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To the Laws enacted at the adjourned session of 1897, being

chapters 375-380 of the foregoing laws.

[For index of chapters 1–374 see post, pp. 1-220.]

Casualty and Suretyship Insurance Com- of personal property, how entered on the as-

sessment roll, ch. 300, (sec. 1050).

of bank stock, how made, ch. 380, (sec. 1051).

statement of the, city, village and town clerks
against university and normal schools, how to make, ch. 380, (sec. 1066).
verified and approved, ch. 380, (secs. 383a, of private waterworks, electric light and gas,

plants, ch. 380, (sec. 1037a).
foreign, of execution of deed, certificate of ASSESSORS. See Assessment.
officer's authority, ch.380, (sec. 2219).

duty of, in assessing waterworks, gas and

electric plants, ch. 380, (sec. 1037a).
ACTIONS. See Limitation of Actions.
to recover damages for injury to the person, ASSIGNMENT-
notice of, ch. 330, (sec. 4222).

of claim to a mechanic's lien, effect of, ch.
how notice given; when sufficient, ch. 380,

380, (sec. 3314).
(sec. 4222).

of time check or order gives right to assignee
statute not applicable to what actions, ch. to claim lien, ch. 380, (sec. 3333).
380, (sec. 4222).

of claim for lien on lumber, etc., ch.380, (sec.

of affidavit for garnishment, ch. 380, (sec. | ATTORNEY GENERAL-

additional duties of, sec. 2, ch. 380.
of papers in garnishment proceedings against
partners, ch. 380, (sec. 2753).


drainage of, sec. 1, ch. 375.

floors and walls of, authority of local officers
what orders appealable, ch, 380, (sec. 3069). concerning, sec. 2, ch 375
entry of order, who may have made, ch. 380,

cleanliness of, and of utensils in, secs. 2, 3, 4,
(sec. 3069).

5, ch 375.

penalty for not complying with order of board

of health, sec. 6, ch. 375.
to Messrs. Sanborn, Berryman, Riordan, Roehr, notice of order, how given, sec. 7, ch. 375,
Whitehead, Flett, Jones, Wheeler and law may be printed and copies posted, sec. 8,
Harvey, ch. 378.

ch. 373.
by council of city of 150,000 or more for cler-
ical assistance, when unlawful, sec. 4, ch. | BANK EXAMINER-
376, 1897

when to make report, what to report upon,
for purchase of statutes of 1898, sec. 2, ch.379. ch. 380, (sec. 2023r).

annual statement to state treasurer, ch. 380,


how assessed, ch. 380, (sec. 1051).
without premeditated design to take life, how
punished, ch. 380, (sec. 4374a).


[For index of chapters 1–374 see post, pp. 1-220.]


CITIES. See City Clerks; Garbage Reducing when may be settled by stipulation, ch. 380, Works. (sec. 2877).

officers of, having 150,000 population or more, new trial when bill cannot be settled, ch. 380, payrolls for clerical assistance, how made, (sec. 2877).

sec. 4, ch, 376, extension of time for settling, ch, 380, (sec. under general charter, school government in, 2877).

ch. 380, (sec 925/13). BIRTHS-See Evidence.

assessments for sewerage purposes, bow mada,

ch. 38, (sec 925216).

schools in, subject to the provisions of the BOARDS OF EDUCATION

general law, when, ch 380, (sec. 515) may exercise what powers, ch. 380, (sec. 515). re-assessment of special assessments for power in cities under general charter, appointment and street improvements, ch. 330, (secs, and terms of, ch. 380, (secs. 925:13).

12100, 1210e, 1210). BOARDS OF HEALTH


salaries of, in cities of 150,000 or more, sec. 1, powers of, in securing cleanliness in bakeries,

ch. 376. ch. 375.

to pay fees to treasurer, sec. 2, ch. 376.

assistance in making tax roll, sec. 3, ch. 376. BONDS-See Garbage Reducing Works.


notice to attorneys of time of attendance of BOOK ENTRIES

judge to hold court for presiding judge, ch. when evidence, and how proven, ch. 380, (sec.

