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Sir J. Hawley's Bravissiino, by Velocipede, 7st. 7lb, recd. 80 sor. ft. from Mr Shelley's Maynooth, 8st. 71. D.I. 200, h. ft.

FRIDAY. D. of Bedford's Leopard, by Liverpool, 7st. 7lb. (Flatman) beat Mr Mytton's Auricula, 8st. (Whitehouse) B.C. 300. 6 to 4 on Leopard, who made the running, and won in a canter.

Auricula was beaten on the flat, and was pulled up soon after

passing the Duke's Stand. Mr Mostyn's Coal Black Rose, by Picaroon, 7st. 121. (Flatman) beat D. of Bedford's Captain Phebus, 8st. 7ib. (Robinson) T.Y.C. 100, h. ft. 5 to 4 on Captain Phebus. Coal Black Rose made the running ;

half way up the cords Captain Phebus went up, but could not reach the mare, who won cleverly by three quarters of a

length. Ld Glasgow's br. f. Conspiracy, by Retriever, 8st. (J. Holmes) beat Mr Rolt's Collingwood, 8st. 31. (F. Butler) R.M. 200, h. ft.' 7 to 2 on Conspiracy. Collingwood made the running at a good

pace, Conspiracy lying at his quarters; in the Ab. M. bottom the latter went up, they ran together half way up the hill, when Conspiracy obtained the lead, and won by half a length. Handicap Sweepstakes of 15 sov. each, 10 ft. for two and three yrs old ; T.Y.C. Mr Gurney's b. c. Cantley, by Emilius, 3 yrs, 8st. Pettit 1 Mr Jaques's b.f. Diphthong, 2 yrs, 7st. - Charlton 2 Mr Wigram's br.c. Hereef, 3 yrs, 8st. 101. - W. Boyce Ld Chesterfield's b. c. Arkwright, 3 yrs, 8st. 51b. Flatman Mr John Day's b.f. Miss Slick, 3 yrs, 8st. 510. - A. Day Mr Elwes's b. f. Camelia, 3 yrs, 7st. 121b. - Wakefield Mr J. J. King's b. f. Needle, 3 yrs, 7st. 101. - Warren Mr Leigh's Hyderabad, 2 yrs. 6st. 12lb. W. Hutchinson Mr Greville's ch. c. Mirmišlo, 2 yrs, 6st. 9ib.

- pd Mr Payne's b. c. Lancer, 2 yrs, 6st. 5lb.

- pd 2 to 1 agst Hyderabad, 5 to 1 agst Diphthong, 5 to 1 agst Cantley,

6 to 1 agst Miss Slick, and 8 to 1 agst Arkwright. Cantley made the running, Hyderabad lying second, the others well up; a good race in with Cantley, Diphthong, Hyderabad, and Miss Slick, ended in favour of Cantley by a head, Diphthong beating Hyderabad about half a length for the second place, Miss Slick

a good fourth, Sir J. Hawley's b.'f. Vanity, by Camel (F. Butler) beat Ld Chesterfield's ch. f. Lady Lurewell (Flatman) 8st. 4ib. each, T.Y.C. 200, h. ft.

2 to 1 on Vanity. Lady Lurewell made the running ; after pass.

ing the new ground, Vanity took the lead, and won by a neck;

Lady Lurewell ran out at the finish. The Prendergast Stakes of 50 sov, each, h. ft. for two yrs old colts, 8st. 7 ib. and fillies, 8st. 51b. T.Y.C. (31 subscribers). Mr Payne's b. f. Clementina

Flatman 1 Mr Mostyn's b. f. Archness

- W. Howlett 2 Ld Albemarle's ch. c. Ingoldsby - - Robinson Mr Mostyn's ch. c. Glentilt . - - W. Abdale Col. Peel's ch. f. Isis .. . - Chapple

Chapple 5 7 to 4 on Glentilt, and 3 to 1 agst Clementina. Archness made

the running, followed by Clementina, Glentilt lying third ; after passing the dip Clementina took the lead, and carried it on to the end, winning easily by three lengths. Just before coming to the cords Ingoldsby passed Glentilt, and finished a bad third. Immediately after starting Glentilt swerved, and threw out Isis

and Ingoldsby several lengths. Handicap Sweepstakes of 20 sov. each, and only 5 ft. if declared by ten o'clock the evening before running, to go to the owner of the second horse, for three yrs old and upwards; T.Y.C. (6 subscribers, 3 of whom paid 5 sov, each). Ld Orford's b. f. Prussic Acid, 3 yrs, 7st. 71b. - Flatman i Mr Mostyn's bl. m. Coal Black Rose, 5 yrs, 7st. 12lb. W. Abdale 2 Sir J. B. Mill's br. f. Giantess, 4 yrs, 8st. 7fb. - A. Day 3 6 to 5 agst Prussic Acid, and 6 to 4 agst Coal Black Rose. Coal

