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PLYMOUTH-Is nearly an oval Course of one mile and a half, quite flat, with a straight run in of a third of a mile.

RICHMOND- Is an oval or egg-shaped Course, measuring one mile and a half and 164 yards. From the Grey-stone in measures half a mile and 200 yards of straight running, rather against the hill, and finishing on the level. From the Lime-kiln Gate three quarters of a mile and 100 yards. There is a substantial stone-built Stand, from which the whole Course is visible except about 100 yards.

SALISBURY, The Mile Course is straight and flat, with the exception of a rise for the first 50 yards. The T.Y.C. is the last three quarters of this straight Course. For the Two-mile Course the horses start beyond the Winning-chair, run past the Chair and the Stand, and diverge to the left from the straight Course, which they re-enter at the T.Y.C. starting-post.

SHREWSBURY-Is rather an oval Course, of one mile and 185 yards, with a straight run in of nearly half a mile, and a little hill between the last turn and the distance.

STAMFORD-Is a round or rather oval Course, with a straight run in of nearly half a mile. This Course is flat, but there is a new straight mile, the first half of which is rather up hill till it joins the round Course at the Easton turn. The Cup Course, three times round, is exactly 4 miles; there are no sharp turns.

STOCKBRIDGE_Is nearly a round Course, somewhat hilly, the last three quarters of a mile straight for the run in; and there is also a straight mile.

Stockton. - The new Course at Tibbersley is an oblong of about one mile and 100 yards, with a straight run in of nearly half a mile, with a gradual rise.

WINCHESTER,—The Course is two miles round, starting at the Winning-chair. There is a straight run in of about three quarters of a mile, the first part of which is a strong hill,

WOLVERHAMPTON~ The Course is of an oval shape, a mile and a quarter, the run in is straight, and the T.Y.C. is a straight halfmile.

WORCESTER—Is a dead flat, and of irregular shape. The Halfmile Course and the Five-furlong Course are straight. The Mileand-quarter Course is a figure of 6, the first and last half-mile being straight. The Two-mile Course is a figure of 8, the last balf-mile straight.

York.– The Race-course is about a mile from the city, on a plain called Knavesmire; it is quite flat, rather oval in shape, and about two miles in length.



D, for Duke E. for Earl M. for Marquis Ld for Lord

B. C. for Beacon Course
R.C. for Round Course
Y.C. for Yearling Course
Ab.M. for Abingdon Mile
An.M. for Ancaster Mile
B.M. for Bunbury Mile
R.M. for Rowley Mile
D.I. for Ditch in
D.M. for Ditch Mile
T.M. M. for the two Middle Miles

of B.C.
A. F. for Across the Flat
T.Y.C. for Two yrs old Course
A.E. C. for Audley End Course
h. for horse
g. for gelding
m, for mare

c. for colt f. for filly p. for pony b. for bay bl, for black br. for brown gr. for grey ch, for chesnut ro. for roan d. for dun yrs for yrs old gs for guineas sov, for sovereigns h. ft. for half forfeit pd for paid p. p. for play or pay recd. for received ft. for forfeit agst for against dr for drawn dis for distanced Y. for Young



LIVERPOOL. WEDNESDAY, March the 4th,-Fifty Pounds, given by the Earl of Sefton, added to a Sweepstakes of 10 sov, each, 5 ft. for horses that never won more than 2001. at any one time; three yrs old, 6st. 7lb. four, &st. 3lb. five, &st. 10lb. six and aged, 9st. f. allowed 3lb. the second horse saved his stake; one mile. Mr R. J. Mostyn's b.c. The Premier, by Tory-boy, 3 yrs •

.' T. Williams 1 Ld Howth's ch. h. Switcher, 5 yrs

- - Wynn 2 Mr Binnie's b. f. Apparition, 3 yrs . . Kennedy Sir J. Gerard's br, f. Camelia, 3 yrs Ld Chesterfield's b. h. The Poor Soldier, 6 yrs - Flatman Mr R. Bell's b. f. Rosina, 4 yrs.

