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over with the utmost attention, and to correct any literal errors or omissions, which the most accurate writer may be liable to.

It has afterwards gone through a second revisal by a gentleman of the profession, who, at the Editor's request, undertook to examine the quotations from reports, and other authors, in order to give to the world as complete a copy as possible, and that nothing might appear, throughout, unworthy of the Compiler. " How far he has succeeded in that attempt, the Editor must leave to the determination of the candid reader. As the work of Mr. Justice Blackstone, he has no doubt but it will be received by the gentlemen of the profession, for whose use it was intended, with a particular degree of regard. . . • Whatever errors may be found in the publication, he takes the demerit upon himself, hoping that the merit of the work will atone for any defects on his part, and that due allowance will be made for the Editor's total ignorance, till now, of the business of publication;-a task he did not undertake as a volunteer, or as thinking himself peculiarly qualified for, but as being called upon to engage in it, not only as a labour of friendship, but as a duty incumbent on him, as executor to the Author, and guardian of his infant children.

Feb, 20, 1781.


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N. B. All the cases to page 718 inclusive, are determinations of the Court of King's Bench,
and from thence of the Court of Common Pleas; except some few cases determined on points of
law after condemnation for felony, by the Twelve Judges at Serjeant's-Inn, and a few others on
appeal in the Exchequer Chamber, or at the Delegates.

ABBOT, Lessee of, v. Parsons, 575

v. Smith, ij. 947
Abrahall, Lessee of, v. Brown, ii. 973
Addington v. Clode, ii. 989, 1030
Aistrop, Lessee of, v. Aistrop, ii. 1228
Alderson and Others v. Temple, 660
Allan v. Heber, 22
- v. The Hundred of Kirton, ii. 842

- v. Tapp, ii. 850
Allen v. Allen, ii. 694
- v. Keyt, ii. 1122
- v. Peshall, ii. 1177
Allingham, Lessee of, v. Dowley, ii. 1185
Amery v. Smallridge, ii. 760
Anderson v. Anderson, ii. 1157
Andrews v. Sharp, ii. 911
Annet, The King v. 395
Anonymous, 207

- (Determination in the Trea-
• sury Chamber, C. B.) ï. 1242, 1243

- (Case of the Spanish Sailors)
ii. 1324
Ansty, Lessee of, v. Dowsen, 8
Arnold v. Baas, ii. 993
Aston v. Baldwin and Sprott, ii. 874
Atkinson v. Teasdale, ii. 817
Atterbury v. Benson, ii. 1098
Aylett v. Harford, ii. 1317
— v. Lowe, ii. 1221
- v. Jewel, ii, 1299

Bankes and Others, The King v. 445, 452
Barker and Others, The King v. 300, 352

-0. Butler, ii. 780

v. Braham and Norwood, ii. 866
- v. Braham, ii. 869
- v. Tibson, ji. 953

- v. Chalk, ji. 1018
Barlow v. Norman, ii. 959
Barnard v. Woodcock and Earl Cowper,

ii. 1201
Barnes v. Foley, 643

-, Lessee of, v. Craster, ii. 826
Barret v. Glubb, ii. 1052
Basket v. University of Cambridge, 105
- v. Cunningham, 370
Baskerville v. Brown, 293
Basset, Lessee of, v. Thomas, 446
Batchelor v. Biggs, ii. 854
Bathurst and Others, The King v. 210
Baxter on demise of Abrahall v. Brown,

ii. 973
Bean v. Bloom, ij. 926
Beaton, The King v. 479
Bellis v. Mitford, ii. 1009
Bendall, Lessee of, v. Summerset, ii. 692
Bene't College v. The Bishop of London

and Calvert, ii. 1182
Berens v. Rucker, 313
Berwick, The Mayor of, v. Ewart, ii. 1036,