389, (sec. 2625). 4189).


license to life insurance companies and reroCOMPANIES

cation thereof, ch, 380, (seg. 1947). accident companies, how formed, ch. 380,

when to license foreign casualty or surety(sec. 196627.

ship insurance companies. ch. 300. (sec. capital stock required, and how invested, ch.

1966, 32).

effect of his certificate to foreign suretyslip 380, (sec. 196627). deposit and exchange of securities, ch. 380, company, ch. 380. (1966,34).

(sec. 196627). foreign, conditions on which may do business, CONTINGENT LIABILITY. See Garnishment.

ch, 350, (196632). service of process on, ch. 380, (sec. 196639). *CORPORATIONS. See Casualty and Saretr. liabilities of agents of, ch. 360, (sec. 196682). ship Insurance Companies. certificate of authority, effect as evidence, articles of, what to contain, ch. 380, (see ch. 380, (sec. 196634).


verification and recording of articles. ch. CERTIORARI

380, (sec. 1772). to justice of peace in unlawful detainer not to

filing articles with secretary of state, ch. stay proceedings unless bond given, ch, 380,

380, (sec. 1772). (sec. 3368a.

fees for filing articles and amendments there

to, ch. 340, sec. 1772). CHANGE OF VENUE

operating waterworks, electric and gas plants, for prejudice of judge, on application for,

assessment and taxation of, ch. 353, (seo. other judge may be called in, ch. 330, (sec.

1037a). 2625)

organized under ch. 146, laws of 1872 validity when to be granted only on payment of costs, of, ch. 380, (sec. 1772a). ch. 380, (sec. 2625).

to file list of principal officers with register

of deeds,'ch, 380, (sec 1775b). CHURCH RECORDS. See Evidence.

service of process on, ch. 330, (sec. 1775b).

for doing a trust, annuity, safe deposit and CIRCUIT COURTS. See Circuit Judges;

guarantee business, organization and capiJurors.

tal of, ch, 380, (sec. 1791d). Terms of, in seventh and ninth circuits, ch. 380, (sec. 2424).


apportionment of, in actions against several CIRCUIT JUDGES

several insurers joined as defendants, ob. additional, for second circuit, sec. 1, ch. 377. 380, (sec. 2609a). when to be elected, sec. 2, ch. 377. term of office, time of election, and salary, COUNTIES. See Home for the Feeble Minded,

sec, 3, ch. 377. place for holding court and officers, sec. 4, ch.

COUNTY BOARDS377. phonographic reporter for, sec. 4, ch. 377.

appointment of counsel to aid district attor business of court, how divided between judges,

neys in civil cases, ch. 380, sec. 750). sec. 4, ch. 377. proceedings for disposal of infants' estates COUNTY CLERKS

may be had before, ch. 380, (secs. 3504, 3505, blanks for statements as to assessed value of 3506, 3507, 3508, 3511, 3513, 3514, 3516).

property, ch. 350, (sec. 1096).

(For index of chapters 1–374 see poet, pp. 1—220.]


authority of, and procedure on, application what property is exempt, ch. 380, (sec. 1038).

for sale of lands of infant or incompetent,
ch. 380. See Guardian and Ward.

FEEBLE MINDED. See Home for the Feeble

proceedings for disposition of estates of infants FEES. See City Clerks.
may be had before, ch. 380, (sec. 3519a). payable secretary of state for filing articles

of incorporation and amendments thereto,
CREMATORY. See Garbage Reducing Works. eh. 380, (sec. 1772).

violation of law concerning cleanliness in of waterworks, electric and gas companies,
bakeries, ch. 375.

assessment and taxation of, ch, 340, (sec.
making solicitation to have name put on jury 1037a).

list, ch. 380, (sec. 2533f).
assault without design to take life, ch. 380,
(sec. 4374a).


cities within ch. 288, laws of 1897, may issue

bonds for, how, ch. 380. pp. 1055.
of adverse party in civil action or proceeding, how such bonds disposed of, ch.380.
ch. 380, (sec. 4068).

