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the valiant and heroic services of the Wisconsin troops engaged in the battles of Chattanooga and Mission Ridge, and in paying the necessary traveling expenses of the commission;

Provided, Said monument be built from Wisconsin granite, and that the labor on the same be done by Wisconsin workmen. Such inonument to be located at a point agreed upon between the national committee and the commissioners appointed under the above act of chapter 5, laws of 1895.

Resolved, that the secretary of state be, and hereby is, instructed, upon the presentation of proper vouchers, to audit all the accounts, and draw his warrant on the state treasury for all expeditures under this resolution.

[No. 23, S.]


Proposing an amendment to section 1, of article 10, of the

constitution of the state of Wisconsin relating to education.

Resolved, By the senate, the assembly concurring, that section 1, of article 10, of the constitution of the state of Wisconsin be amended so as to read as follows:

SECTION 1. The supervision of public instruction shall be vested in a state superintendent and such other officers as the legislature shall direct; and their qualifications, powers, duties and compensation shall be prescribed by law. The state superintendent shall be chosen by the qualified electors of the state at the same time and in the same manner as members of the supreme court, and shall hold his office for two years from the succeeding first Monday in July. The state superintendent chosen at the general election in November, 1900, shall hold and continue in his office until the first Monday in July, 1903, and his successor shall be chosen at the time of the judi: cial election in April, 1903. The term of office, time and manner of electing or appointing all other officers of supervision of public instruction shall be fixed by law.


Whereas, The president of the United States has chosen Honorable William A. Jones, a member of the leg. islature of Wisconsin, as commissioner of Indian affairs in the department of the interior; therefore,

Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, that the thanks of the legislature of Wisconsin are hereby tendered to President McKinley for placing at the head of this important bureau a gentleman of eminent ability, irreproachable character and highest business qualities, thereby insuring to the government a safe, economical and honest administration of its Indian affairs.

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be properly engrossed and forwarded to the president.

Approved April 27, 1897.


State of Wisconsin,

Department of State. I, Henry Casson, secretary of state, of the state of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that the foregoing copies of laws, memorial and joint resolutions, passed by the legislature at the spring session of 1897, and the adjourned session, held in August, 1897, have been compared by me with the original enrolled acts, memorial and joint resolutions, deposited in this office, and that they appear correctly printed. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and

affixed the lesser seal of the state, at the cap[L. S.] itol in the city of Madison, this 2nd day of September, A. D. 1897.


Secretary of State.

den to secure uniform legislation on the subject of fish and game for the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois, and report to the next regular session of the legislature by bill; and,

Resolved, further, That the governor be requested to inform the governors of the above named states of the action taken by this legislature, and request them to advise like action on the part of the legislatures of their respective states.

[No. 16, S.]


To amend article No. 11 of the constitution of the state

of Wisconsin.

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That article 11, of the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, be, and hereby is, amended by adding thereto a new sec. tion, known as section 6, as follows:

SECTION 6. The legislature is hereby authorized and empowered to restrict and limit taxation in counties and towns in this state.

[No. 51, S.]


Directing superintendent of public property to assign

a room in state capitol as headquarters for Wisconsin department G. A. R.

Be it resolved by the senate of the state of Wisconsin, the assembly concurring: That the governor is hereby author ized and instructed to direct the superintendent of public property to assign a suitable room in the state capitol for the use of headquarters of the department of Wisconsin Grand Army of the Republic.

[No. 66, S.]


Requesting President McKinley to revoke order pertain.

ing to Milwaukee pension agency.

Whereas, Ex-President Cleveland, by executive order, to take effect September first next, consolidated the United States pension agency at Milwaukee with that of Chicago; and

Whereas, such consolidation will prove a great inconvenience to the pensioners now paid from the Milwaukee agency; therefore,

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that President McKinley be earnestly requested to revoke this order, so far as it pertains to the pension agency at Milwaukee.

[No. 61, S.]


Authorizing state treasurer to transfer funds for normal

school purposes.

Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the state treasurer is hereby authorized to use, from any

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