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Mr R. Ianson
Mr Jackson
R. M. Jaques, esq.
Mr H. Johnson
Mr Kirby
Mr R. Kitching
Mr Thomas Lye
Mr Job Marson
Mr Messenger
Mark Milbank, esq.
Mr H. Neale
News Rooms, York
J. Norcliffe, esq.
Mr W. North, Secretary to the

Race Committee, York.
G. Osbaldeston, esq.
Mr John Osborne
Mr J. H. Peart
Mr Thomas Pearson
Henry Pease, esq.
Mr C. Peck
T. H. Pedley, esq.
Mr B. C. Planner
W. H. Orde Powlett, esq.
W. Ramsden, esq.
G. Reed, esq.
W. H. Rudston Read, esq.
E. H. Reynard, esq.
Mr H. Robinson
Mr Sands
Mr John Scott
Mr W. Scott
Mr J. Shephard
Mr T. Shephard
Mr S. Templeman
H. S. Thompson, esq.
G, H. Thompson, esq.
H. Vansittart, esq.
Richard Watt, esq.
J. T. Wharton, esq.
Mr Wiley
W. Wrightson, esq.
Yorkshire Club
The Yorkshireman

R. Myddelton Biddulph, esq.
Mr Blenkhorn
J. J. Bristow, esq.
J. Davies, esq.
Mr Gaman
The Gogerddan Hunt Club,

R. D. Gough, esq.
W. Henderson, esq.
Mr R. W. Johnson
R. D. Jones, esq.
C. Lloyd, esq.
H. Lucas, esq.
R. J. Mostyn, esq.
J. B. Ll. Phillips, esq.
Mr R. Powell
F. R. Price, esq.
Mr Price
J. F. Rowlands, esq.
J. G. Walker, esq.
Mr Weyman


J. D. Boswell, esq. A. D. Campbell, esq. J. A. Campbell, esq. Mr Alex. Cook Mr A. Dickson J. O. Fairlie, esq. Dr Gibb Peter Hay, esq. Mr Hunter Mr Lanson A. Johnstone, esq. G. Hope Johnstone, esq. J. Meislam, esq. J. Merry, jun, esq. The New Club, Edinburgh. W. Ramsay, esq. A. Robertson, esq. D. Robertson, esq. Mr Robertson


W. Sharpe, esq. for the Caledo

nian Hunt
Mr Steventon
J. Wauchope, esq.
Western Club, Glasgow

Geo. Bacon, esq.
Gen. Gilbert
Capt. E. Gwatkin
A. Macleane, esq.
Major-Gen. R. Stevenson
Bombay Turf Club
Bangalore Turf Club



J. S. Reader, esq.

CAPE of GOOD HOPE. T. B. Bayley, esq. P. L. Cloete, esq. South African Turf Club Mr Stone


J. Armstrong, esq.
Robert Browne, esq.
J. Courteney, esq.
W, F. Cranston, esq.
A. G. Creagh, esq.
Mr J. Davies
W. Disney, esq.
Mr Dycer
T. Ferguson, esq.
W. Graydon, esq.
W. H. Gregory, esq.
R. Holmes, esq.
Messrs Hunter
Mr James Hunt, Importer of

Cigars, Dublin
E. J. Irwin, esq.
The Kildare street Club
C. P. Leslie, esq.
John Maher, esq.
M. Mangan, esq.
J. Waring Maxwell, esq.
A. C. Montgomery, esq.
G. H. Moore, esq.
Mr Moore

H. Murland, esq.
Mr P. O'Donohue
Stephen O'Meagher, esq.
W. Quin, esq.
E. Ryan, esq.
C. St George, esq.
R. Stewart, esq.
Ion Studdert, esq.
H. Sugden, esq.
Col. Synge
The Turf Club
James Watson, esq.
George Watts, esq.
R. W. Whaley, esq.
J. L. Wise, esq.

Francis Hall, esg.
B. Scott Moncrieffe, esq.
J. Wilson Davies, esq.


Prince of Oldenbour Sir L. Lounin


The Minister of Commerce Baron de la Bastide M. Achille Fould M. Lupin Mr J. G. Palmer M. le Baron de Pierres

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[It is her Majesty's Command, that these following Rules

be observed by the Owners and Riders of all such Horses, Mares, and Geldings, as shall run for her Majesty's Plates at Newmarket.]

I. Every horse, mare, or gelding, that runneth for the said Plates,

shall carry twelve stone, fourteen pounds to the stone, three heats. *

II. Every person that putteth in a horse, mare, or gelding, for the

said Plate, is to show such horse, mare, or gelding, with the marks, name, and name of the owner, to be entered at the Queen's Stables in Newmarket, the day before they run; and shall then produce a certificate, under the hand of the breeder, that his horse, mare, or gelding, be no more than years old the grass before. III. Every horse, mare, or gelding that runneth, is to start between

the hours of one and four in the afternoon; and to be allowed half

an hour between each heat to rub. IV. Every horse, mare, or gelding, that runneth on the wrong side

of the post or flags, or is distanced in any of the heats, shall have no share of the said Plates, nor be suffered to run any more. V. The horse, mare, or gelding, that winneth any two heats, winneth

the Plate; but if three several horses, mares, or geldings, win each of them a heat, then those three, and only they, to run a fourth heat, and the horse, mare, or gelding, that winneth the fourth heat shall have the Plate.

* By order it is altered to one heat, and different weights are appointed.

In the country the Lord Lieutenant, or the person appointed by him, decides where the horses are to be shown; and the Rules for the Queen's Plates at Newmarket are applicable to the country,

VI. And each horse's, mare's, or gelding's place, as he or they come

in by the ending-post, each heat, as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, &c., shall be determined by such judges as shall be appointed for that purpose by the Master of the Horse. And in case any horse, mare, or gelding shall be, then or after, proved to be above the age of years the grass before, the owner, or owners, of such horse, mare, or gelding, shall be made incapable of ever running for any of the

Queen's Plates hereafter. VII. As many of the riders as shall cross, jostle, or strike, or use

any other foul play, as shall be judged by such person or persons as shall be appointed by the Master of the Horse, such rider shall be made incapable of ever riding any borse, mare, or gelding, for any of her Majesty's plates hereafter; and such owner shall have no benefit of that Plate ; but such owner may be permitted to run any horse, mare, or gelding, for any of her Majesty's free Plates

hereafter. VIII. Every rider shall, immediately after each heat be run, be

obliged to come to the usual place of weighing, with his horse, mare, or gelding, then and there to alight, and not before, and there to weigh to the satisfaction of the judges appointed for that purpose. IX. And in case of neglect or refusal thereof, such owners and

riders shall be immediately declared incapable of running or riding

any more for this or any of her Majesty's Plates hereafter. X. And in case any difference shall arise relating to their ages, or

in their running, or to these her Majesty's orders, &c. the same to be determined by such person or persons as shall be appointed by the aforesaid Master of the Horse. ** These articles will continue in force for succeeding years, unless

directed to the contrary by her Majesty. OF A slight alteration will be observed in the Eighth Rule, as to the place where the jockey is to dismount. This was made with the sanction of his Grace the Duke of Leeds, when Master of the Horse to his Majesty.

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