anthority of council as to acquiring property

for, ch, 380.

wbo may take, and when, ch. 380, (sec. 4102).
notice of taking, ch. 380, (sec. 4102).

what time allowed, ch. 38, (sec. 4102).

affidavit for, what to contain, ch. 380, (sec.
who may take when officer designated does 2753).
not appear, ch. 380, (sec. 4102).

who may be joined as garnishees, ch. 380, (sec.
when notice need not be given, ch, 380, (sec. 2753).

amendment of affidavit, ch. 380, (sec. 2753).
how taken by commission in foreign country, against partnership, names, how noted, ch.
ch. 380, (sec. 4110).

390, (sec. 2753).
translation of commission, rules, etc., into judgmemt not to be rendered against gar-
foreign language, ch. 380, (sec. 4110).

nishee, when, ch. 380, (sec. 2769).
translation of answers into English, ch. 380, of debt owing by owner of property subject to
(sec 4110).

mechanic's lien, ch. 380, (sec. 2769).
proof of accuracy of translation, and effect
thereof, ch. 380, (sec. 4110).


assessment of private, for purposes of taxa-
appointment of persons to assist, ch. 380.

tion, ch. 380, (sec. 1037a).
county board may appoint assistant for, in
civil cases, ch. 380, (sec. 750).

ELECTIONS. See Judicial Elections.

authority as to printing special reports for

university, ch. 380, (sec. 383).

private, assessment of, for purposes of taxa- application for sale of real estate, to what
tion, ch. 380, (sec. 1037a).

court and how made, ch. 380, (sec. 3504).

sale of lands on behalf of part of infants, dis-
EVIDENCE. See Depositions.

position of proceeds, ch: 380, (sec. 3504).
of adverse party in civil action, may be taken,

appointment of special guardian for infant,
ch. 300, (sec. 1068).

ch. 380, (sec. 3505).
not conclusive on party at whose instance

guardian of incompetent to give bond, ch.
given, ch. 380, (sec. 4068).

380, (sec. 3505).
church, parish or baptismal record, record of prosecution in case of breach of bond, ch.
physician or person performing marriage as,

380, (sec. 3505).
ch. 380, (sec. 4160).

proceedings on application to make sale, ch.
entries in books, as, and method of proof, ch.

360, (sec. 35061.
390, (sec. 4189).

appointment of referee, ch. 380, (sec. 3506).
comparison of disputed handwriting, ch. 380,

terms of final order, ch. 380, (sec. 3507).
(sec. 4189a).

lease, sale, etc., to be approved and con-
certificate of authority to suretyship com-

firmed, ch. 380, (sec. 3508).
pany, ch. 380, (sec. 1966,34).

validity of sale, lease, etc., ch. 380, (sec.


application and disposition of proceeds of

sale, etc., ch. 380, (sec. 3513).
of party to the record in civil action by ad- accounts to be rendered by guardian, ch. 380,
verse party, ch. 380, (sec. 4068).

(sec. 3513)

order made by circuit court to be filed with

county court, ch. 380, (sec. 3513).
on judgment against sureties on undertaking authority of latter if guardian fails to comply
or bond on writ of error to supreme court, with order of circuit court, ch. 380, (sec.
ch. 360, (sec. 3067).


[For index of chapters 1–374 see post, pp. 1–220.]

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JURORSproceedings on sale of lands subject to dower for circuit courts, the municipal courts or an estate for life or years, ch. 380, (sec.

of Milwankee and Racine, the superior 3514).

courts of Douglas and Milwaukee counties, effect of application on infant or incompe

how obtained, ch. 380, (sec. 9338) tent, ch. 380, (sec. 3516).

jury cominissioners, how appointed, ch. 330,

(sec. 2533a), HANDWRITING

their qualifications, duties and terms, ch. comparison of disputed, how made, ch, 380, 380, isec 2533a). (sec. 4189a).

oath and compensation of commissioners,ch.

