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Mr Meiklam's br. h. Godfrey, by Inheritor, 5 yrs, 8st. 8īb.

Templeman 1 Mr H. Stebbings's ch.g. Billy Purvis, 3 yrs, 5st. 71b. Berwick 2 Ld Warwick's br. h. Yardley, 6 yrs, 9st.

Whitehouse Mr G. Ongley's bl. m. Queen of the Gipsies, 6 yrs, 8st. 8ib. .

Crouch Mr Baker's ch, h. Porto Bello, 6 yrs, 7st. 1210. - Francis Mr Raworth's br. h. Kilgram, 5 yrs, 7st. 61b. - Bradley Mr Barton's b. f. Reliance, 4 yrs, 6st. 12lb. Bradley, jun. Mr Hook's br. f, Buttress, 3 yrs, 5st. 71b. - Treen, jun.

2 to 1 agst Buttress, and 4 to 1 each agst Billy Purvis, Godfrey

and Porto Bello. Won by a head; Buttress a good third;

Porto Bello and Kilgram were next. The Hurdle Race of 5 sov. each, with 25 added; three yrs old, 9st. 7fb. four, 10st. 71b. five, 11st. 41b, six, llst. 121b. and aged, 12st. thorough-bred horses, 7ib. extra ; two miles, with six leaps over hurdles four feet high (6 subscribers). Mr Southby's b. g. Tom Tough, by Y. Priam, 6 yrs E. Parr I Capt. de Sale's br. m. Isabelle, aged Sale's br. m. Isabelle, aged .

- C. Daley 2 Mr Collins's gr. g. Isaac, aged (71b. extra) - Mr Collins Mr B. Austin's br. g. Little Johnny, aged (71b. extra) King Mr Stapleford's b. m. Mayflower, aged

- owner Won easily.

WARWICK SPRING MEETING. WEDNESDAY, March the 18th.-Mr Lambden's Chance, by Confederate, llst. 121b. (T. Oliver) beat Mr Clifton's Pedlar, 12st. 21. (Daley) one mile and a half, over four hurdles, 100.

The Debdale Stakes of 5 sov, cach, with 25 added, for hunters; 12st. each ; half-bred allowed 71b. two miles (6 subscribers). Mr E. Hyde Clarke's br. g. Leo, aged - Mr Brookes i Mr Mytton's b. g. Little Ben

Mr Wilson 2 Two others started ; and one went to the post, but was left behind.

The Warwick Handicap of 15 sov. each, 10 ft, and only 5 if declared on or before the 2nd of March, with 40 added by the Race Committee; the winner of the Coventry handicap to carry 5lb. extra; two miles (10 subscribers, 2 of whom paid only 5 sov. each). Mr Meiklam's br. h. Godfrey, by Inheritor, 5 yrs, 8st. 121b. (including 5lb. extra)

Templeman 1 Mr Raworth's br. h. Kilgram, 5 yrs, 7st. 51b. - Bradley, jun. 2 Ld Brooke's b. c. Roebuck, 4 yrs, 7st.

Francis 3 Mr S. Scott's b. h. Mosque, aged, 8st.



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Peeress, 3 y


Mr Death's b. h. Subduer, 6 yrs, 7st. Alb..

WakefieldMr E. Peel's br. g. Jack Sheppard, aged, 7st. - Crouch Mr Foster's b. f. Isabella, 3 yrs, 5st. -

Tasker 3 to 1 agst Subduer, 4 to 1 agst Godfrey, and 4 to 1 agst Mosque.

Won by half a length; Roebuck a bad third. - Mr O'Brien's ch, h. Needful, by Elis, 5 yrs, 6st. 21. carried 6st. 10lb. ( Winteringham) beat Mr Clifton's ch. g. Nottingham, 6 yrs 8..7ib. (Daley) three-quarters of a mile, 1000. 6 to 4 on Needful. Nottingham broke down before getting to the

distance. The Trial Stakes of 10 sov. each, with 50 added by the Town of Warwick, for three and four yrs old ; the Mile Course (9 subs.) Mr A. W. Hill's b. f. Burlesque, by Touchstone, 3 yrs, 7st.


