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HEWITT STEDRACKERS Seeds, ex Halesale and retail, No. 67 Fourth street, corner of of business to live street, a few doors above

ness and Trunk, Nanufacturers, whole- THE undersigned takes the liberty of inPine, opposite the Planters House, St. Louis.

Main, south side, in the Exchange Building,

and three doors above Messrs. E. W. Clarke & Commissions.

Co's. Banking House, where he is now open

ing, and will continue to receive during the H. W. LEFFINGWELL,

Spring months, a large and full assortment of

R. S. ELLIOTT, the most fashionable styles of goods, in his Notary Public

Com'r of Deeds.

line, for gentlemen's wear; and where he will LEERAGWELCLL ELLIOT's Real Estate be pleased to see his old friends and custom

Dealers, Auctioneers and Conveyancers, ers and their friends with them, and assureNo. 123 Chestnut street, St. Louis, Mo. Real those who may favor him with their patronEstate sold on commission, at private sale, or auction. Also, deeds of all kinds written, and tion and his best efforts to please. Very re

age, that they shall receive his personel attenacknowledgments taken. Maps of the city spectfully, your obedient servant, and additions to be seen at the office, and in

J. G. SHELTON. formation given free of charge. Surreying done promptly and correctly. ENERAL AGENCY at Dubuque, Iowa, for

public lands, real estate, military land titles, amicable collection of debts, and all Hitlerants, payment of taxes, investigation of Dom KING & co., wholesale Dry Goods other business within the legitimate sphere of do., Richard Bigelow, New York.

Louis. Job P. Doan, St. Louis, Wylley King, an Agent's duties, by Notary Public and Commissioner of Deeds and CR

TROW, McCREERY & CO., Wholesale deal

ers in Dry Goods, No. 71. Main street, St. Depositions for all the North-western States, Louis, Mo. Wayman Crow, Phoceon R. Mc Missouri included.

October, 18)1.

Creery, Um. H. Barksdale, Wm. A. Hargu

dine, Charles D. Appleton. Attorneys.

: &

ers in Dry Coods, No. 75 Main street, Mo., Attorneys at Law, St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. James Woods, William T.

Christy, James C. Christy, Robert K. Woods.

Dry Goods.




Counsellor at Law, office No. 56 Pine street, pear Third, (adjoining that of the Clerk

Fruit Trees. of the Supreme Court. A.FALLER, Attorneys at FROIT TREES AND SHRUBBERY, for

sale by the undersigned, at their fruit Law, office, No. 15 North Chestnut st., farm and nursery. This establishinent is lo(2 doors west of the Republican buildingSt. cated seven miles South of St. Louis, Mo. Louis, Mo.

There are Omnibus Coaches running daily

from the City within one half mile of the esF.

HEREFORD, Attorney at Law, Indepen- tablishment. The Nursery and Gardens are

dence, Mo. Otice over Thomas & Todd's open at all times (Sundays excepted) for the store.

reception of visitors. llorticulturists and amaRefer to Messrs. Thomas & Todd, Smart &

teurs are respectfully invited to visit the esHughes, Coleman & Dallam, Independence, tablishment and examine for themselves. In Mo.; Hon. Wm. Scott, Hon. Thos. L. Price, directing the attention of the public to their George W. Hough, Jefferson City, Mo.; Tutt &

nursery, they would remark that one of the Watson, M. Tarver, Esq., H. Cobb, Esq , St.firm, (Mr. James Sigerson,) has been engaged Louis, Mo.

in the above business for the last twenty-fire years; during that time he has tested many of the varieties now growing. This, with the

assurance on their part of an intention to inOHN

crease the number of their trees, as well as to Oils and Findings, No. 88, North Main add to their assortment from year to year, furstreet, St. Louis, Mo.

nishes a strong guarantee to persons wishing

to make choice selections of fruit, that they Furniture.

can always be supplied. Their prices for trees

will be as reasonable as at any similar estabW. JEROME, wholesale and retail dealer trees will be delivered free of charge in the

lishment East or West, and when desired, 0. , ; Chairs, bedsteads, &c., Nos. 44, 46 and 48, for their destination. Olive street, opposite the Monroe House, St. All letters addressed to John Sigerson, Louis, Mo.

St. Louis, or to James Sigerson, Carondelet,

will meet with prompt attention.
Louis Furniture Store, manufactures

JOHN SIGERSON & BROTHERS. and keeps constantly on hand erery variety of household furniture, matresses, window blinds, willow ware, &c.

