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cal experiments in which observations are made simultaneously by both the eye and ear of the observer; e.g., this method is employed in determining the time of oscillation of a pendulum by counting the number of ticks of a watch between two successive transits of the pendulum across the field of a telescope. Eye-Bar. Rectangular bar, whose ends are enlarged in a circular shape and have holes through them in which pins can be placed. The largest now made are 10x3 inches, the material being steel. They are mainly used for the chords and bracing of bridge-trusses.

Eye-Bolt. Bolt having its head enlarged with a hole through it; into which a pin can be inserted.

Eyebright. Euphrasia officinalis. Small plant of the natural order Scrophularinea;, native of the colder parts of the n. hemisphere. Eyepleee. Lens or lens combination in an optical instrument, as a telescope or a microscope, which is nearest the eye and magnifies the image formed by the objective.

Eyes Of Invertebrates. May be monostichous or diplostichous. monomeniscous, or polymeniscous, retinulate or non-retinulate. Eyestone. Small rounded concretion found in the stomach


E. officinalis; E. odontites.

of European Craw-fish; consisting chiefly of carbonate and phosphate of lime; popularly supposed to assist in the removal of dust, etc., from the eye by attracting it, but in reality of no effect save in increasing the flow of tears.

Eye-Tooth. Fourth tooth on either side of the middle line of upper jaw.

Eylau. Town of Prussia, 23 m. s. of Konigsberg: scene of an indecisive battle between the French under Napoleon, and the Russians and Prussians, Feb. 8, 1807. Each side lost ab. 20,000 men.

Eyre, Edward John, b. 1815. Explorer of central Australia 1840-41; Gov. of Jamaica 1862-66; recalled for summary measures in suppressing a rebellion.

Eytelwciii, Johann Albert, 1764-1848. Prussian civil engineer; Ober-Landes-Bau-Director 1816. Grundlehren der hdhem Analysis. 1824; Handbuch der Hydrostatik, 1826.

Ezekicl. Jewish captive in Mesopotamia, prophesying ab. 594-572 B. C. His book is 26th in O. T.

Ezion-geber. Port on Elanitic Gulf of Red Sea, e. of the Sinaitic Peninsula, from which Solomon carried on a foreign commerce.

Ezra. Author of 15th O. T. book, describing the return of a Jewish colonv from Babvlon to Jerusalem, under his leadership, ab. 458 B.C.

Ezzclino di Romano. Ghibelline leader of 13th century, who powerfully supported the cause of Frederic II. against the Guelphs of Lombardy. Frederick bestowed on him the hand of his natural daughter Selvaggia.



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