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Lord E, Russell ... Buff, blue sleeves, black cap
Duke of Rutland ... Light blue, purple sleeves, black cap
Mr Sadler . . . . .

White body, scarlet sleeves, black cap
Mr C. M. St Paul . Lilac, and black cap
Mr Salvin . . . . . Pomona green
Lord Sandwich. ... Green, red cap
Mr S. Scott . . . . Purple
Mr W. Scott . . . . Yellow, blue cap
Mr Scobell. · ·

French grey, red cap
Lord H. Seymour. .. Orange, black cap
Mr Shafto . . . . . Green, black cap
Mr Shelley . . . . .

Black, with white cap
Mr Shepherd .

Straw body, plum-coloured sleeves and

cap Mr Skerratt ... . Blue Mr H. Smith .... White, with yellow cap Lord Southampton ... Dark blue and white quartered, cap dark

blue Mr Southby... White, scarlet cap Mr Speed'. . . . .

Green, red cap Lord Spencer · · · ·

Crimson, white cap Sir S. Spry .

Blue and white stripe, white cap Mr Standish ... .. Crimson body, white sleeves, crimson

and white cap Lord Stanley . . . .. Black, with white cap Sir W. M. Stanley .Purple body, yellow sleeves, and quar.

tered cap Mr Sloane Stanley · · Brown body, red sleeves, brown and red

cap Mr Stephenson (Newmt.) Light blue and crimson stripe, hoop Mr G. Stephenson. . . Plaid, white cap Mr R. Stephenson. .. Scarlet and white cap Mr Stevens . . . . . Blue jacket and white cap Mr Stewart . . . . . Rose, white cap Mr Stirling . . . . . Orange body, purple sleeves, black cap Mr H. Stracey . . . . Pink satin Lord Stradbroke . . . Pale blue satin Lord Strathmore . . . Light blue, and drab stripe Sir Tatton Sykes . . . Orange body, purple satin sleeves and cap Colonel Synge . . . . White, with blue and white quartered cap Mr Theobald ..... Red, and black cap Mr Theobald Theobald .. Black Mr J. Thompson . . . Crimson jacket, and black cap Mr H. T. Thompson . Green, black cap Colonel Thompson . .. Rose colour, white sleeves, black cap Mr Toke . . . . . Red, black cap Ms Treen . . . . . Violet and amber stripe

Mr Trelawny .... White, with red sleeves and cap
Sir J. Trollope .. Grass green, black cap

Mr Vane . . . . .

Purple body and cap, yellow sleeves
Mr Vansittart .... Orange
Mr Vernon . . . . Blue, buff cap
Lord Uxbridge . . . Purple, green cap
Mr Wall . .

Sky blue
Mr Foster Walker .. Black
Mr George Walker .. Scarlet jacket, and white cap
Mr Waller . . . . .

Pink, black cap
Mr Walter . . . . . Blue and white stripe, black cap
Lord Warwick . ... Brown body, white sleeves and cap .
Lord Waterford ... Blue jacket, black cap
Mr Watt. .

Mr Watts (Ireland). . Scarlet
Hon. R. Watson .. Rose colour
Mr Wauchope . . . . Light blue

Light blue and white cap
Mr Webber . . . . . Blue and white stripe, and black cap
Mr Werninck ...Blue, white seams
Mr T. Wesley . . . .

Red, white sleeves, black cap it Hon. Colonel Westenra . Purple, white cap

ir liqa Lord Westminster . .

Yellow, with black cap s ed eile Mr White . . . . .

Pink body, black sleeves and caput Mr Whitelock . . . .

Blue body, crimson sleeves, and green cap Mr Wiggan. · · · ·

Orange Mr Wigram. . . . .

Blue, orange sleeves, black cap nie Mr B. Wilkinson . Blue, red sleeves, white cap Mr Percy Williams .. Scarlet body, green sleeves, black cap Sir H. Williamson .. Straw colour, black cap Lord Wilton . . . .

White, with black cap Mr Worley

Green jacket, straw-coloured sleeves,

green and gold cap
Mr Wormald .... Geranium red, green cap
Mr Worthington, .. Drab jacket, red cap
Mr Wrather . . .

Mr Wreford . . . . Black jacket, white cap
Mr W. Wyatt . . . .

Black, yellow sleeves
General Wyndham .. Green, black cap
Sir W. W. Wynn. .. Green, red sleeves, black cap
Major Yarburgh. .. Dark blue, with red cap
General Yates . . . Orange
Lord Zetland .... White, with red spots


N. B. 1760 Yards are a Mile.

220 Yards are a Furlong.
240 Yards are a Distance.

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Miles. Fur. Yds. The Beacon Course is .. Round Course Last three miles of B. C. Ditch in

- - 2 0

97 The last mile and a distance of B.C. Ancaster Mile From the turn of the Lands, in

0 5 184 Clermont Course (from the Ditch to the Duke's Stand)

1 5 217 Audley End Course (from the starting-post of

the T.Y.C. to the end of the B.C.) about - 1 6
Across the Flat -
Rowley Mile -
Ditch Mile

- - - - 0 7
Abingdon Mile - - - - 0 7
Two middle Miles of B.C.
Two yrs old Course (on the Flat)

136 New ditto (part of the Bunbury Mile) .

136 Yearling Course

0 2 47 Bunbury Mile

0 7 208 Cesarewitch Course (from the starting-post of

T.M.M, to the end of the Flat) . • 2 1 215 Cambridgeshire Course, last mile and a distance (straight) -

. 1 i 20 ABINGDON—Is a fiat Course, a mile and a quarter round, and within half a mile of the town.

