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Since its establishment by Charlestown settlers in 1649, the city of Malden has reinvented itself many times. As a community of businesses and neighborhoods, it has long been known as a modern and forward-looking community. Throughout the centuries, Malden has inherited institutions developed by its wealthy and influential citizens. Much of this wealth came from the mills and factories, which were powered by the numerous rivers, streams, and ponds in the area. Ambitious businessmen spent their fortunes by constructing grand houses and facades, while innovative immigrants joined in the municipal spirit by chartering small, neighborhood businesses of their own. Because Malden concentrated on revolutionizing itself, the city has lost touch with much of its seventeenth and eighteenth century roots. The hidden treasures of Malden are evident throughout this exciting collection of rare photographs, documenting the history of the city. Readers will learn about the famous families of Malden, including the Converses, the Baileys, and the Davenports. Also inside are the stories and images of the people of the city, their struggles and achievements, and many of the landmarks and buildings that are no longer standing today.

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