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Sources and Materials of British History-Character

and classes.-Sect. Ì. Ancient and contemporary

Historians, Chronicles, and Memoirs-Their gene-

ral character before the Roman Invasion-Oppres.

sion of the Saxons, and emigration of the Ancient

Britons-1. Bardic and British Historians:-the

Triades, Genealogies, Merlin, Llywarch Hen,

Aneurin, Taliesin-Gildas—Chronicle of Brute,

Geoffrey of Monmouth, Tyssilio, Nennius-Laws

of Hoel Dha-Caradoc-Books and Authori.

ties. 2. Greek and Roman Authors :-their cha.

racter-Cæsar-Diodorus Siculus--Strabo-Pomp.

Mela Tacitus — Lucan-Ptolemy, Itinerary of

Antoninus, and the Notitia Imperii-Suetonius-

Pliny-Solinus-Polyænus, Dion Cassius-He.

rodian-Writers of the Augustan History: Spar-
tianus, Capitolinus, Vopiscus, Lampridius, Mar-
cellinus-Eutropius. 3. Saxon Histories :—their
character—the Saxon Chronicle-Bede-Asser-
Spelman-Ethelwerd — Lives of Saxon Kings-
Modern Authors. 4. Northern Historians :-their
character-Saemund, Aras Frode, Theodoric, Snor-
ro Sturleson, Saxo Grammaticus Olaus Wor-
mius-Bartholinus--Modern Authors 5. English
Historians after the Norman Invasion :-their cha-
racter-Eleventh Century :-Ingulph, Marianus ;
Lives of William I. Twelfth Century :-Florence
of Worcester, Eadmer, Alfred of Beverley, Wil-

tiam of Malmesbury, Simeon of Durham, Ailred,

Henry of Huntingdon, William de Newbridge-

Lives, &c. of Henry I., Stepben, Henry II., and

Richard I. Thirteenth Century :-Gervase of

Canterbury, Roger de Hoveden, Ralph de Diceto,

Gervase of Tilbury, John Wallingford, Walter

of Coventry, Ralph Coggeshal, &c.—Matthew

Paris, Robert of Gloucester and Robert de Brunne,

Chronicle of Mailros ; inferior historians, and no-

tices of monastic histories and chronicles, includ.

ing the histories of Ely, Annals of Ramsey, Peter

Blesensis and the histories of Croyland, Annals of

Margan, annals of Burton, annals of Waverley,

histories, &c. of Peterborough, Thomas Stubbš,

William Thorne-Lives, &c. of John, Henry III.,

and Edward I. Fourteenth Century :—Thomas

Wikes, Nicholas Trivet, John of London, John

Brompton, Walter Hemingford, Richard of Ciren.

cester, Ranulph Higden and Roger of Chester,

John of Tynemouth, Matthew of Westminster,

Henry Knighton, William Packington, and infe-

rior historians ; Lives, &c. of Edward II., Edward

III. Richar II., and Henry IV.-Fifteenth

Century:—Sir John Froissart, Otterburn, &c. Wal-

singham, Harding, Caxton, Rous; Lives, &c. of

Henry V., Henry VI., Edward IV., Edward V.,

Richard III., and Henry VII. Sixteenth Century:

Polydore Vergil-Chronicles of Arnold, Wildon,

Fabyan, Rastell

, Hall, Lily, Godet, Grafton,

Languet, and Raphael Holinshed; Lives, &c. of

Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth.

Seventeenth Century :-Stow, White, Daniel, Speed,

Martyn, Sir Richard Baker, Vičars, Heath, John-

stone, Milton, Sir Winston Churchill, Sandford,

Howell, Whitelock, Dr Brady, Tyrrell : Memoirs,

&c. of Jaines I., Charles I., Interregnum Civil

Wars, &c. Charles II., James II., the Revolution,

and William III.--Eighteenth Century :--Lord

Clarendon, Echard, White, Kennet, Rapin, Bur.

net, Ralph, Guthrie, Carte, Hume and abridge

ments, Dr Smollett, Henry, and T. P. Andrews,

Strutt ; Lives, &c. of Anne, George III. Nine-

ternth Century :-Sharon Turner, Bertrand de

Moleville and Chronological Histories, Dr Lin.

of England. -Sect. I. DRUIDISM: 1. General Cha-

racter. 2. Orders of Druids. 3. Doctrines and

Deities of Druidism. 4. Sacred Places of Druidism

5. Rites and Ceremonies of Druidism. 6. Druidi-

cal Dresses and Ornaments. 7. Decline and Ex.

tirpation of Druidism. Authors on the Subject.-


Introduction to Britain-- Drottes and Priests

The Edda-Doctrines and Deities-Religious Ce-

remonies-Temples-Causes of the revival and

slow Decline of Paganism-Authorities



Introduction and Establishment of Christianity

in Britain.

Uncertainty of the Subject-- 1. Time of its Introduc-

tion-2. First Preachers of the Gospel-Claims


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