Bibbon demise of Mole v. Thomas, ii. 1043
Bidgood v. Way, ï. 1236
Biddleson v. Whitel, 506
Bidmead v. Gale, 671
Bigby v. Kennedy, ii. 710
Billings'v. Prinn and Delabere, ii. 1017
Binstead v. Buck, ii. 1117

BAGNAL v. Gray, ii. 1140
Bail surrendering their Principal need not

justify, ii. 758
Bainbridge v. Pickering, ii. 1325
Baldwin v. Elphinston, ii. 1037
Baltimore (Lord), The King v. 648

Birch, The King v. ii. 790

Clarke v. Ryall, 642 Bird v. Randall, 373, 387

Clarke v. Stevenson, ii. 803 Birmingham Navigation Trustees, The Clavey v. Watts, ii. 786 King v. ii, 708

Clayton v. Jennings, ii. 706 Bishopsgate, St. Botolph's, The King v. Clymer, Lessee of, v. Littler, 345 The Churchwardens of, 443

Colchester Corporation v. Seaber, 591 Blaney v. Hendricks, ii. 761

Cole, Lessee of, v. Weston, ii. 1215
Blencowe, Lessee of, v. Bugby, ii. 766 Collier v. Galliard, ii, 1062
Blunt's Case, ii. 764

Colton v. Goodridge, ii. 1108
Blunt v. Morris, ii. 785

Combe qui tam v. Pitt, 437, 523 Bodley v. Bellamy, 267

Compagnon v. Martin, ii. 790 Bolland v. Pritchard, ii. 799

Compton v. Bedford, 362 Bolts v. Purvis, ii. 1022

Conwell v. Thomas, ii. 724 Bomaster, The King v. 233

Cooke v. Colcraft, ii. 856 Bond v. Seawell, 407, 422, 454

Cooper v. Chitty and Blakiston, 65 Bones v. Booth, ii. 1226

Corrie alias Wykes, Lessee of, v.Ashby, 607 Boone v. Eyre, ii. 1312

Cox qui tam v. Mundy, 462 Bostock v. Saunders, ii. 912

- v. Chubb, ii. 809 Bosworth v. Philips, ii. 784

Coysgarne v. Fly, ii. 995 Bowen v. Hill, ii. 992

Crawford v. Powell, 229 Bowles v. Johnson, 36

Creswick, Lessee of, v. Hobson, ii. 695 Bramston, Lessee of, v. Holiday, 535 Crewe, Lessee of, v. King, ii. 1211 Brangwin v. Perrot, ii. 1190

Crosby's Case, ii. 754 Bree, Lessee of, v. Lees, ii. 1171

Crosley v. Shaw, ii. 1085 Brery qui tam v. Levy, 443

Crowden v. Walker, ii. 823 Brewster v. Capper, 51

Crusoe on demise of Blencowe v. Bugby, Bridge, The King v. 46

ii.766 Bridges v. Raymond, ii. 800

Cutting v. Derby, ii. 1075
Brind v. Torris, ii. 1205
Broadhead v. Marshal, ii. 955

DACRE, Lord, u. Tebb, ii. 1151
Brooke, Lessee of, v. Astley, 499, 521 Daggett, Lessee of, v. Snowdon, ii. 1224.
Brookes v. Warren, ii. 1273

Dagglish v. Weatherby, ii. 747 Brooking, Lessee of, v. White, ii. 1009 Danser v. Berriman, ii. 1325 Brown v. Chapman, 427

Darell v. Bridge, 46 Brown, Lessee of, v. Holmes, ii. 777 Davenport v. Tyrrell, 675 Bulbrooke v. Goodere, 569

Davie, Lessee vf, v. Saunders, ii. 736 Burgess v. Wheate, 123

Davies on demise of Povey v. Doe, ii. 892 Busby v. Watson, ii. 1050

Dawes, The King v. 37, 634
Butler and Others, The King v. 649 Dawkes v. Earl of Deloraine, ii. 782