30, (sec. 2533a). HOME FOR FEEBLE MINDED

appointments heretofore made validated, eh. examination of persons for admission to, ch. 380, (sec. 2533a). 390, sec. 5731).

lists of names, how made, who may be put expense of maintaining inmates chargeable to on lists, ch. 380, (sec. 25:33b). counties, ch, 380, (sec. 5731)

names, how drawo from box, ch. 30, (sec. friends may pay such expense, ch. 380, (sec. 2533b). 5731).

advertisement of drawing unnecessary, ch. charges against counties, how collected, ch. 390, (sec. 2533b), 390), (sec. 573m.)

deficiency of, bow supplied, ch. ss0, (sec. clothing for inmates, what required, ch. 380.

25:30. (sec. 573n.)

when to be drawn from the by-standers, ch. post mortem examination of inmates, ch. 380, 380, (sec. 2533d). (sec. 5739.)

exemption from service, ch. 380, (sec 25e). discharge of inmates, ch. 380. (sec. 573r).

when may be excused, ch, 350, see. 253le). return of persons committed through mistake, penalty for soliciting that name be put on ch. 350, 7c. 573r).

jury list, ch. 380, (sec. 23339). transfer of insane inmates to hospital, ch. 380. for other courts of record, how drawa, ch, (Sec. 573r).

380, (sec. 2544i). expense of return and transfer chargeable to

counties, ch. 350, (sec. 573r). duty of supervisors concerning persons who JURY COMMISSIONERS. See Jurors.

ought to be inmates of the, ch. 320, (sec. 5738).



former's interest not subject to a mechanic's Ward.

lien because of latter's acts, ch. 30, (sec. proceedings for disposition may be had in what courts and before what judges, ch.

3314). 380, (sec. 3519a).


who may form, ch. 390. (sec. 1947). INSURANCE POLICIES

capital required, and investment of, ch.38 joinder of defendants in actions on, ch. 380,

(sec. 1947), (sec. 2609a).

removal of cause to federal court cause for procedure in such cases, ch. 320, (sec. 2609a).

revoking license, ch, 310, (sec. 1947) apportionment of costs, ch. 380, sec. 2609a).

service of process upon, ch. 380. (sec. 1947). INTERPLEADER parties brought in by, may have what relief, LIMITATION OF ACTIONSch. 320), (sec. 2656a),

what actions to be brought within six years, how relief demanded, ch. 380, (sec, 2656a .)

ch. 380, (sec. 1222). INTERVENTION

LIS PENDENSof parties, their rights and liabilities, ch. 380,

who may file, and when, ch, 380, (sec. 3187).

effect of filing, cb. 380, (sec. 3157). (sec. 2656a).

when to be discharged of record, ch. 3. (sec. JUDGMENT. See Garnishment.

3187). against one or more of several defendants, on cross.complaint or otherwise, ch. 380, (sec. MARRIAGES. See Evidence.

2656a). aflirmative relief may be granted defendant, MECHANIC'S LIENch. 360, (sec. 2656a).

debt owing by owner of property subject to, interlocutory judgment, when proper, ch.380,

when absolutely due, ch. 300, (sec. 2ite). (sec. 2883).

who entitled to, and for what, ch. 380. (*c. of supreme court may be entered against sare

3314). ties on bond or undertaking, ch. 380, (sec. 3067).

to what property it attaches, ch., 350, (Bc.

3314). how such judgment collected, ch. 380, (sec.

priority of, over unrecorded mortgage, ch. 3067).

380, (sec. 3314). in proceedings where parties intervene or are

petition for, where to be filed, ch. 360, (eac. interpleaded, ch. 350, (sec. 2656a).


not to attach to landlord's interest, when, ch. JUDICIAL ELECTIONS

380, (sec. 3314). special, in second circuit, when held, sec. 2, assignment of claim to, effect of, ch. 350, ch.377.

(sec. 3314).

[For index of chapters 1-374 see post, pp. 1-220 ]


PRINTINGaccommodations for additional judge of sec- of special reports of university, ch. 380, (sec. ond circuit, sec. 4, ch. 377, 1897.

