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between the hours of eleven and one o'clock in the morning. Each candidate must be proposed by a Member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname and usual place of abode, with the name of the member proposing him, be put up in the Coffee-room the day before the ballot. Members of the Jockey Club only can ballot. Twelve members (at least) must ballot, and two black balls shall exclude.

15. Any member of the New Rooms may become a member of the Coffee-room, on signifying his wish to be so to any of the Stewards, or to the keeper of the Coffee-room, and paying for his admission and subscription, as members chosen by ballot are required

to do.

16. A person, though chosen, shall not be considered as a member of any of these Clubs until he shall have paid the usual sums for the admission and subscription of a new member. And the name of every member whose subscription shall be in arrear for one year, shall be placed over the chimney-piece in the New Rooms and in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, in the Craven Meeting of each year. And if such arrear be not paid by the end of the following Second Spring Meeting, he shall cease to be a member, and shall not be again admitted as a member until his arrears be paid, and until he be again chosen by ballot.

Any member of White's, Brookes's, and Boodle's (not being a member of the New Rooms) may be admitted to the New Rooms and Coffee-room for any one meeting, without any other charge than the payment of one half-year's subscription to each. In the event of such person attending any other meeting in the course of the same year, he is to be considered as a member of the New Rooms, and liable to all the usual charges.

The Subscription to the New Rooms and Coffee-room, and all other charges, except the subscription to the Jockey Club, are paid half-yearly; the July Meeting to be included in either half-year.

If any foreigner should be proposed at any time as a candidate for the New Rooms or Coffee-room, an immediate ballot may take place for such election, and all foreigners who are elected are liable only to the household expenses.

As to Nominations. 17. In all nominations and entrances for stakes, subscriptions, and plates of horses, &c. which have not started before the time of naming or entering, the sire, dam, and grandam of the horse, &c. named or entered must be mentioned, if known, unless the dam has a name which is to be found in the Stud-Book or Racing Calendar, in which case the name of the sire and dam will be sufficient. If the horse, &c. named or entered be own brother or sister to any horse, &c. having a name in the Stud-Book or Racing Calendar, it will be sufficient to name it as such. If the dam or grandam be sister (but which sister must be specified, if there be more than one), or dam or grandam of any horse, &c. having a name in the Stud-Book or Racing Calendar, it will be sufficient to mention her as such. If the dam or grandam is not known, the sire of the horse, &c. must be mentioned, together with such other particulars as will be sufficient to identify the animal. If a horse has once appeared in the Racing Calendar by a name and his pedigree, it will be suffi. cient afterwards to mention him by his name only, even though he has never started. If the dam was covered by more than one stallion, the names of all of them must be mentioned.

18. If any horse, &c. shall be named or entered without being identified as before directed, he shall not be allowed to start in the race, but his owner shall be liable to pay the forfeit, or, if a play or pay race, the whole stake. All bets on a horse so disqualified for starting shall be void.

For other causes of disqualification, see rules under the head of stakes and bets.

In case any objection to the qualification of a horse on the ground of incorrect pedigree or nomination be made before the race is run, the Stewards shall have the power of ordering that the settlement on such race shall be suspended until the objection shall have been investigated; but if any such objection be made after the race, it shall not affect the bets, which must go with the horse that comes in first, provided that he is of the right age, and not otherwise disqualified by the laws of racing.

19. No person who has once subscribed to a stake shall be allowed to withdraw his name, and no nomination shall be altered in any respect after the time of closing, without the consent of all the parties in the race being first obtained.

20. When a person takes a nomination for a stake, in which the forfeit is to be declared by a particular time, and does not declare forfeit by the time fixed in the article, he shall thenceforth be considered to have taken the engagement on himself, and his name shall be substituted for that of the original subscriber.

21. When any person enters a horse in a fictitious name, the person so entering must be held responsible for the stake or forfeit, exactly as if such horse had been entered in his own name ; and in the event of the forfeit not being paid at the proper time, the person making the nomination shall have his name posted and advertised in the usual manner, and be liable to all the penalties of a defaulter.

22. When the day fixed for closing or naming for any stake, or for declaring forfeit or produce, shall fall on Sunday, subscriptions, nominations, or declarations for such stake may be received on the following day, provided that there is an interval of one clear day between the day of closing, naming, or declaring, and the day of running.

23. In every sweepstakes in which there shall be any allowance of weight to the produce of untried horses or mares, such allowance shall be claimed on the article by each subscriber before the expiration of the time of naming; and if not so claimed no allowance shall be made, even though the horse or mare should prove to have been untried at the time of naming.

Respecting Stakes, Forfeits, and Bets. 24. All stakes for matches, subscriptions, and sweepstakes, shall be made before the hour of starting for the first race of the day, in cash, bank-bills, or bankers' notes, payable on demand, and be paid into the hands of the person appointed by the Stewards to receive the same : and in default thereof by any person, he shall pay the whole stake as a loser, whether his horse came in first or not, unless such person shall have previously obtained the consent of the party or parties with whom he is engaged, to his not staking. But this rule is not to extend to bets, which are to be paid and received as if no such omission had happened.

When any person has more than one nomination in a stake, he shall not be allowed to start any horse for it unless the forfeits be paid for every horse which does not start, belonging to him, or standing in his name, or in the same name as the horse which runs, as well as the stakes for those which do.