Dearne v. Grimp, ii. 1275
CALLOW, Lessee of, v. Bolton, ii. 1045 Delaval and Others, The King v. 410, 439
Calze v. Lord Lyttelton, ii. 954

Den on demise of Creswick v. Hobson, ii. Cambridge University, The King v. 547 695 Camden v. Cowley, 417

Denn, Lessee of Sattertwhaite v. SatterCameron v. Lightfoot, ii. 1190

thwaite, 519 - v. Bowles, ii. 1195

D'Eon, The King v. 510 Canterbury, the Guardians of the Poor in, Derbyshire, The King v. Justices of, 606 The King v. 667

De Tessier, The King v. 268 Carmarthen, The King v. 187

Devereux v. Much-Dew-Church, 367 Carter v. Boehm, 593

Dewel v. Marshall, ii. 921 — 's Case, ii. 957

Dickson v. Fisher, 664 Carty v. Ashley, ii, 918

Dixon v. Lawson, ii. 816 Casbourn v. Ball, ii. 859

Doe on demise of Brown v. Holme and Chadwick, Lessee of, v. Law, ji. 1158 Longmire, ii. 777 Chamberlain v. Greenfield, ii. 810

- on demise of Wightwick v. Truby, Chambers, Lessee of, v. Law, ii. 1180

ii. 944 Cheshunt, The King v. The Inhabitants of, - on demise of Lempriere v. Martin, 295

ii. 1148 Chester, The King v. The Bishop of, 22 - on demise of Chadwick v. Law, ii. Cheveley v. Morris, ii. 1300

1158 Chinham v. Preston, 192

- on .demise of Chambers v. Law, ii. Christ-church v. Bethnal Green, 214

1180 Christ's College Cambridge, The Case of, 90 - on demise of Cole v. Weston, ii. Christie v. Filleul, ii. 1323



Doe on demise of Dagget v. Snowdon, ii. Frogmorton, Lessee of Bramston, v. Holi

day, 535 Donevan, The King v. ii. 682

on demise of Robinson v. Dougal v. Bowman, i. 723

Wherrey, ü. 728 Downes v. Bryan, ij. 993

- on demise of Wright v. Dowsland v. Thompson, ii. 910

Wright, ii. 889 Driver on demise of Oxenden v. Lau Fulke v. Bourke, 462 rence, ii. 1259

Fulwell v. Hall, ii. 837
Dudley v. Stokes, ii. 1183

Futcher v. Smith, ii. 1301
Dunchurch v. South-Kilworth, 596
Dyer v. Missing, ii. 1035

GARDINER v. Crosedale, 198

Gerard's Case, ii. 1123 EARL on demise of Gordon v. Baxter, Gibbons v. Stevenson, ii. 1223 ii. 1228

Gibson, The King v. 198 Ecclesal Bierlow v. Warslow, 592

Gillman, Lessee of, v. Heyhoe, ii. 1114 Echlin v. Hartop, ii. 886

Ginger, Lessee of, v. Barnardiston, ii. 904 Edie and Laird v. The East India Com. Glead v. Mackay, ii. 956 pany, 295

Glover v. Black, 396, 399, 405, 422 Edwards and Symonds, The King v. 637 Glumdalclitch on demise of Naunton v. Eggleton v. Smart, 375

Leman, ii, 993 Ellis v. Trusler, ij, 798

Goddard v. Vanderheyden, ii, 794 Elkins, The King v. 640

Godin v.London Assurance Company, 103
Ely, The King v. The Bishop of, 52, 71 Golden v. Manning, ii. 916
Empson, Lessee of, v. Shackleton, ii. 690 Golding v. Grace, ii. 749
Eton College v. The Bishop of Winton Goldswain's Case, ii. 1207
and Fountaine, ii. 936

Good's Case, 251
Evans, Lessee of Brooke v. Astley, 499, 521 Goodman v. Goodright, 188

