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The Conjurer, Mr E. R. Clark's, the Trial stakes of 70, and

the first class of the Wokingham stakes of 80 (h.) at Ascot ;
Mr B. Green's, the Croxteth stakes of 85 and the Bentinck
Testimonial plate, (b.) at Liverpool


WORTHY. Brunette (late Duenna) Mr R. Y, Shipley's, 70 at Hampton

Spr. 28 (h.) at Basingstoke, 50 (h.) and 69 (h.) at Plymouth 4


YAXLEY. Pine-apple, Mr Ramsbottom's, the S. and M. stakes (h.) at

Egham, the Queen's plates at Canterbury and Bedford - 3 NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRECEDING LIST.

6 Active, Mr Harvey's, a stake (h.) at the Isle of Wight 4 Alicia, Mr Bowler's, 7 at Ashton 4 Amazement (by Marvel) Mr Webb's, 14 at Upton 5 Anxiety, Mr Hackett's, 15 and a hurdle race at the Isle of

Wight 5 Atmospheric, Mr Tredcroft's, the whip, &c. at Eccles - 2 B. f. (by Camel, or Nonsense, out of Queen of the Gipsies' dam) Mr M. Dawson's, 175 at Newcastle

2 Bella Donna (by Gladiator, or The Doctor) D. of Rutland's,

400 at Newmarket 2nd Oct. M. Belshazzar, Ld Glamis's, 50 (h.) at Warwick Spr. - . 2 Bendigo (by The Doctor, or Gladiator) Mr E. R. Clar

130 at Catterick Bridge and 50 at Durham -
Biscuit, Mr Davidson's, 30 at Caledonian Hunt -
Bob Booty, Mr Jenkins's, 15 at Brigbton Spr. -
Bold Davy, Mr T. L. Brewer's, 21 and 16 at New

(m.) and 26 (b.) at Monmouth Br. c. (by Venison, or Sultan Junior) out of Monimia, Mr

Wreford's, 60 at Salisbury
Boxkeeper, Capt. Barnett's, 65 (h.) at Hampton Spr. -
Brown Bess, Mr Pigott's, the Farmers' cup at Tarporley
Butcher's Boy, Mr F. Coron's, 11 at Macelesfield :
Cavendish, Mr J. Frost's, a silver cup (h.) at: Plymouth
Chance, Mr Protheroe's, 30 at Aberystwith
Chesterfield, Mr Greenwood's, a race at Malton
Christopher North, Mr Skirving's, 90 at Aberdeen

Cotton Lord, Capt. Jones's, 5 (m.) at Gorton Hall - 3 Cranebrook (by Alcaston, or Lord John) Mr W. Cranston's,

a compromise of 20 at Liverpool, the Great Yorkshire i handicap at Doncaster, the cup at Richmond, and recd.

100 (m.) at Newmarket Ho. M. Cumberland Lassie, Mr Smith's, 26 (b.) at Lancaster -

Dangerous, Mr T. Rawstron's, 6 at Rochdale 5 Doe, The, Mr Phelps's, 19 ac Newport 3 Dolo (by Galewood or St Martin) Ld Eglinton's, 90 at Cat

terick Bridge, the North Derby stakes, and the Northum

berland plate (h.) at New.castle 3 Duke of Richmond (by Lord Stafford, or Confederate) Mr

Banks's 170 at York, the cup stakes at Leicester ; Sir C.
Cockerell's, 100 at Doncaster, Queen's plate (disputed) and

70 at Lincoln, and 40 at Derby -
The Earl, Mr Phillips's, a plate at Newport

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3 Elixir, Mr Davies's, 30 at Newport

Elphi Bey, Mr Mollison's, 52 at Aberdeen

Emperor, Mr Powell's, 25 (m.) at Monmouth . 5 Fair Rosamond (by Confederate, or Mulatto) Mr Carter's, 30

and 40 at Newton, 45 and 34 at Eccles, 30 and 70 at Radcliffe

6 Fashion (late Oak) Mr J. Cundell's, a plate at Manchester

Father Mathew, Mr Crawford's, 100 (m.) at Eglinton Park 5 Flirt, Sir C. Cockerell's, a stake at Bibury Old M.

Forest Boy, Mr Higgins's, 27 at Sandbach -
Fortune-teller, Mr Waring's, 29 at Exeter; Mr Luke's, 30 at

Taunton Gaiety, Mr Palmer's, 50 (m.) at Reading 6 Gipsy Queen, Mr Marshall's, 40 (h.) at Hereford 3 Glory (late Bold Archer) by Glycon, or Assassin, Mr J.

Drake's, Queen's plate at Ascot, and 155 (h.) at Yar

Governor, Mr Davey's, 50 (m.) at Yarmouth
Highlander, Mr E. Jones's, 100 (m.) at Shrewsbury
Hotspur, D. of Atholl's, 25 at Caledonian hunt .
Ibrahim Pacha, Mr Barton's, a race at Horwich

Jerry, Mr Simmond's, 50 (m.) at Worcester Aut. M. 6 Jessy, Mr Johnson's, 23 and 35 at Wrexham ..

Kingsbury Lass, Mr J. Darby's, 24 at Hastings .
Leg, The, Mr Stallard's, 14 (h.) at Weymouth -
Leo, Mr E. Hyde Clarke's, 50 at Warwick Spr. M.
Lillie Adie, Mr D. Wilson's, 27 at Stirling -

Limerick, Capt. J. P. Williams's, 1000gs (m.) at Hereford 5 Little Chance, Mr Bengafield's, 28 at Weymouth

Madcap (late Joe) Mr Brown's, 13 (h.) at Rochdale
Master Downes,' by The Mummy, or Tamworth, Mr W.