Black Rose made the running, Giantess lying second ; before coming to the cords Giantess declined, and Prussic Acid took the second place; half way in the cords the latter went up, and after a good race in, won by half a length; Giantess beaten off. Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each, for two yrs old colts, 8st. 7 ib. and fillies, Est. 5lb. first half of Ab. M. the winner to be sold for 40 sov. if demanded, &c. (6 subscribers). Mr Mostyn's b. f. Jollity, by Bay Middleton , W. Abdale 1 Mr Crockford's br. f. Mistress Jean

- Ford 2 Mr Shelley's b. c. His Serene Highness

F. Butler 3 Mr Wreford's b. f. by Camel, out of Wadastra - A. Day 4 Mr Littler's ch. f. by The Saddler, out of The Abbess, by Ranvilles

J. Howlett 5 5 to 2 agst Jollity, 5 to 2 agst Mistress Jean, and 4 to 1 agst His

Serene Highness. Jollity made the running, the Wadastra f. and Mistress Jean lying up; at the cords Mistress Jean took the lead, and after a good race in with Jollity, won by a length; His Serene Highness a good third.

D. of Bedford's Paragone, 3 yrs, 8st. 121. recd. ft. from Mr Mer. ton's f. Mouseling, 2 yrs, 6st. T.Y.C. 200, h. ft.

Ld Glasgow's b. f. by Retriever, dam by Jerry, recd. ft, from D. of Bedford's Eothen, 8st. 41b, each, T.Y.Č. 200, h, ft.

SATURDAY. Mr O'Brien's The Traverser, by Gilbert Gurney (Marlow) beat Mr Clifton's Valerian (F. Butler) 8st. 7 ib. each, Ab.M. 500. Valerian made the running to the bushes, where Traverser took it

up, and continued it to the end, winning easily by five lengths. Mr O'Brien's Needful, agst Mr Clifton's Nottingham, 7st. each, Ab. M. 500, 200 ft.-Needful walked over.

NORTHALLERTON. THURSDAY, October the 15th.- Sweepstakes 10 sov, each, with 10 added by W. B. Wrightson, Esq. M. P. for two yrs old ; once round. Mr Crofton's b. c. Kimblesworth, by Voltaire, 8st. 5ib. Lye 1 Mr Meiklam's b. c. Bannockburn, dst. 5lb. - Templeman 2 Mr Hesseltine's b. f. Louisa Newell, Sst. 510. - Bumby 3 Mr J. Scott's b. c. The Premier, 8st. 8lb. - Cartwright Mr Harland's br. c. Glenwelt, 8st. 51b. - Winteringham Even on The Premier, 6 to 4 agst Louisa Newell, 3 to 1 agst

Bannockburn, and 3 to 1 agst Kimblesworth. Won by half a neck, Louisa Newell finishing about a length from the second;

the other two beaten off. The gold Cup, or Cup Stakes, by subscription of 10 sov, each; two miles (9 subscribers). Mr Meiklam's Fancy Boy, by Tomboy, 3 yrs, 7st. 5ib. Lye 1 Mr C. Peck's br. c. Jinglepot, 4 yrs, 8st. 510. - Cartwright Mr Robinson's br. h. Morpeth, 5 yrs, 8st. 101b. Bumby Mr W. Lonsdale's b. f. by Kremlin, dam by Brutandorf, 3 yrs, 6st. 12/b.

- Carter Mr Hesseltine's br. c. Fitzwilliam, 3 yrs, 7st. - Longstaff Mr Meiklam's br. h. Godfrey, 5 yrs, 8st. 10lb. Templeman Mr Walter's br. g. Ratcliffe, 5 yrs, 8st. 8lb. Winteringham Mr Harland's b. f. Cossack Maid, 3 yrs, 6st. 121b. Prince 6 to 4 agst Fancy Boy, 3 to 1 agst Morpeth, and 5 to 1 agst Jingle.

pot. Won cleverly by a neck ; Jinglepot beating Morpeth by a

length; Fitzwilliam fourth. Plate of 50 sov. given by the Gentlemen of Northallerton and its Vicinity, for maiden horses ; three yrs old, 7st. 10lb, four, 8st. 8lb. five, 8st. 12ib, six and aged, Ost. m. and g, allowed 210. two-mile heats,

Mr A. Johnstone's b. f. sister to Calypso, by Liverpool, 3 yrs

Winteringham 1 3 1 Mr Yea's br. c. Little Jack Horner, 3 yrs Longstaff - 1 2 Mr Smith's b. c. Charley, 3 yrs

Lye - 2 dr Mr H. Stebbing's b. f. The Lamb, 3 yrs Edwards 2 dr Mr Bowes's b. č. Hoorrah, 3 yrs

Cartwright 3 dr Mr B. Green's ch. f. Restoration, 4 yrs - - - dr

FRIDAY. - Mr H. Smith's br.m. Seaweed ( Scott) beat Mr Cookson's ch.c. Barton (Capt. Broadley) llst. each, four miles, 100 sov, h.ft.