333). payment of part of salaries of judges of cir- of law concerning cleanliness in bakeries, cuit court, sec. 3, ch. 377, 1897.

sec. 8, ch. 375. MUNICIPAL COURTS. See Jurors.



when to make report, ch. 380, (sec. 1795). wben to be granted if bill of exceptions cannot be settled, ch. 380, (sec. 2877).


number to be published, ch. 380, (sec. 1795a). NORMAL SCHOOLS

method of publication and distribution, ch. payments on account of, how made, ch, 380, 330, (sec. 1795a).

(sec. 401). accounts against, how made and approved,

RAILROADSch. 380, (sec. 401).

to give commissioner notice of beginning of

operations, ch, 380, (sec. 1795). NOTICE

notice of action against, for damages to propof board of health to owner or lessee of bakery

erty or stock, when to be given and what

suflicient, ch. 380, (sec. 1816b). concerning unsanitary condition of, sec. 7,

ch. 315. of attendance of judge of another circuit to REAL ESTATE. See Guardian and Ward; Intry cause to be given attorneys, ch.380, (sec.

fants' Estates; Lis Pendens. 2625).

of infants or incompetent persons, sale, lease, effect of lis pendens as, ch, 380, (sec. 3187).

mortgage, etc., of, how made, ch, 380, (secs. of taking depositions, ch. 380.

3501, 3505, 3506, 3507, 350, 3511, 3513, 3514, 3516). of personal injury, when and how to be given, ch. 380, (sec. 4102).

RE-ASSESSMENTS. See Special Assessments. when such notice sufficient, ch. 380, (sec. 4102).

REMOVAL OF CAUSEnot required as to what actions, ch. 380, (sec. by life insurance company to federal court, 4102).

ch. 380, (sec. 1947). of assessments for sewerage purposes in cities

under general charter, ch. 380,* (sec. 925,21). REVISION OF STATUTES. See Statutes of service of legal, on private corporations, ch.

1898. 380, (sec. 1775b). of claim against railroad for damages to prop

SALARIES. See City Clerks.

of judges of second circuit, sec. 3, ch. 377. erty, when to be given, and what sufficient,

how paid, sec. 3, ch. 377. ch. 380, (sec, 1816b).

of additional phonographic reporter for that

circuit, sec. 5, ch. 377. ORDERS

what, are appealable, ch. 330, (sec. 3069). SALES OF LANDS OF WARDS. See Guardian entry of, for purpose of appeal, ch. 3-0, (sec. and Ward; Infants' Estates. 3069).


annual report of, ch 380, (sec. 425). joinder of, as defendants in actions on insur- powers of, coaferred on boards of education, ance policies, ch. 380, (sec. 2609a).

ch. 390, sec. 515). how brought in by order, ch. 330, (sec. 2656a).

in cities under general charter, ch. 330, (sec. rights of, so brought in, ch. 380, (sec. 2656a). 925,113). intervening or interpleaded, may have what relief, ch. 380, (sec. 2656a).


annual, time of holding, ch, 380, (sec. 425). PARTNERSHIP

report to, what to contain, ch, 380, (sec. 425). use of names in garnishment proceedings SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT. See Circuit against, ch. 380, (sec. 2753).

Judges. PERSONAL INJURIES. See Actions.

SECRETARY OF STATE. See Corporations.

duty of. concerning reports of regents of uniPERSONAL PROPERTY

versity, ch. 350), (sec. 383). what is, of waterworks, electric and gas com- apportionment of tax on account of inmates panies, for purposes of taxation, ch. 380,

in home for feeble minded, ch 380, (sec. (sec. 1037a).


SERVICE OE PROCESSPLEADING. See Verification of Pleadings.

by state treasury agent and his agents, ch. in intervention proceedings and where parties

380, (sec. 1540), are interpleaded, ch. 350, (sec. 2656a).

upon life insurance companies, ch. 380, (sec.


dismissal of complaint for neglect to make, of inmates of home for feeble minded, how ch. 380, (sec. 2853). and when made, ch. 380, (sec. 573q).

on private corporations, ch. 380, (sec. 1775b).

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