Ascot HEATH-Is a circular Course, short of two miles by 66 yards - the first half of it is nearly all on the descent, and the last half, which is called the Old Mile, is up hill the greater part of the way. The Swinley Course is the last mile and half of the above. The New Mile is straight, and up hill all the way. The T.Y.C. is the last 5 furlongs and 136 yards of the New Mile.

Ayr-Is a round flat Course of one mile and 330 yards, with a straight run in of a quarter of a mile.

BATH-Is nearly an oval of one mile and a half, with a straight run in of half a mile.

BURTON CONSTABLE.— The Race-course is in the extensive park of Sir Clifford Constable, Bart., of Burton Constable, which is situated about four miles from the town of Hedon, and eight from


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Hull. The Course is nearly circular, a mile and a quarter, with a straight run in of about 500 yards. It is, on the whole, a level Course, with the exception of the top side, where there is a hill.

CATTERICK BRIDGE.—The Course is an oval, of one mile and sixty yards, almost flat; from the Catterick turn in is a little short of half a mile.

CHATHAM-Is one mile and one furlong. There is a straight run in of a quarter of a mile and 24 rods, which is flat; the opposite side of the Course, which is on lower ground, is also flat. The Course is in one field, and the horses are seen from the Judge's chair all the way round.

CHELMSFORD-Is a round or oval Course, short of 2 miles by about 30 yards, but made up 2 miles by starting between the Distance-post and the Winning-chair. The last half-mile is a rise to the end. There is likewise a straight mile.

CHESTER—A flat Course of one mile and 100 yards round.

COVENTRY. The Course is one mile in circumference. It is an oblong square, with the corners rounded off. There is an ascent of about 300 yards on the left, then a straight line of about 600 yards, on the elevated ground. On the right is a descent corresponding to the ascent on the left, with a straight and level run in of about a quarter of a mile. It is closely adjoining the town on the Lutterworth road.

Croxton Park - The new Course is pear-shaped, twenty-two yards short of two miles; the run in flat and perfectly straight for 840 yards.

DONCASTER_Is a circular and nearly flat Course of about one mile, 7 furlongs, and 70 yards. The shorter Courses are portions of this circle. The T.Y.C. is 7 furlongs, 214 yards. Red-house in, 5 furlongs, 152 yards.

DUDLEY—Is of an oval shape, one mile and a quarter and 18 yards, two-thirds of which are nearly flat, and the remainder rather hilly. The run in is a straight half-mile, with a very gradual rise.

EGHAM—The round or rather Oval Course is short of 2 miles by 66 yards, and nearly flat.

EGLINTON PARK-Is an oval Course, 150 yards less than 2 miles; it is almost flat, with the exception of rather a steep hill about half a mile from the Winning-post. The run in is about half a mile. The T.Y.C. is a straight half mile.

EPSOM— The Old Course, now seldom used except for the cup, is 2 miles of an irregular circular form, the first mile up hill. The New Derby Course is exactly a mile and a half, and somewhat in the form of a horse-shoe; the first three quarters of a mile may be considered as straight running, the bend in the Course being very trifling, and the width very great; the next quarter of a mile is in a gradual turn ; and the last half-mile straight. The first half-mile is on the ascent, the next third of a mile level, and the remainder is on the descent till within the distance, when the ground again rises. The New T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs; the Old T.Y.C. or Woodcote Course, is something less than 4. The Craven Course is one mile and a quarter.

EXETER— The Old Course is round, or rather oval, of 2 miles, two-thirds of which are nearly flat, and the remainder rather hilly; the last half-mile is in a straight line with a little ascent, and beau. tiful coming in. There is a round and level Course of one mile, recently made, called the New Course, and a Three-mile Course, also nearly level, formed out of the New and Old Courses.

HEREFORD (New Course).- An oval Course of one mile and 330 yards, with a straight run in of about 600 yards.

HUNTINGDON—Is a round or oval Course, flat, short of 2 miles by a distance, with a straight run in of nearly half a mile. KNUTSFORD—Is a round Course of one mile only, nearly flat.

LEICESTER_Is rather oval in shape, a mile and 12 yards, nearly level, with a little hill before coming to the straight run in, which is 540 yards in length, and flat. It is half a mile from the town, on the London road.

LIVERPOOL—Is an oval Course of a mile and a half; one side is gently declining, the other rising from the Canal side, where is the starting-post for the Cup Course and the T.Y.C. There is a straight run in of about 1000 yards.

MANCHESTER -Is an oval Course of nearly a mile. The T.Y.C. is 5 furlongs, 184 yards. At the back of the Stand there is a strong hill, from the top of which there is a gentle descent to the distance, thence nearly flat. The run in is straight, and nearly 3 furlongs.

NewCASTLE-UPON-TYNE_Is composed of four unequal sides, and nearly approaching to a triangle; the distance round is one mile, 6 furlongs, 82 yards. The T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs. The Courses called Two-mile Course and Mile Course are exactly of the stated distances. There are hills in different parts of the Course,

NEWTON_Is a triangular Course of about a mile and a quarter, with a strong hill, and a straight flat run in of nearly half a mile. The Golborne, or Two yrs old Course, is the last half mile.

NORTHAMPTON_Is an oval Course, one mile and a half and 180 yards round with a hill half way, and a straight run in of half a mile, which is the Two yrs old Course. There is a good width up the ropes, and the turns are easy.

NOTTINGHAM—Is a round Course of one mile, 2 furlongs, and 11 yards.

OXFORD—Is a round or rather oval Course of 2 miles all but a distance, and quite flat; the last half mile straight.

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