Goodright on demise of Smallwood v. FABRIGAS v. Mostyn, ii. 929

Strother, ïi. 706 Faikney v. Reynous and Richardson, 633

- on demise of Stevenson v. NoFairclaim, Lessee of Fowler v. Earl Gower, right, ii. 746 357

- on demise of Ward v. Badtitle, - on demise of Empson v. Shackle ii. 763 ton, ii. 690

- on demise of Waddington v. Fairfax v. Gray, ii. 1326

Thrustout, ii. 800 Falkingham, The King v. 269

- on demise of Rolph v. Harwood, Farmer o. Arundel, ii. 824

ii. 937 Farrell, The King v. 459

- on demise of Brooking v. White, Fell v. Fell, ii. 888

ii. 1009 Fenner v. Meares, ii. 1269

on demise of Humphreys v. MoFenton v. Emblers, 353

ses, ii. 1019 Fenwick v. Fenwick, ii. 788

- on demise of Phipps v. Allen, Feron v. Ladd, ii. 1326

ji. 1041 Figgins v. Willie, ii. 1186

Goodtitle on demise of Newman v. NewFisher v. Lane, ii. 834

man, ii. 938 v. Levi, ii, 1061

Goodwin, Lessee of, v. Baxter, ii, 1228 Fletcher v. Hennington, 210

Gordon v. Powis, ii, 781 v. Dickenson, äi. 906

Gould v. Jones, 384 Fletcher's Case, ii. 734

Gower, Lessee of, v. Cunningham, ii. 1046 Flureau v. Thornhill, ii. 1078

Gowlet v. Hanforth, ii. 958 Folkard v. Hemet, ii, 1061

Grace v. Smith, ii. 998 Foorde, Lessee of, v. Foorde, ii. 698 Graham v. Potts, 295 Forbes, Executor, v. Wale, 532

Granger v. Furlong, ii. 1273 Ford v. Chilton, ii. 798

Grant v. Vaughan, 485 Fowler, Lessee of, v. Earl Gower, 357

v. Lord Sondes, ii. 1094 Foxcraft v. Devonshire, 193

Grantham Corporation, The King v. ii. 716 Fox v. Chandler, ii. 905

Gray, Lessee of, v. Gray, ii. 815 Francis v. Wyatt, 483

Green v. Waring, 475 Freeman v. Hyett, 394

v. Farmer, 651 - v. Lady Archer, ii, 763

- on demise of Crew v. King, ii. 1211 v. Gwyn, ii. 962

Greenwood, The King v. 222 French v. Cornelys, 453

Grocers' Company v. The Archbishop of Friend v. Eastabrook, ii. 1152

Canterbury and Backhouse, ii. 770 Progat v. Tapscot, ii. 919

Guerchy, The King v. 545

Guichard v. Roberts, 445

Howell v. Hanforth, ii. 843, 1016
Gulliver v. Wagstaff, 317

Howson v. Walker, ii. 823
-- Lessee of Tasker, v. Burr, 596 Hubert v. Lord Weymouth, ii. 816

- Lessee of Corrie alias Wykes, v. Hume v. East India Company, 291 Ashby, ii. 607

Humphreys, Lessee of, v. Moses, ii. 1019 - on demise of Jeffreys v. Poyntz, Hunt v. Cox, 393 ii. 726

- v. Kendrick, ü. 836

Hurst v. Earl of Winchelsea, 187
HADLOW, The King v. ii. 1170
Hale v. Castleman, 2

I'ANS qui tam v. Hutton, 290
Hall v. Harding, 673

Ilmington v. Mickleton, 598 - v. Dracord, ii. 1289, 1332

Ingles v. Wadworth and Another, 355 - The King v. ii. 1110

Ingram, The King v. 50 Halton v. The Earl of Thanet, ii. 1134, 1159 Ismay v. Dewin, ii. 982 Hamilton v. Mendez, 276

