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Fourth and Last VOLUME





His Laconics; or, Max-TheBelgic Hero unmask'd,

ims of State and Con. a Dialogue.

Parfon Allop's new Re-
His Letters, Miscellany gulation of the State

Poems, Satyrs, Ellays, of Conformity.
Fables, c.

On Liberty of Conscience
His Translation of the in 1687, a Dialogue.

Odes of Horace. Dr. Sherlock's true Reasons His Translation of Mar. for the new Converts tial's Epigrams.

taking the Oaths to His Dialogues of the Dead, K. William, a Dialogue.

viz. The Charms of An Ode on the Death of

Friendship, a Dialogue. Vicount Dundee, who On Marriage, love, and was kill'd at the Battel

Cuckoldomga Dialogue. of Gillecranker.


With a KEY to all his WRITINGS.

The Fourth Edition, with the addition of a Supple

ment in Prose and Verse, never before printed.

Printed for SAM. BRISCOE, 1719.

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1-5-97 14100

To the Right Honourable The Lord Vic Castlemain.

My Lord,

HE Success of the former Editi

tions of Mr.BROW N's Works, T give me the Asurance to lay this

Fourth Volume at Your LordShip's Feet, and to beg Your

Protection. The Great and the Wife have ever been the Patrons of the Muses; and the Fortune, Figure, and Qualifications of Your Lordship Speak You the fittest for this Protection.

I thought I cou'd not do the Memory of my dead Friend more Justice, than in sheltering them where he himself woud have fought a Patronage: For, how cou'd he hope a better Patron than the son of such a FATHER, whose Wisdomn and Capacity oblig'd a Nation, and gave Jewels to a Crown: Whofe Judgment and Industry fix'd that valuable Trade, which all others had been either deterr'd from

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attempting, or attempted in vain ; and so tended the Britannic Powers as far as Indies.

In Your Lxdship be wou'd have found Son worthy of himself, Merits, the just natural Of Spring of those of Sir Josia Merits that render You dear to Men of Prob, and Sense, and fit You for the Patronage so valuable a Poet as Mr. T HC. Brow whose pleasant and agreeable Works have t long entertain'd the Great and the Fair.

For, My Lord, as he cou'd not beve defir nobler Patron, so, fem Authors cou'd h offer'd a more delightful Present, full of pleasing a Variety, that every Leaf, almoft, fides the Spriteliness of its Air, and Poignancy its Wit, affords a New and Uncommon Div fion.

These being the Motives, and these Qualities, that induc'd me to make Your Lo Ship this Present, I hope they will sufficiently cuse my subscribing myself,

Your Lordship’s Most humble,

and most obedient Servant,


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