- Crouch 1 Mr Maugham's b. f. Cherry-bounce, 3 yrs, 6st. 127. - Dufflo 2 Mr Meiklam's b. c. by Touchstone, out of Laura, 3 yrs, 6st. 121b.

- Winteringham Sir R. Pigot's b. c. by Colwick, out of Peeress, 3 yrs, Ost. 12th.

. - A. Day Mr W. Scott's b.c. Highfield, 3 yrs, 6st. 120. (carried 7st.) Oates 7 to 4 on Burlesque, 5 to 2 agst Highfield, and 4 to 1 agst Cherry

bounce. Burlesque made all the running, and won in a canter. A Cup Handicap Hurdle Race of 50 soy. by subscription of 10 sov, each, h. ft. the surplus, with a Whip, to go to the second horse, for hunters; two miles, over five hurdles (15 subscribers). Ld Glamis's ch. g. Belshazzar, aged, 10st. 8ib. - owner Mr H. Robbins's b. g. Mantrap, 1 st. 6lb.

Mr Wilson 2 Mr Lambden's Chance, 12st. 5ib. . Capt. W. Peel Mr R. Clifton's br. g. Pedlar, llst. 111b. . • owner Mr T. Rolt's Argos, llst.

. owner Two others started. The Farmers' Plate of 501. given by the Gentlemen of the Hunt, with 10 to the second horse, for hunters; ridden by farmers; 2-mile heats. Mr Robbins's b. g. Valiant, by Vigo, 4 yrs, 11st. Mr Savin 1 1 Mr W. Cowper's gr. g. Master Coverton, 5 yrs, llst. 7lb. owner 2 2 Mr H. Robbins's b. g. Mantrap, aged, 12st. 131b. Mr Bursell 3 dr

One other was distanced. A forced Handicap of 10 sov. each; once round and a distance (4 subscribers). Mr Raworth's b. h. Kilgram, by Muley Moloch, 5 yrs, 7st. 9lb.

Bradley 1 Ld Brooke's b. c. Roebuck, 4 yrs, 7st. 21b.

Francis 2


TUESDAY, March the 24th. - The Trial Stakes of 10 sov. each, with 40 added ; three yrs old, 6st. four, 8st. 6lb. five, 9st. lib. six and aged, 9st. 7 ib. a mile and a quarter (4 subscribers). Mr Ford's b. f. Auricula, by Talleyrand, 3 yrs - A. Day 1 Ld G. Bentinck's b.h. Discord, aged

Flatman 5 to 1 on Discord. Won by a length. Sweepstakes of 50 sov. each, h. ft. for two yrs old ; half a mile (8 subscribers). Ld G. Bentinck's b. c. Gabbler, by Bay Middleton, 8st. 71b.

- Flatman 1 Mr Watson's bl. c. Dr Goodall, 8st. 4ib.

W. Boyce 2 Mr Ford's ch. f. Restless, 8st. 4ib.

J. Howlett 3 2 to l on Gabbler, and 7 to 2 agst Dr Goodall. Won by a length.

The Great Northamptonshire Stakes, a handicap of 25 sov. each, 15 ft. and only 5 if declared, &c. with 100 added; the owner of the second horse recd. back his stake, and the winner paid 101. to the Judge ; two miles (79 subs. 53 of whom paid only 5 sov. each). Mr H. Robinson's br. h. Morpeth, by Muley Moloch, 5 yrs, 7st. 91b.

- Bumby 1 Mr Dawson's br. h. Lord Saltoun, 5 yrs, 7st. 5ib. - Lye 2 Ld Warwick's b. h. Yardley, 6 yrs, 8st. 3ib. - Whitehouse Mr O'Brien's ch, h. Needful, 5 yrs, 8st. 31. - G. Francis Mr Cuthbert's b. m. Queen of Tyne, aged, 8st. lib. - Joy Mr Meiklam's br. h. Godfrey, 5 yrs, 7st. 121b. - Cartwright Mr Owen's b. h. Xanthus, 6 yrs, 7st. 11ib.

