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Do anything but love; or, if thou love,
And art a woman, hide thy love from him
Whom thou dost worship. Never let him know
How dear he is ; flit like a bird before him ;
Lead him from tree to tree; from flower to flower:
Be not won, or thou wilt, like that bird,
When caught and caged, be left to pine neglected,
And perish in forgetfulness.

He says he loves my daughter;
I think so too; for never gazed the moon
Upon the water, as he'll stand and read,
As 'twere, my daughter's eyes; and to be plain,
I think there is not half a kiss to choose,
Which loves the other best.

SHAKSPEARE. Didst thon but know the inly touch of love, Thou wouldst as soon go kindle fire with snow, As seek to quench the tire of love with words.

SHAKSPEARE. Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

SHAKSPEARE, In love, the victors from the vanquish'd fly; They fly that wound, and they pursue that die.

SHAKSPEARE. They do not love, that do not show their love.

SHAKSPEARE. They love the least, that let men know their love.

SHAKSPEARE. When love's well-tim'd, 'tis not a fault to love: The strong, the brave, the virtuous and the wise, Sink in the soft captivity together..

ADDISON'S CATO. With thee conversing I forget all time.

MILTON. I find she loves him much, because she hides it; Love teaches cunning even to innocence; And when he gets possession, his first work Is to dig deep within the heart, and there Lie hid, and, like a miser in the dark, To feast alone,

DRYDEN. Man's love is of man's life a thing apart'Tis woman's whole existence.

BYRON. In the broad face of day he sought my maiden love.

FIRST LOVES, p. 9. “Know your station, sir; you are speaking to Count Stralenheim." “Is it so; I thought I was speaking to my father,"

First Loves, p. 34.


Duke Charles-Count Stralenheim and his Beautiful

Danghters-Albert Stralenheim----The High-Born

Maidens--Court and Courtiers-The Artless Gene-

vieve-Sergeant Major Meissen-Genevieve's Hatred

--His Revenge-Genevieve's Aunt-She favors the

Major-His Bombast she deems Ability--Promotion

--Benefactor-Genevieve's Penetration of Character

-Meissen's Cruelty-Boasting Words--Golden Key

--Genevieve's Loathing and dread-Albert Stralen-

heim, her Betrothed-Meissen's Retreat-Genevieve

Her Lover appointed Private Secretary to the Duke

-Promise of Marriage-Genevieve, being poor, fears

her Love may be attributed to a wrong Motive--Bliss-

ful Moments--Albert seeks an Interview with the

Duke-Her Aunt upbraids Genevieve-She is Recon-



Page 9

Page 9


The Mission-Domestic Happiness-Countess Stralen-
heim-Her two Daughters-Descendants of a Noble
Family-Prospective Countess-Count Stralenheim
-His Depression--Affections of his Family-Ernes-
tine-Joyful News-A Lover's Return The Count's
Remorse--Albert's Reverses ---The Count assures
him of the Secretaryship-The Father's Wish-The
Royal Choice Albert admits the Engagement-Is
Threatened with Banishment-He Pleads his own
Cause--The Count's Crime-Recollections--Meissen
his Persecutor--The Accusation - The Count a Pri-
vate Soldier--Old Comrades in 1812-Speak Lower
- Where is the difference betwixt us? --The Me-

nace--The Count in Meissen's Power-The Crime--

The Demand-Money..................... Page 26


The Promotion-Albert in favor with the Duke, who

Intercedes for Him- Station Genevieve's R ret -

Meissen again - Who Wins the Race -Ileart Break-

erg-The Lock that fits the Golden Key Genevieve

Defends the Count Her Dignity She Scorns Meis-

sen-His Cruel Treatment Hir Aunt Demonstrates

--Albert's timely Entrance -The knock-down Dis.

graced Uniform Only a Jest- Meissen Denied the

House-le threatens Vengeance.......... Page 19


Meissen's Interview with the Count Intrusion. The

Returned Lover-The Count's Feeling S picions
of the Countess Humiliation Mein In Demand
Promotion - The Count Gonded to Madness The
Daughter's Birth-day Meisnen must be invited to
the Fetellis Irony and Insolence Grand Fete day

The Ball Mein en Shanned by the Guets 1114

Revenge on the Count His Power over Him le

Demands a Title of Nobility and the Count's Bealle

tiful Daughter in Marriage Refusal Threats The

Uproar-The Dance Ceases Insults The Arrent

Revelation-Meissen Ilurried to Prison Party Bro-

ken up.................................... Page 64


The Count's Arrest-Genevieve Ohtains an Audience

and Intercedes with the Duke He Grants a Private

Ilearing- The Count Sentenced to Banishment.

Meissen Dismissed the Service Imprisoned in the

Tower-Papers and Documents -Genevieve a Connt-

ess, and Falls Heir to the Estates of the true ('onnt

Stralenheim-She Relinquishes one-half to the Count

and the other to her Lover, Albert Stralenheim 1er

Intercession-Sentence Revoked - The Count's Grat.

itude-- The Wedding --General Happiness. Page 73

Womans' Conflict.

The Struggle of Life-Poverty and Genius-Indepen-

dence--- Proposal --Refusal-The Moral Contest

Genius Succumbs to Poverty.............. Page 90

Our Beau Ideals.

School-Girls--The Choice --Novel-reading-Canght--

Youth and After-Life......

Page 102


A Fair Field and a Rival-The Village Maiden-A

Visit-Springfield--Brother's Wife....... Page 110

Moore and Emmet.

Odes of Anacreon-Sheridan-Emmet's Dying Words

-Miss Curran, Emmet's Betrothed -Mournful

Events-Fabled Bird of the East-Abdalla-Lalla

Rookh-Zelica, the Victim--The Peri at the Gate of

Heaven-The Acceptable Gift............ Page 117

ᏢᎪᎡᎢ IV. The Party-Dupe the Feds'--The Return The Assault-Revenge--Capt. Flint Outwitted.. Page 326

ᏢᎪᎡᎢ V. The Speech-Chicago-Misery and Punishment--The Elopement-Bridewell-Retribution..... Page 339

Brother's Choice Miss Manning-Her Beauty-The Recognition-Faint

ing-Scene in the Parlor-The Flight--The SearchThe Return-A Wedding................. Page 354

A Bashful Man's Love. DiMculties of Wooing-Rides-Awkward Escort-The Drawing-In Tears--Reconciliation...... Page 373

Almost Lost. Dot and Harry Lee-A Mother's Opposition --Meddlers


Dawns-Return-Happy Meeting........ Page 388 Allan Scudmore's Wager. Accomplishments—The Wild-Goose Chase-The Pretext-The Acquaintance-Music and Fishing-Angling for Golden Fish--The Accident-GallantryProposal—The Wedding.................. Page 427

The Secretary. Love-A Rival-Deception-Disdain-Bed of Roses

The Ring-The Storm-The Crime-The PrecipiceThe Fall-The Journey—The Revelation-The Recognition-The Son-The Marriage-The EstateThe Disappointed........................ Page 461

Shakspeare. His Parentage-Social Relations of his father_The

Village Suits-- His Early Education--His CareerHis Domestic Life-George III.-Critics and Criticisms-English women-Shakspeare and His Family King Lear --Lady Macbeth-The Best Bed-Customs of the Times-Shakspeare in London--His Last Dayg-The End........................... Page 489

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