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Sci 1636.23

- 1850 Aug 9
Geke e the envirh State Agricuitticae locuto
The tehnici el libreng Leerly


The Ninth Annual Volume of the Transactions of the Society is submitted to the farmers of New York, and an attentive perusal is asked for it. It is believed that this is the most valuable volume published, and contains matter of the utmost importance to the Agricultural interests of our country. The Lectures of Prof. Johnston are most timely, and their great value will be manifest to every reader. They show the intimate connexion between Science and practical Agriculture, and will carry conviction we think to every fair mind, of the unspeakable importance of Science to the farmers of our country, in its direct application to the profits of farming. The Prize Essay by Prof. Norton for Schools, entitled, “Elements of Scientific Agriculture,” is a work that must find its way to every farmer's fire side and to every District School in the State, and the happy effects from it, will, we doubt not be seen throughout our entire Agricultural interest. The Survey of Washington county by Dr. Fitch is a very important work-and will undoubtedly be highly prized by the farmer, and is of more importance than any other Survey which has been made in this State, so far as the district of country which it embraces is concerned.

The subscriber desires to express his deep obligations to the officers
of the State and County Societies, and to gentlemen interested in the
advancement of the Agricultural profession, for the valuable papers
furnished, as well as the aid and counsel he has derived from them in
the preparation of this work. As the only return he can make, he gives
the assurance that his best exertions shall be given to the Society and
to the interest of the farmers, in endeavoring to advance the great and
important work which has been entrusted to the Society with which
he is connected.

Agricultural Rooms, February, 1850.

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