Sweepstakes of 10 sov. each, with 10 added, for two yrs old, 6st. Slib. three, 8st, four, 8st. 6lb. five and upwards, Ost, fillies allowed 3 tb, opce round. Mr C. Peck's br.c. Jinglepot, by Physician, 4 yrs - Lye 1 Mr Harland's b. f. Cossack Maid, 3 yrs - Winteringham 2 Mr Hesseltine's b. f. Louisa Newell, 2 yrs · Longstaff 3 Mr F. R. Price's b. c. Kismet, 3 yrs . - Cartwright Capt. Potts's b. f. Isabella Noel, 2 yrs - - Prince Mr Meiklam's br. h. Godfrey, 5 yrs

- Templeman Even on Jinglepot, and 2 to l agst Kismet. Won by half a length ;

the Cossack Maid beating Louisa Newell by a length. The Selling Stakes of 7 sov, each, with 10 added, for two yrs old 6st. 101b. three, 8st. 10lb. four, 9st. 5lb. five and upwards, 9st. 121b the winner to be sold for 100 sov, if demanded, &c. one mile and a distance. Mr Hesseltine's The Slayer's Daughter, by Cain, 3 yrs Bumby 1 Mr Hargreaves's ch. c. Bit Nibble, 2 yrs - Longstaff 2 Mr Peart's br. f. Volga, 3 yrs

Cartwright 3 Mr Edmonstone's ch. f. Pinkindindess, 3 yrs • Winteringham Capt. Potts's br. c. by St Bennett, 2 yrs . - Prince Mr Taylor's br. c. George Stephenson, 2 yrs (41b. over) . Lye Mr Simpson's ch. f. Mrs Hudson (late Jane) 4 yrs Templeman

Won by three quarters of a length ; Volga a good third. The silver Cup Stakes of 5 sov, each, for horses that never won any cup or stake of the value of 100 sov, at any time before the day of naming; three yrs old, 7st. four, 8st. 31d. five and upwards, 8st, 10lb. m. and g. allowed 2ib. two-mile heats. Sir J. Gerard's b. f. Curiosity, by Hetman Platoff, 3 yrs (21b. over) .

- Lye - Mr Yea's Little Jack Horner, 3 yrs · Longstaff 1 Mr Lamb's ch.m. Lady Flora, aged Henderson .. 0 3 Mr S. L. Fox's b.c. Waxholme, 3 yrs - Prince Mr Hesseltine's br. g. The Helmsman, 4 yrs Bumby Mr Smith's b. c. Charley, 3 yrs • Winteringham Mr Meiklam's The Parson's Clerk, 4 yrs Templeman

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(AT DUMFRIES.) THURSDAY, October the 15th.—The Dumfrieshire Handicap of 15 sov, each, 5 ft. if declared, &c. with 60 added by the Noblemen and Gentlemen subscribers to the Racing-fund; once round and from the Garden gate (14 subs. 11 of whom paid only 5 sov. each). Mr A. Johnstone's ch, m. Rowena, by Recovery, 5 yrs, 7st. 10mb. walked over.

Fifty Pounds, given by J. J. Hope Johnstone, Esq. M.P. for the County ; three yrs old, 6st. 10lb. four, 8st. five, 8st. 8ib. six and aged, 8st. 121b. heats, once round and a distance. Mr Robertson's b. g. Tom Tough, by Y. Priam (half-bred) 6 yrs

- E. Parr 2 1 1 Mr Meny's b. f. Marion Ramsay, 4 yrs - - - 1 4 3 Mr W. H. Johnstone's b. m. The Roper's Daughter, aged 4 3 2 Mr A. Johnstone's ch, m. Rowena, 5 yrs - - 3 2 dr First heat won by half a neck; second by half a length; third by

about a neck. Fifty Pounds, given by the Southern Meeting, for horses that never won 100 sov. at any one time; heats, once round and a distance. Mr W. H. Johnstone's gr. h. Jack Cade, by Venison, 5 yrs, Ost. 4lb.

• Noble 11 Mr Wilkin's b. g. by St Martin, dam by Liverpool, out of Venus, 3 yrs, 7st. 5lb. ..

- 3 2 Mr A. Johnstone's b. g. Chance, 5 yrs, 8st. 71b. - . 2 3

First heat won by half a length ; second by about a head. The Dumfries Whip Stakes was not run for.

FRIDAY.-The Give-and-take Plate, a sweepstakes of 5 sov. cach, 3 ft. with 25 added by the Southern Meeting; heats, once round and a distance ( 7 subscribers). Mr Whitelock's b. m. Fair Rosamond, by Inheritor, 5 yrs (1501.) 7st. 11 lb.

1 - 1 Mr Skirving's Jane, 3 yrs (251.) 4st. lllb. - . - 1 3 Mr W. H. Johnstone's Jack Cade, 5 yrs (1001.)

- - 2 Mr Wallace's b. g. False Position, 4 yrs (251.) 5st. 111. 2 2

A free Handicap of 5 sov. each, with 25 added by A. Johnstone, Esq. two miles, Mr W. H. Johnstone's Roper's Daughter, by Tomboy, aged. Ist. 11lb.

- W. Noble 1 Mr Robertson's Tom Tough, 6 yrs, 10st.

- 2

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