- Simpson Mr Mostyn's b. c. by Phænix, out of L'Hirondelle, 3 yrs (carried 3lb. over weight)

. : Duflo 6 to 4 agst The Poor Soldier, 7 to 2 agst L'Hirondelle c. and 4 to

1 agst The Premier. Won by two lengths; the same distance between the second and third. This race was run on the day of the National Steeple Chase.

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erfield's b. h. The Poor Sola:..

COVENTRY. WEDNESDAY, March the 11th.- The Craven Trial Stakes of 10 sov, each, with 40 added, for three yrs old, 7st. and four, 8st. 71b. m. and g. allowed 31b. once round and a distance (9 subscribers). Mr Hook's br. f. Buttress, by Defence, 3 yrs . A. Day 1 Sir J. Gerard's br. c. Pantasa, 4 yrs. - E. Edwards 2 Mr W. Scott's b. c. Highfield, 3 yrs. - - G. Oates Mr Meiklam's b. c. by Touchstone, out of Laura, 3 yrs

Winteringham Sir C. R. Cockerell's b. f. Amazon, 3 yrs - Dufflo Mr G. Ongley's bl. f. Symmetry, 4 yrs - - Crouch 5 to 4 on Pantasa, 4 to 1 each agst Laura c. and Highfield, and

5 to 1 agst Buttress. Won by half a length; Highfield a good

third, who beat the Laura c. a length.. The City Handicap of 5 sov. each, with 25 added; two miles (8 subscribers). Ld Brooke's b. c. Roebuck, by Venison, 4 yrs, 7st. 121D.

G. Whitehouse 1 Sir C. R. Cockerell's br. m. Niobe (half-bred) 5 yrs, 8st. .

- S. Darling, jun. 2 Mr Eskreet's b. c. Exhort, 4 yrs, 7st. 81b. - Bradley 3 Mr G. Ongley's b. m. Fama, aged, 8st. 121. - Crouch Mr Southby's b. m. Europa (h.-b.) 6 yrs, 8st. 10lb. E. Edwards Mr Jones's ch. g. Sailor, by Obadiah, aged, 8st. 6lb. Marlow Mr Williamson's b. f. Marian Ramsay, 4 yrs, 8st. 5lb. Francis 3 to 1 agst Marian Ramsay, 4 to 1 agst Roebuck, and 4 to I agst

Fama. Roebuck took the lead, was never headed, and won by half a length; Exhort a good third. The City Stakes of 5 sov. each, with 20 added, for horses not thorough-bred; three yrs old, 9st. 71b. four, 10st. 7 ib. five, llst. 4b. six, llst. 121. and aged, 12st, winners once before starting to carry 3lb. twice, 5lb. extra; m. and g. allowed 3lb. a mile and a half (10 subscribers). Mr Davies's b. g. Master Downes, by The Mummy, or Tamworth, 4 yrs (31d. extra).

”. Sly, jun. Mr Robbins's b. f. Sweetbriar, by Epirus, 3 yrs S. Darling, jun. 2 Sir C. R. Cockerell's Niobe, 5 yrs (510. extra). H. Darling Mr Herbert's b. g. Powick, 4 yrs

Stagg Mr Davies's b. f. Kitty Wee, 4 yrs

Marlow Mr Stapleford's b. g. Pot-boy, aged • - owner Mr Wheeler's b. g. Sir Harry, 4 yrs

S. Day Mr Stevenson's ch. g. Silversides, 4 yrs (bolted) - Barker

Won easily. The winner was objected to before starting by the owner of Kitty Wee, on the ground of being thorough-bred. The Steward allowed a fortnight for the production of evidence; and the owner of Master Downes not having been able to prove the horse half-bred, the Stewards awarded the race to Sweetbriar.

A Handicap of 10 sov. each, h. ft. if declared, &c. with 30 added ; a mile and a half (14 subscribers, 4 of whom paid only 5 sov. each).

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