G. Noble Mr Worley's br. m. Example, 5 yrs, 7st. llib. - F. Bell Mr W H. Johnstone's b. m. The Roper's Daughter

(late Nix-my-Dolly) aged, 7st. 51b. - . W. Oates Mr T. Worthington's b. b. Dr Husband, 5 yrs, 7st. 51b. Crouch Mr Shelley's ch.c. Maynooth, 4 yrs, 7st. 21b.

- Pettit Ld Chesterfield's b. c. Javelin, 4 yrs, 6st. 121b. o' Dufflo Mr Godwin's b. f. Dexterous, 3 yrs, 6st. 5lb.

A. Day Mr Hook's br. f. Buttress, 3 yrs, 5st. Iib.

- W. Treen D. of Richmond's br. c. Muscatel, 3 yrs, 4st. 121b. (carried 5st. lib.)

- Kitchener 7 to 2 agst Godfrey, 7 to 1 agst Muscatel, 8 to l' each agst Lord

Saltoun and Buttress, and 10 to 1 each agst Morpeth, Example, and Dexterous. Won by a neck; The Roper's Daughter and Queen of Tyne came in third and fourth, about three lengths behind. The Tally-ho Stakes of 10 sov. each, h. ft. with 25 added, for horses not thorough-bred; two miles (9 subscribers).


Mr F. Robbins's b. g. Valiant, by Vigo, 4 yrs, 10st. 9ib.

S. Darling, jun. I Mr J. Lambden's Chance, aged, 12st.

Oliver 2 Mr R. J. Southby's b. m. Europa, 6 yrs, 12st. - - Parr 3 Mr T. Pell's br. c. Conservative, 4 yrs, llst. 4ib. Lebird 4 Mr C. Daley's br. m. Isabelle, aged, 12st.

owner 5 Mr W. Manning's Fairplay, 6 yrs, 12st. 6lb.

Sly 6 Mr Vernon's b. c. by Don John, dam by Negociator, 3 yrs, 8st. 9ib.

- E. Edwards 7 Won by three lengths. Her Majesty's Plate of 100gs; three yrs old, 6st. 101b, four, 9st. 2ib. five, 9st. 12lb, six and aged, 10st. 4. two miles. Mr Moore's b.c. Wolf-dog, by Freney, 4 yrs, walked over.

The Farmers' and Tradesmen's Cup, value 50 sov. for horses not thorough-bred, &c. ridden by Gentlemen, Farmers, or Tradesmen, heats, once round and a distance, was won, at three heats, by Mr W. Manning's b. m. Melody, by Mundig, 5 yrs, llst. lib. (Parr)

beating eight others.

WEDNESDAY.—The Open Stakes of 10 sov, each, with 25 added; three yrs old, 9st. four, 10st. 51b. five, 10st. 121b. six and aged, llst. 2b. the winner to be sold for 1501. if demanded ; once round and a distance (7 subscribers). Mr Wadlow's b. g. Blind Hookey, by Bran, aged Marlow 1 Mr May's Crocus (late Miss Robinson) 6 yrs - May 0 Mr Parr's gr. b. Jack Cade, 5 yrs

owner 0 Mr T. Dawson's br. f. Kiss me quick, 4 yrs Cartwright 4 Ld G. Bentinck's bl. m. Coal-black Rose, 5 yrs .. Flatınan 5 Mr Murphy's b. f. Venus, 4 yrs .

Crouch 6 Even on Blind Hookey and 5 to 2 agst Coal-black Rose. Won

by a neck, The Althorp Park Stakes of 10 sov, each, with 30 added, for two vrs old colts, 8st. 7 ib. and fillies, 8st. 4 ib. the Straight run in, about half a mile (9 subscribers). Mr R. Peel's ch. f. Credential, by Plenipotentiary - Marlow 1 Ld Spencer's b. c. Typhon ..