Smith's, 60 at Shrewsbury, 50 at Leominster, a silver tea
service and cup stakes at Breconshire, 335 at Chester Aut.

M. and the Staff. stakes (h.) at Stafford
Mayflower, Mr Dixon's, 23 at East Surrey
Miller's Maid, Mr Cox's, 20 (m.) at The Hoo
Miriam, Mr Smith's, 24 at Barnet
Moggy Lauder, Mr Gower's, 21 at Sandbach -
Moonraker, Mr Ford's, two races at North Staffordshire
Nameless, Mr G. Whieldon's, 26 at Weymouth -
Navy Captain, Mr W. Lechmere's, a match at Upton
Novice, Capt. Jones's, 15 at Abergavenny -

• 5 The Nun, Mr Edwards's, 21 at Breconshire

Pigskin, Mr Theobald's, 30 at Yarmouth .
Polly Peachum, Mr Lee's, 16 (h.) at Tiverton -

Precursor (by Curtius)Mr Ramsay's, a stake at Stirling 6 Princess, Mr Massey's, the Cavalry cup at Knutsford


Queen of Hearts, gr. m. Mr West's, 40 (m.) at Durham
Queen of Hearts (ch. m.) Mr F. Pepper's, 54 at Derby

Queen of the South, Mr Fraser's, a race at Southern M. 6 Ranger, Capt. Somerton's, 55 at Rochester

Rebel, Mr Archer's, a race at The Hoo

The Returned, Mr Hill's, 13 at Swansea I Rushlight, Mr Matthews's, 13 at Brighton Spr. M. 6 St Albans, Mr Brown's, 25 (h.) at Mansfield

St David, Mr Powell's, a cup, &c. and 25 (m.) at Breconshire

Seaweed, Mr H. Smith's, 100 (m.) at Northallerton 6 Shipmate, Mr E. Herbert's, cup value 25, with 12 at Aber

gavenny, the Tally-ho stakes of 40 at Tenbury, and the Oakley Park stakes of 65 at Ludlow

- 5 Spaniel, Mr Lucas's, a silver cup, &c. at Swansea

Speculation, Mr J. Henderson's, 25 at Paisley
Symphony, Mr Proudfoot's, recd. 50 (m.) at Carlisle
Sylph, Mr Astley's, 10 at Barnet

wton Park
Tariff, Mr Surtees, 100 (in.) at Croxton Park

Tincton, Mr Sparrow's, 40 at Chelmsford, 29 at Ipswich, and

26 at Abingdon
Tippoo, Sir W. W. Wynn's, a race at Tarporley (disputed) -
Toby, Mr J. Williams's, a cup, &c, at Swansea .
Tomboy, Mr Markham's, 19 at East Surrey

Tom Moody, Mr G. Neal's, 19 at Portsmouth . 3 Tractarian (by Robin Grey, or Y. Whalebone) 55 (h.) at

Northampton, and 60 at Durham ..
Unknown, Mr Davies's, a match at Rochdale
Utica, Mr Stagg's, 20 (m.) at Mansfield
Victoress, Mr Davenport's, 43 at Bridgnorth
Victoria, Mr T. Young's, 25 (m.) at Horwich -
Victoria, Mr Pemberton's, 21 at Beccles -
Young Ireland, Mr Telfer's, 50 (m.) at Western M.
The Wanderer, Mr J. Tollit's, 105 at Hungerford .

Waterloo, Mr Davies's, 12 at Aberystwith
5 Whitefoot, Mr March's, 50 and 50 (h.) at Croxton Park

Will Watch, Mr Syms's, 34 at Taunton

Run for in Great Britain in 1846, with the Names, &c. of the


NORTHAMPTON, March 24. Wolf-dog, by Freney, 4 yrs, 9st. 21b. two miles .

NEWMARKET, April 28. Miss Elis, by Stockport, 4 yrs, 8st. 9ib. R.C.

- April 30. Wolf-dog, 4 yrs, 9st. 81b. R.C.

Wolf-dog, 4 yrs, 9st. 21b. thrice round . .

Glossy, by Silkworm, 6 yrs, 10st. 5lb. three miles -

The Cure, by Physician, 5 yrs, 9st. 1 lit. two-mile heats

Cour de Lion, by Dick, 4 yrs, 9st. 2ib. three miles and a
distance -

ASCOT HEATH, June 11. Bold Archer, by Glycon, or Assassin, 3 yrs, 7st. 27. once round and in, starting at the New-mile post - - 85

HAMPTON, June 18. Bravissimo, by Velocipede, 3 yrs, 7st. 5ib. two-mile heats - 96

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, June 24. Inglewood, by Inheritor, 3 yrs, 7st. 21b. three miles - - 100

WINCHESTER, July 1. Old England, by Mulatto, 4 yrs, 9st. ltd. two-mile heats - 112

CARLISLE, July 3. The Druid, by Phænix, 3 yrs, 7st. 5ib. heats, twice round - 111

LIVERPOOL, July 16. Inheritress, by The Saddler, 6 yrs, 10st. 2m. two-mile heats • 124

GUILDFORD, July 25. Auld-lang-syne, by Bretby, 6 yrs, 10st. 2īb. two-mile heats · 138

GOODWOOD, July 29. Leaconfield, by Hampton, 3 yrs, 7st. 4lb. about three miles and five furlongs :

NOTTINGHAM, August 6. Fitzwilliam, by Lord Stafford, 3 yrs, 8st. 2ib. two-mile heats 159

BRIGHTON, August 6. Lynceus, by The Saddler, 3 yrs, 6st. 13lb. two-r ile heats, over the Old Course

. 163


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