Also, manufactures to order every article in his line, with despatch. Orders from abroad SLIGO BOOK STORE AND PAPER WAREpromptly attended to, and goods carefully

ITOUSE. packed. All goods warranted as recom

A , mended.

street, St. Louis, opposite the Bank. New Warehouse, No. 88 Second street, bet- Wholesale dealer ju books, paper and staween Olive and Locust streets, St. Louis, Mo. | tionery.

JOUNCEDE YER; Dealer in Hides, Leather

Paper Warehouse



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OME MUTUAL FIRE AND MARINE Tworker, or so Noleg second street

, bet INSURANCE CO. of St. Louis, notwithween Olive and Locust, St. Louis, Mo., keeps standing the heavy loss sustained hy this comconstantly on hand and manufactures to order pany in May last, the stock notes now on hand Ox Chains, Sledges, Wedges, and every des

amount to $350, 00. The stock notes of the cription of Mining Tools, also Iron Hobbles company are secured by lien upon real estate and Picket Pins. Blacksmith work for and approved endorsers. Office, No. 120 Housebuilders, at the lowest prices. He

North Third street. has always on hand the highly recommended Directors: I. L. Garrison, A. P. Ladew, P. Frame Bedstead, and Camp Stool.

Salisbury, John Whitehill, Jos. A. Eddy, Hen-
ry Kayscr, D. D. Page, Theron Barnum, John

D. D. PAGE, Treasurer.

PHILANDER SALISBURY, Sec'y. cond and Morgan streets, St. Louis, Mo. We are prepared to fill with dispatch, and to MISSOUBASTA.TEXrecurs!JONSURANCE, fit up in superior style, all orders in the Foun

COMPANY.-Directors: John O'Fallon, dry and Machine business, such as steam en

C. M. Valleau, Reuben Knox, Daniel D. Page, gines, mill work, mill castings, railroad cars,

Oliver Bennett, John Sigerson, John S. C wheels for coal trucks, lard and soap kettles Cune, Joseph A. Eddy, True W. Hoit. of all sizes, press screws, &c., made to order This company is established upon the muat short notice. Wool carding machines,

tual principles of insurance, and is emphatiand a large and superior stock of machine cally a home institution. The fire risks of this cards, we will warrant equal to any in the company are extended into all parts of this Union.

State. Its earnings are never employed or inAll orders from the country will meet with

vested in stocks or real estate, but kept for the prompt attention.

prompt liquidation of losses, and under the J. T. DOWDALL & CO.

immediate control of the Directors. Every

person insuring with this company becomes 8. J. SMITH.

T. FAIRBRIDGE. interested in its profits instead its success, and W. D. WOOD.


of being divided among a few stockholders, Misgonri Foundry.

belong to tho e who insure in this company.

The Directors aware of the importance of a ers of Castings, Iron Railings, Iron Win

well secured fund, reliable in case of loss, dow Shutters, Vaults and Doors; Plumbago

and ample under all ordinary calamity, assure Concrete Fire Proof Safes ; also, Garrison's

the įublic that they have already a pledged Portable Saw Mills.

fund, ample and reliable for any contingency, Office and Warehouse No. 118 North Third

with a monthly increase of premiums of over street. Foundry, corner Clark Avenue and

ten thousand dollars. For the length of time Eighth street.

June, 1851. this company has been in operation (six

months) its business has been extended into Saws and Scales.

all parts of the State and the city, and has re. ceived from the public a liberal patronage,

which has placed it upon a permanent basis. ST. LOUIS SAW AND SCALE FACTORY. By an act incorporating this company, the

EE, GAGE & CO., manufacturers of every L'

parties insuring property therein, are entitled description of Saws and Scales. Factory

to the entire profits of the institution, the preon Broadway, North St. Louis. Office and mium notes are also pledged by the charter Ware-room No. 86 Main street, up stairs.

for the payment of losses. June, 1851.

The portfolio of the company is at all times

open to the inspection of its members and those ROLIN CLARK, PHILANDER BRALEY.

wishing to make insurance with it. Policies JOHN RENFREW, ALEXANDER CROSIER.

are issued from thirty days to six years, thereAGLE FOUNDRY AND ENGINE SHOP, E

by effecting a permanent insurance, with a reNorth-west corner of Main and Biddle

turn premium of from fifteen to fisty per cent, streets. Manufacturers of all kinds of ma- according to the term of insurance, chinery, boilers and sheet iron work, portable Agents for this company may be found in all circular saw mills always on hand, all orders

the principal towns in the State to whom apexecuted with fidelity and despatch.

plication may be made.