G. Whitehouse 2 Mr G. Ongley's b. c. by Gameboy, out of sister to Prizeflower

.. - Crouch Mr John Day's br. f. Madge Wildfire

. A. Day Mr May's b. f. Honey Dear

• May Col. Anson's b. f. Treacle

. W. Boyce 6 to 4 agst Credential, 5 to 2 agst Madge Wildfire, and 4 to 1

agst Typhon. Won by a length ; Treacle beaten a length for the second place.

The Northamptonshire Cup Stakes, by subscription of 10 sov. each ; three yrs old, 6st. 7 ib. four, 8st. 9ib. five, 9st. 7ib. six and aged, 9st. 127. m. and g. allowed 2b. the winner of the Queen's plate to have carried 5lb. extra : the winner to be sold for 5001. if demanded, &c. twice round, about three miles (19 subscribers). Mr Shelley's ch.c. Maynooth, by Sir Hercules, 4 yrs W. Abdale 1 Ld G. Bentinck's b. h. Discord, aged . . Flatman 2 Mr Worthington's br, h. Hooton, 6 yrs . Marlow 3 Mr S. Scott's b. b. Mosque, aged - S. Darling, jun. 4 Mr Owen's b. h. Xanthus, 6 yrs - - Cartwright 15 Mr Cook's ch. h. What, 6 yrs

Lye 6 Mr Arrowsmith's br. c. Tractarian, 3 yrs . G. Abdale 7 Mr Ongley's br. m. Fama, 6 yrs

- Sly 8 2 to 1 agst Discord, 4 to 1 agst What, 4 to 1 agst Hooton, and

5 to 1 agst Maynooth. Won by two lengths ; Hooton a bad third. The Pytchley Stakes of 15 sov, each, 10 ft. with 50 added, for three yrs old colts, 8st. 9ib. and fillies, &st. 6lb. one mile (5 subs). Mr A. W. Hill's b. f. Burlesque, by Touchstone S. Darling, jun. 1 Mr G. Higgins's br. c. Redleg

- Crouch 2 5 to 1 on Burlesque, who won by several lengths. A Beaten Handicap of 5 sov. each, with 25 added; once round and a distance (7 subscribers). Mr Arrowsmith's br. c. Tractarian, by Y. Whalebone, or Robin Gray, 3 yrs, 6st. •

- G. Abdale 1 Mr Manning's Fairplay, 6 yrs, 7st. 61b. - W. Abdale Mr May's Crocus, 6 yrs, 8st. 9ib.

May 3 D. of Richmond's Muscatel, 3 yrs, 6st. 4ib.

Kitchener 4 Mr G. Higgins's Redleg, 3 yrs, 6st. 71b.

A. Day 5 Mr F. Ongley's Fama, aged, 8st. 7 ib.

. Crouch 6 Mr Worthington's Dr Husband, 5 yrs, 8st. 131b. Marlow 7 2 to 1 agst Muscatel, 3 to 1 agst Dr Husband, and 4 to 1 agst

Tractarian. Won by a length.

BRIGHTON SPRING MEETING. FRIDAY, March the 27th.---The Trial Stakes of 10 sov. each, b. ft. witła 50 added, for all ages ; a mile and a quarter (5 subscribers). Mr E. Haworth's br. g. John Davis, by Emilius, 4 yrs, 7st. lllb.

• T. Brown, jun. I Mr C. Dorrien's br. c. Sensation, 4 yrs, 8st. 101b. W. Howlett 2 Mr Davis's b. m. Pimento, 5 yrs, 8st. 6ib. - Wakefield 3 Mr G. Dobson's br. g. The Rejected (late Richard Cricket) 4 yrs, 7st. Ílib. (carried 8st.)

F. Bell 4

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