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A little spirit slumbers here, v..i.i.i...... 201

A moment pause—ye British fair 140

Alas! I nm an orphan boy, 231

Alas! they had been friends in youth 223

And is it in the flight of threescore years? 163

At summer eve, when heaven's aerial bow, , 103

Away! thou dying saint, away! 96

Aye—down to the dust with them, slaves as they are 126

Be it a weakness, it deserves some praise 155

Be patient yet, my soul, thou hast not long 97

Behold the slowly-opening bud—the infant on the knee, ... 205

Bells toll for peasants, and we heed them not, 132

Blest opening of another year, 200

Calm and warm is the summer sky, 186

Calm on the bosom of thy God, 101

Calm was the eve, and cooling was the gale, 29

Can I forget our childish days? 175

Cease here longer to detain me, 39

Child, amidst the flowers that play 115

Cold, cold lies the sod on a heart once so warm, 107

Darwent! what scenes thy wandering waves behold 195

Day faded from the hill and woo.l, 136

Earth does not bear another wretch 248

Ere on my bed my limbs I lay, 210

Farewell! but whenever you welcome the hour 82

Farewell! for I have schooled my heart 08

Fond, fluttering insect, cease to urge thy fate, 180

Friendship! I thought thee once a pleasing thing, 173

God of my life, and author of my days, 77

Gone from her cheek is the summer bloom, 84

Hail to this teeming stage of strife, 240

Hark, how the church-bell's thundering harmony, 151

Hark, what I tell to thee, 174 Page.

Has sorrow thy young days shaded? 87

Hast thou a charm to stay the morning star, 227

He lives, who lives to God alone, 91

He who hath bent him o'er the dead, 129

His soul was overcharged with grief, 168

His sword and plume are on his pall, 138

How sweet upon my slumbers break, 162

I cannot weep! I dare not pray! 189

I cannot weep, yet I can feel, 250

I bear thee, O thou rustling stream! thou'rt from my native

dell, _ 16o

I must tune up my harp's broken string „ 159

I saw her in the morn of life—the summer of her years,.... 146

1 saw thy form in youthful prime, 145

I sigh, and lament me in vain 214

1 stood within a dungeon's wall, 206

If I had thought thou could'st have died, 169

If sorrow's holiest tears could bring, 176

If thou would'st view fair Melrose aright, 121

In all my wanderings round this world of care, 156

In parting, perhaps we are breaking a link, 80

Is thy face like thy Blother's? my fair child! 198

It is an easy task, for hearts at rest, 181

It is not the tear at this moment shed 142

Joy is a fruit that will not grow, ..,....i.4.... 230

Last of a high and noble name, 212

Lochicl! Lochiel! beware of the day, 46

Me let the tender office long engage, Ill

My native land,—land of my heart! 48

Nay, tell me not of lordly halls 224

Nay, William, nay, not so; the changeful year . 118

Not a leaf of the tree which stood near me was stirred, 237

Not yet, frail flower! thy charms unclose, 123

Now is the time completed, 232

O child of sorrow, be it thine to know, ,......,..u.. 48

O! land of the Godly, how lone and deserted! 143

On Linden, when the sun was low, ......a,........ 41

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