Office of the company over E. W. Clark & Brother, corner of Main and Olive streets,

Lithographic Establishment. Exchange huiding, where insurance will be S




effected at the tariffe rates of premium. CHAERFF & BRO., No. 71 Market street,

C. M, VALLEAU, President. St. Louis, Mo., are prepared to execute

H. D. BACON, Treasurer. anything in the line of lithography; and es

S. F. LEDYARD, Secretary. pecially, as they are in possession of the largest sized lithographic presses and stones, they are able to fill orders of the largest dia mensions. They take and lithograph por- ALI traits and likenesses from daguerrotypes, en- turers and dealers, No. 90 Fifth street, grave or lithograph show bill cards, business between St. Charles and Locust, are and visiting cards, diplomas, music, mani- stantly manufacturing, and have on hand, all fests, labels, facsimiles, bank notes, bank bills, styles of carriages, which they will sell on the bank checks, bill heads, drafts, bills of lad- most reasonable terms. They flatter theming, maps, town plats, &c.

selves from the experience they have had in They particularly beg leave to request the business, to be able to furnish as good an the special notice of the public to their crayon article as can be bought in any market. Citidrawings and colored lithographs, in as much zens and strangers are requested to call and as this is the only establishment in the West, examine for themselves. All carriages made where this improved style of lithographing is by us are warranted to bo as represented, or practiced.

the money refunded.

PAGE & BACON; Banking House No. 139

har en stor ect; St. Louis, next door to the JONATHAN

L, change dealers, no. 83baakin strand, east

Paper Ljaugings.


COLLEGE, St. Louis, Mo., incorporated Bank of Missouri.

by the General Assembly, January 24, 1551. N. B. Deposits received, Drafts and Notes

With full authority to grant diplomas, award from all parts of the Union collected and Ex

degrees, conser bonors, and exercise all and change on the East and South for sale at all times.

singular, the privileges common to CommerAlso Branches of Exchange and Banking

cial Colleges, authorized by law in other

States.”_Charter, Sec. 2. Houses at Sun Francisco und Sacramento Ci

JONATHAN JONES, Master of Accounts ties, California.

President and acting Professor of theory and OKER, RENICK & CO., bankers and ex

practice of book-keeping, commercial calcuLO change dealers, No. 132 Main street, west

lations, commercial correspondence, &c. side, third door north of Pine street, St. Louis,

JAMES W. RICHARDSON, Practical AcIo. Interest paid to depositors, drasts and

countant-Permanent Associate in book-keepnutes collected, sight and tiine bills purchased | ing Department. and sight exchange on the eastern cities and

CHARLES STEWART, Professor of MatheNew Orleans for sale at the lowest rates in

matics—In special charge of commercial calsums to suit purchasers.


FLETCHER M. HAIGHT, Esq., Professor of UN J. ANDERSON & CO., bankers and

Commercial Law. exchange dealers on the north-west corner JOSEPH P. HORTIZ, Professor of Penmanof Main and Olive streets, St. Louis, Mo. In- ship. terests paid to depositors, drafts and notes N. B.--For information in regard to the collected, sight and time bills purchased and terms, the course of instruction and all busiexchange on the eastern cities and New Or- ness connected with the above, call at the leans for sale at the lowest rates.

“Book-keeping Department,"corner of Fourth

and Chestnut streets, or address Jonathan A. BENOIST & CO., bankers and ex

Jones, St. Louis, Mo. side third door north of Olive street, St. Louis, No. Interest paid to depositors, drafts and notes collected, sight and time bills purchased, and sight exchange on the eastern cities and New Orleans for sale, at the lowest rates,

S. WATSON, (late of Wilgus & WatJOSON

son) No. 64° 40' Pine street, between Sein sums to suit purchasers.

cond and Third, next door above the old stand

of Wilgus & Watson, house, steamboat, sign S. HASKELL.

