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I. The Controversy concerning the

Rule of Faith is Determin'd.
II. The Particular Doctrines of the

Church of Rome are Confuted.
III. The Popis Objections against

the Church of England are An-


Rector of St. James's in Colchester.


LO N D ON: he
Printed by M. J. and sold by JAM E S

KNAPTON at the Crown in St. Paul's
Church Yard. 1714.


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HOSE Books, which have been

written in our own Language 4 T

gainst the Corruptions of the Church of Rome, are of two forts; viz. such as treat of some one or more particular Disputes, and are wholly

filent concerning the reft : or such as are of a more comprehenfive nature, and take in all the material Differences between the Reformed Churches and the Churah of Rome.

Those of the first fort are very well stor'd with excellent Learning : but the Treatises being single, and consequently very numerous,

a good Collection is fcarcely to be found ; nor can they be purchasid at fuch a price, as the generality of Readers are able or willing to bestow upon them. Besides, it is a matter of fome trouble and difficulty to dispose a confader able quantity of them in a good order, and digest them into a regular body of Popish Controversies.

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As for those of the second fort, they are extremely short. The Authors of them have said some general things' : and rather proposed their Reasons, than driven them home. Such discourses are fitted for the use of the meanest Readers, who cannot examine the merits of a Causė, or enter far into it : but Men of greater Capacities are willing to go deeper, and understand the force of an Argument.

Wherefore, tho' the Nation is plentifully furnisbid with Books, against Popery, yet I have thought it advisable to publish the following Confutation of it. Because, tho I have omitted fome unnecessary Disputes, and spoken very briefly of feveral others; yet I am persuaded, that these Pan pers will give the Reader

. a full view of all the material Branches of the Popish Controversy.

?Tis true, I have not foewn the Judgment of the Ancient Fathers concerning it : but I think I have determin'd the great question concerning the Rule of Faith with so much plainess, that the Judgment of the ancient Fathers is for that reason superfluous, and the Reader ought not to expect it from me. For 'twill be readily granted, that if the Scriptures do contain all things necessary to Salvation, as I hope I have prov'd in the first Part; then, tho' the Ancient Fathers had really maintain'd all the Popish Tenets, yet we may and ought to. reject them. Because I have fewn in the recond Part, that all the particular Doctrines of the


Church of Rome, which are worth disputing, are either absolutely false, or forbidden in Scripture, or not contain'd in it.

Besides, very few Persons are able to judge of the Opinions of the Ancient Fathers. Nothing is more common, than for each Party to charge the on ther with false or imperfect Quotations.: and 'tis impossible for any Man to tell who represents an Author fairly, unless be be skill'd in the Original, and bave opportunity of confulting it. But the method I have usd, will enable even such as are not 16quainted with the learned Tongues, or cannot have recourse to well-furnisb'd Libraries, throughly to understand the present Disputes between us and our Adversaries. For if I have faithfully renderd fome few Authorities, which I found it necessary to abledge (and for this I dare appeal even to the Popish Priests themselves) then any Perfors, who has an ordinary share of common Sense, and an English Bible, is a competent Judge of these matters.

If it be objected, that these Papers are unseasonable, because we are not now in danger of Popery; I de fire the Objectors to consider three things.

*First, That tho' the danger of Popery may be vanisb’d away; yet the Popish Controverfie's ought not to be utterly forgotten. . 'Tis true, the Church is now more vigorously attack'd from other Quarters. There are many pernicious Doctrines of a quite different, nature, which appear karefaced among


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