Jackson v. Morris, ii. 1179 -- v. Dalziel, ii. 952

- -v. Trinder, ii. 1180 Hankey v. Trotman, 1

Jacques v. Golightly, ii. 1073 Hardinge v. The Bishop of Winton and Jeffreys, Lessee of, v. Poyntz, ii. 726 Wakefield, ii. 1162

Johnson, Lessee of, v. Morgan and Keen, Harker v. Birkbeck, 482

Harrison, Chamberlain of London, The - v. Smith, 207, 215
: King v. 372

Jones v. Newman, 60
Harris, Alderm. of Gloucester, and Others,
The King v. 378

KAY v. Panchiman, ï. 1029
- Executor, v. Jones, 451

Kaye, Lessee of, v. Soley, ii. 726 - (Dr.), The King v. 430

- v. De Mattos, ii. 1323 - v. Barnes and Others, 643 Kearsley, The King v. 540 Hart, The King v. 386

Keddey v. Jordan, ii. 992 - qui tam v. Hawkins, 372

Kember qui tam v. Blanchard, ij. 690 - u. Weston, ii. 683

Kempe v. Spence, ii. 1244 Hartwell v. Vere, ii. 1307 :

Kendal v. Carey, ii. 768 Harvey, The King' v. 20

Kendrick v. Kynaston, 454 Hatchett v. Baddeley, ii. 1079

Kenny v. Thornton, ii. 768 Hatt v. Verdier, ii. 724

Kinchin v. Knight, 49 Hatton v. Young, ii. 943

King v. Walker, 286 Hay (Dr.), The King v. 640

Kinlyside v. Thornton, ii. 1111 Hayes on demise of Foorde v. Foorde, ii. Kinnersley, The King v. 294 698

Knight v. Parker and Humphery, ii. 759 Hayling v. Mullhall, ii. 1235 Hawkins v. Plomer and Hart, ii. 1048, LADE v. Holford, 428 1064

Langhorn's Case, ii. 919 Heath v. Wilmot, ii. 788.

Langman v. Holmes, ii. 990 Henshaw v. Pleasance, ii. 1174

Lathorp and Others, In-Burgesses of WiHeny v. Purcel, ü. 1002

gan, The King v. 468 Henzel v. Lodge and Lawson, ii. 747 La Vie v. Philips, 570 Hern v. Howard, 231

Law v. The Bishop of Lincoln, ii. 1240 Heron v. Heron, 376

- v. Skinner, ii. 996 Hervey v. Hervey, ii. 877

Lead, the Company for Smelting, v. RichHeydon and Others, The King v. 351, ardson, 389 356, 404

Leadbeter v. Markland, ii. 1131 - The King v. The Mayor of, 34 Leader v. Moxon, ii. 924 Hill and Hargrave's Case, ii. 991

Lean v. Schutz, ii. 1195 --- r. Barnes, ï. 1135

Lee, Lessee of, v. Ellis, ii. 940 Hillier v. Fletcher, ii. 1207

Leeds v. Blackfordby, 466 Hitchcock, Lessee of, v. Pardoe, ii. 975 Leith v. Pope, ii. 1327 Hitchin v. Campbell, ii. 779, 827

Lempriere, Lessee of, v. Martin, ii. 1148 Hodges v. Atkis, ii. 877

Lennard, The King v. 807, 822 Hodgson v. Richardson, 463

Levick, Lessee of, v. Coppin, ii. 801 Holdfast, Lessee of Ansty, v. Dowsen, 8 Lightfoot v. Cameron, ii. 1113 Holdfast on demise of Hitchcock v. Pare Lincoln, the Bishop of, and Whitehead v. doe, ii. 975

Wolferstan, 490 Hooper v. Smith, 441

Lindsey v. Gray, ii. 1013 Hopkins, Lessee of, v, Phelps, ii, 704 Litchfield, The King v. the Bishop of, ii. Howard v. Jemmet, 400


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