C. L. Griesbach, C.i.e., Superintendent.

C. S. Middlemiss, B.a., 2nd Grade Deputy Superintendent. Baluchistan Party.—R. D. Oldham, A.r.s.m., 1st Grade Deputy Superintendent.

Sub-Assistant Hira Lai.
Sub-Assistant Kishen Singh.
Darjceling and Sikkim.—P. N. Bose, B. Sc., 2nd Grade Deputy Superintend-

Bengal Coal-Fields.—T. D. Latouche, B.a., 2nd Grade Deputy Superin-

Assam.—P. N. Datta, B. Sc., Assistant Superintendent.

Head-Quarters, Calcutta.—The Director; T. H. Holland, A.r.cs., F.g.s.,

Assistant Superintendent, Museum and Laboratory.

Most of the officers are in recess.

Mr. Hughes, after having closed up the season's work in Tenasserim, left Mergui for Rangoon where he is still occupied, in association with the Financial Commissioner of Burma, with reports on the progress of the tin exploration.

Dr H. Warth has been transferred to Madras where he is officiating in charge of the Government Central Museum.

Dr. Noetling continues in Upper Burma.

Mr. LaTouche concluded his season at the boring exploration in the Daltonganj coal-field. His report appears in the present issue of the Records.

Mr. Oldham returned to head-quarters, at the close of his field work in Baluchistan which he has carried on continuously for eighteen months; and, as a result, he has put up the several very useful reports mentioned below in the list of papers, &c, sent in to office for publication or record.

Mr. LaTouche availed himself of furlough for six months on the 24th of May

Mr. Griesbach returned from privilege leave on the 6th of July 1891, when he was ordered up to Simla for work there.

Mr. Middlemiss returned from deputation with the Black Mountain Expedition early in May, and is now in recess at Abbottabad.

The Director was 011 official duty with the Revenue and Agricultural Department at Simla from the 1st June to the 12th July, when he returned to head-quarters.

List of Reports and Papers sent in to Office for publication or record during May, June, and July i8gi.

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On a collection of fossil bones
from Mongolia.

1. The Sub-recent and Recent
Deposits of the valley plains of
Quetta, Pishin, and the Dasht-

2. On the mode of occurrence and
probable distribution of artesian
water in the valley plains of the
Quetta and Pishin District.

3. Report on the outflow of Petro-
leum in the Robdar Valley,
Bolan Pass.

4. Report on the Petroleum re-
sources of the country adjoining
the routes to Quetta.

5. Memorandum on the possibility
of finding Petroleum near Suk-
kur on the Indus.

6. Report on the Coal Resources
of Quetta and the routes lead-
ing to it.

7. Report on the Geology of Thai
Chotiali and part of the Mari

8. Notes of a tour from Quetta by
Kachh to Ziarat, Hindubagh,
and back.

9. Memorandum on the mode of
occurrence of petroleum.

Boring exploration in the Dalton-
ganj coal-field.

Note on a remarkable cave pierc-
ing the Tham Pra ridge, in the
Mergui District, Lower Burma.


To appear in the Records,
Geological Survey of
India, for November


To Baluchistan Agency.

To Government of India.




To appear in Records,
Geological Survey of
India, for November.



Appears in the current
Records, Geological
Survey of India.

To appear in the Records,
Geological Survey of
India, for November.

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