JAS. E. FRANCISCUS. and ornamental painter, grainer, glazier, J. II. BILLING.

whitener and paper hanger; also, dealer in IIA ASKELL & CO., bankers and exchange all the latest styles of French and American dealers, corner of Main and Vine streets,

paper hangings. He keeps constantly on hand St. Louis, Mo., buy and sell exehange on all and ready for sale mixed paints of all colors, the eastern, western and southern cities; all

oils, varnishes, Japan, turpentine, white lead, kinds of bank notes, and foreign gold and sil- putty, and a large and superior assortment of ver.

French and American window glass, which Land warrants bought and sold, and ful- will be cut to any size to suit customers. ly guaranteed.

Particular attention paid to estimating on Collections made in all cities, and houses or steamboats.

November. promptly remitted for, at current rates of exchange, free of charge. Interest allowed on deposits on time, or


VOLF & ENGERT, importers and dealers to be checked for at sight.

in Paper Hangings, Colors and fancy LPThe highest price paid for Gold Dust.

Papers, No. 49 South Second street, between
Elm and Myrtle, St. Louis, Mo. Constantly

on hand, all kinds of oil and water colors, paSlate Bard.

per-hangings, chimney screens, tester pieces,

window shades, marble, marroquin, Gold and JO OHN M. CANNON, Slater, No. 16 and 17 Silver paper, painters' and Dutch gold bronze,

South Sixth street, St. Louis, would re- lead pencils, paint boxes, paint brushes, spectfully inform the public that, having now drawing paper, &c.

April, 1850. completed his arrangements, is prepared to make contracts for any work in his line. He has in his employ practical slaters, and is well

Records. prepared to execute in a workmanlike manner, and with dispatch, all orders entrusted to his care. He keeps constantly on hand, and PERSONAS wishing to obtain transcripts of for sale, Welch slate, rich tiles, sheet lead, cure them without delay by addressing the unslate flagging, slate hearths, copper, brass and

dersigned. And to avoid the inconvenience iron slating nails, Rosendale cement, and all of remitting small sums, the records will be other articles pertaining to his business. He

directed to George Pegrim & Co., St. Louis, will strip from roofs zinc, sheet iron, tin, or who will deliver the same upon the payment other corering, and substitute therefor slate. of the fees.

WM. MOSELEY, Slate removed from one roof, can be used to

Recorder of New Madrid Co., Mo. advantage on another, which' is not the case

March, 1861. with any other roofing material. His terms are such as cannot but prove satisfactory. Apply as above.

Horse Shoeing.
Join her alles, opposite the post office, will

Brushes. F.


DINGS & CO., importers of German,

French and English FancyGoods, and manufacturers of all kinds of brushes, No. 47 Main street, St. Louis, Mo.

as usual pay particular attention to the various diseases affecting the feet of horses, and will guarantee to give general satisfaction in either of the above departments.


Printing Establishment, No. 35. Locuise C. Wr Warren's Improved Fire and starters street between Main and Second, St. Louis, Proof Composition Roofs, and Roofing MateMo.

rials, which are kept constantly on hand and

for sale (with directions for use) to those in C' THARLES & HAMMOND, Book and Job Printers, Chestnut street, St. Louis, Mo.

the country who may desire to adopt this mode of roofing.

Office and Manufactory, east side Second Safes.

street, between Almond and Poplar, St. Louis,

Mo. Office hours from 10 to 11 o'clock, A. M

MURRAY & DORMAN, Iron Railing M., and 4 to 5 P. M.

Manufactory, corner of Third and Pine streets, continue to manufacture at the above establishment, all kinds of plain and ornamen

Clothing. tal iron railing, balconies, bank and jail doors, book safes, fire-vaults, iron window shutters, iron a uninen, Fichtning rods, bedstads, Etat- ARSHI BaliD, YOUNG,4260., 9. Main st.,

, and in fact, any can be formed of iron.

126 Pearl street, New York, Moses Wanzen

and Henry J. Minor, New York, Archibald Boots & Shoes.

Young, St. Louis.

N. B.--We manufacture all of our own goods, and sell by wholesale at the lowest pos

sible prices. ROT. COOK.

JNO. A. ALLEN. JTO in boots and shoes, hides, leather, shoe makontes W. 1. & J. BIGELOW & Co., Grcat West

ern Clothing Emporium, wholesale and findings, Tanners' oil, Curriers' tools, &c., retail, No. 124 Second street, corner of Vine. 412 Main street, (opposite the Bank) St. Louis, Baker, Nelson & Co., Cedar st., New York. Mo.

April, 1561.



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