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L O N TY O N :
Printed for A. MILLAR, W. Law, and R.caris.

[Price, bound, 35. M

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THE following Essays have already appeared, at different times, and in different publications. The pamphlets in which they were inserted being generally unsuccessful, these shared the common fate, without assisting the bookseller's aims, or extending the writer's reputation. The public was too strenuously employed with their own follies, to be affiduous in estimating mine; so that many of my best attempts in this way, have fallen victims to the tranfient topics of the times, the Ghost in Cocklane, or the fiege of Tyconderago. But though they have passed pretty filently in the world, I can by no means complain of the circulation. The magazines and papers of the day have, indeed, been liberal enough in this respect. Most of these Essays have been regularly reprinted two or three times a year, and conveyed to the public through the channel of some engaging compilation. If there be a pride in multiplied editions, I have seen some of my labours fixteen times reprinted, and claimed by different parents as their own. I have feen them flourished at the beginning with praise, and signed at the end with the names of Philanotos, Philalethes, Philaleutheros, and Philanthropos. The gentlemen have kindly stood sponsors to my productions, and, to flatter me more, have al

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