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lous Pamphlet, call d, The shortest way with the Disente

Drake's nicest Rules. Vol. 14. 80. Dr. Drake, an eminent Physician now deceas'd.

Royal Empirick. Vol. 3. 315. A Hint on St. Edward the Confessor's great Vertue turing the King's Evil; plich Gift of Healing is inlere in his Royal Succefors: Reverend Dr. E. Vol.

3. 301. Dr. Freeman, Rector of the Church of St. Paul Cover Garden ; who fincceeded Dr., Patrick, when translated the Bishoprick of Ely.

Sir, F - Cd Vol. 3: 321. Sir Francis Child, the great Banker just within Ten pole-bar, deceas'd. Graduate in the noble Art of Manslaughter. Vol. 3: 2

Sir Richard Blackmore, a Physician, who writ 4 Sat against Wit.

Gospel-Smith. Vol. 4. 43.
A Pun on Smith, once Ordinary of Newgate.

Grub Areet Mafe. Vol. 4. 43: Allrding to the fourrilous nonsenfical Papers, former printed in Grub-street.

House of a sweet smelling Savour. Vol. 3. 14. The Perfumer's House at the sign of the Civit: Cai, ne to Sheer-lane in Fleet-street.

Harlot at St. James's. Vol. 3. 233. Diana Temple, the Daughter of Mrs. Temple, w kept a Coffee-house in Salisbury-ftreer in the Strand.

Ler Father Fordan martial Heat inspire,
And Uncle Taubman fill chy Breast with Fire. V.8.13
Twww.mean Prets, who writ as bad as Withers.
And fam's F. Dunton. Vol. 1.

139 Whole Breath's as strong as the Kentish Man's Back.V.1.21

William Joy the Strong Man ; yet jo Haines's Brea was reckonid strenger; for once saying Grace over a Loin Peal, he gave it freck a Hogo that there was no eating it.

Jobu Knox penn’d a Liturgy, Vol. 3. pag. ult. A Scorch Presbyterian Parfon, who compild Prayer for his Country-men; brut without any Supplication f

A crown'd Head, or any other in Authority.

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De known by his Ribbon. Vol. 3. Pag. 38.
The late ingenious Earl of Dorfer.

Ludlow's in good Health. Vol. 4. 335.
A noted Republican in the Time of the Civil Wars.

Theo to abandon poor Italian Moliny. Vol. 1. 65. Queen Mary, the Danghter to the Duke of Modena, and the Royal Confort of King James the Second.

Melissa looks as demure as a Nun. Vol. 4. 125.
A certain Lady yet living in Lincolns. Iun-Fields.

Nendick's Fetrachymagogon. Vol. 4. 101.
A Quack in London,whogave thiseramp Name to a Water
polrich The fold as an infallible Cure for all Vepereal Maladies.

Swears like T. 0. Vol. 3. 10). Dr. Titus Oars, the Discoverer of the Popish-Plot, fin’d, whipt, and fillnry'd for Perjiry.

Obferrator's Parry. Vol. 3. 329. Those who were of Jack Tu!chin's Republican Principles, fupi osd to be the Suthor of a fcurrilous Pamphlet, raiid, The Observator , and for his Scurrility therein, was so decently threjnid by sime honest Gentlemen one Night, that he dy'd within a Fortnight after.

fack Ogle, a very famous Person. Vol. 4.

Ajammeking Lifeguard-man, whofe. Sister was a Mi. frefs to, K. James the Second, when he was Diske of York.

Pericranium. Vol. 3. 6.
The Skin that covers the Skull.

Ponteus. Vol. 4. 99.
A Quack in Baldwin's Gardens, burnt in the Hand for
marrying two Wives.

Quaker's Ghoft. Vol. 4. 249.
James Naylor, whipt, and burnt thro' The Tungue for

Mr. Rymer. Vol. 4. 247.
A good Critick in Dramatick Poetry,

Seven Sleepers. Vot: 1. 82.
Seven Christians, who Aying from the Perfecution of
Decius the Emperor, Anno 252, went into a Cave, where
falling asleep, they slept to the Time of Theodofius the
Emperor, wirich was 208 Years; and dying foon after, he
caus'd them to be bury'd in great State.


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In that dark Shop there. Vol. 3. 14. Sir Francis Child's Shop, which being mot Part on or fide of Temple-Bar Gate, is none of the lighteft.

Old Saffold. Vol. 4. 99. A Quack formerly living at the sign of Lilly's Head just within Black-Fryars Gate.

Three Kings of Colen. Vol. 1. 82. Said to be the Magi, or three wife Men, who came out o the East to worship our Saviour ; and whole Names ar Belthazar, Melchior, and Cafpar. Count T

d. Vol. 2. 44• Count Tallard, a Marefchal of France, taken Prisoner a she memorable Battel of Hochftet, and sent over to Eng land, where he was kept under Confinement above seven Years in Nottingham.

Tậpion is but a meer Blacksmith. Vol. 2. 277.

Tom pion the famous Watchmaker at Water-lane End in Fleet-street, originally a Blacksmith. TD an impertinent Poet. Vol. 3. -38. Thomas Durfey, a Poet of some Note for making Songs Tilburgh drinking Bumpers of Poison. Vol. 4. 101.

Cornelius à Tilburgh, a Mountebank, whose Orvietan would expel Poison ; which he once drank before King Charles II. who gave him a Gold Medal ; and afterwards he publickly drank a great Quantity of Poison on his Stages in Lincolns-Inn-Fields and Covent-Garden.

· Vociferous Holder-forth. Vol. 3. 74. Daniel Burgess, the Presbyterian Parfon, much noted for telling his merry Tales to his Congregation, wiren in the Pulpit, to which he was a great Scandal.

Wejiny subsist on mumping in Metre. Vol. 1. 233.

Chaplain to his present Grace the Duke of Buckingham, who turn'd the new Testament into Verse.

W K D. D. Vol. 3. 77.
Mr. White Kennet, a Daltor in Divinity.


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OF Mr. Tho. Brown, * In Prose and VersĖ.


The Odes of HORACE.

Part of the ad Ode in Horace I. 4. Translated.

Beginning at, Dignum laude Virum.


*Rom dark Oblivion, and the filent Grave, pra

Th' indulgenc Múse does the brave Hero fave;

'Tis the forbids his Name to die, And brings it to the Stars, and sticks it in the Sky. Vol. IV.


II. Thus


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Thus mighty Hercules did inove
To the Eternal Palaces above :
Not all his twelve Exploirs advanc'd him to the Sphere
Bur 'twas the Poet's Pain and Labour brought him the

Thus the fam'd Spartan Twius did rise,
From Ornaments of Earth to gild the Skies:

Tho' Heav'n. by Turns they do obtain,
Yet in immortal Verse the Brothers jointly reign.

And Bacclius too, for all his vain Pretence,
, Borrow'd his Crown and Godhead hence :
He with his powerful Juice first taught the Muse to fly

And she, in kind Requital, gave him Immortality.

ennende A Translation of Ode iii. 1. 1. in Horace.

Sic te Diva' potens Cypri,
Sic Fratres Helena lucida Sydera, &c.
Address’d to his Honour'd Friend Mr. B-

going into Turkey


the Main

Appease the Horrors of the Deep,
And Bolsas lock all his bluftring Train,

But the aufpicious Western Galesy alleep.

And thou, kind Veffel, wbich before this Day

So great a Gharge cou'd'It never boast;
With Care my dearer bercer Part convey,.

And land him fafely on the Thracian Coast.


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