25. A day-book shall be kept by the person appointed by the Stewards to receive the stakes, in which shall be entered an account of all matches, subscriptions, and sweepstakes, to be run for ; and as the different stakes are made, they shall be entered therein as paid.

All forfeits or money paid on compromising any match or sweepstakes shall bona fide be entered in the Day-book, in order that all betters may ascertain in what proportion they are to pay and receive.

26. Five pounds per cent. shall be allowed on all forfeits under 1001. declared to the Keeper of the Match-book, at or before ten o'clock the evening before running ; and if the forfeit amount to 1001. and upwards, 101. per cent. shall be allowed. All forfeits shall be paid before twelve o'clock at night of the day fixed for the race, and on those forfeits which shall not be so paid the deduction for the timely declaration of such forfeits shall not be allowed. · No horse shall be considered as struck out of his engagement, unless the owner, or some person authorised by him, shall give notice to the Keeper of the Match-book, or to his Clerk, or to one of the Stewards present.

27. No person shall start a horse for any race, either in his own name, or in that of any other person, unless both the owner and namer of such horse shall have paid all former stakes and forfeits to the Keeper of the Match-book before the time fixed for starting for the first race of each day on which he intends to start his horse. And this rule shall extend to forfeits due elsewhere than at Newmarket, provided a notice of such forfeits being due shall have been delivered to the Keeper of the Match-book by ten o'clock in the evening preceding the day of running.

No horse shall start for any race unless all former stakes and forfeits due for that horse shall be paid before the time fixed for starting for the first race of the day on which such horse is intended to run, provided that an objection to such horse starting shall have been made by ten o'clock in the evening preceding the day of running, to the Keeper of the Match-book.

28. A list of all stakes and forfeits due at Newmarket, or elsewhere, shall be exhibited in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and a similar list at Messrs Weatherby's office, in London.

The Keeper of the Match-book shall enter upon this list all stakes and forfeits at Newmarket that are left unpaid at the expi.. ration of the week following that in which the same shall have been incurred.

The Stewards or Managers of races elsewhere are recommended to direct the person appointed to receive stakes to send to Messrs Weatherby a list of unpaid forfeits, as soon after the races as conveniently may be, in order that the same may be placed upon the Forfeit List, and if the stake-holder shall omit to make such lastmentioned return within a reasonable time, it may be made by the respective winners of the races for which the forfeits are due These returns in all cases to be made in writing, and signed by the parties making them.

29. In case any forfeit shall remain unpaid three calendar months from the time at which it has been put first upon the list, a notice of such forfeit being due, with the name of the subscriber to the stake, and the name or description of the horse, with the name, or sufficient description of the stake, and the amount of the forfeit, shall be advertised in every succeeding sheet Racing Calendar, until Messrs Weatherby shall receive notice in writing from the stake-holder at the place where the forfeit was incurred, or from the winner of the race, that the same is paid, or until it shall be paid at Messrs Weatherby's office.

No person whose name shall appear in such advertised list, shall be entitled to enter or name a horse for any plate, sweepstakes, or subscription, either in his own name or in the name of any other person, unless he shall pay up all the forfeits, in respect of which his name appears in the list, before the expiration of the time of naming for such stake, &c. and no horse which appears on such list shall be qualified to be entered for any race whatever, unless the forfeits mentioned in the said list as due for such horse shall be paid before the expiration of the time of naming or entering for such race; and no horse, whose name shall appear in such list, shall be qualified to start for any race, unless the aforesaid forfeits shall be paid before the time fixed for starting for the first race of the day on which such horse is intended to run.

30. And in order to prevent persons, who are defaulters, from evading these laws, and continuing to engage horses by the use of fictitious names, the Stewards of the Jockey Club shall have the power of calling upon a nominator to produce satisfactory testimony that the horse named is not the property, either wholly or in part, of any person whose name appears in the advertised list of defaulters ; and if the nominator shall fail to do so, the Stewards may cause the nomination to be erased.

31. All persons whose names appear on the list of defaulters may be warned off the Course, at the discretion of the Stewards, and prohibited from training or exercising horses on any part of the ground in the occupation of the Jockey Club.

32. When a horse is sold with his engagements, or any part of them, and a notification of such sale is delivered to the Keeper of the Match-book, the seller shall not have the power, after the de. livery of such notification, of striking the horse out of the engagements with which he is sold ; but, as the original subscriber remains liable to the respective winners for the amount of the forfeits in each of these engagements, he may, if compelled to pay them by the purchaser's default, place the forfeit on the Forfeit List in the usual manner, as due from the purchaser to himself; and until this forfeit is repaid, both the purchaser and the horse shall remain under the same disabilities as if the purchaser had been the original subscriber.-In all cases of sale by private treaty the written acknowledgment of both parties that the horse was sold with the engagement, shall be necessary to entitle either buyer or seller to the benefit of this rule.

33. When a person has a horse engaged in the name of another person, and is entitled, by purchase or otherwise, to start the horse for such engagement, but, in consequence of the namer being on the list of defaulters, should be prevented from starting his horse without previously paying up a forfeit to which he was not otherwise liable, he may, if he pay this forfeit, start his horse, leaving the forfeit on the list, and substituting his own name for that of

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