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So fam'd a Champion for the Loyal Church,
(So calld) to leave her, and her friends, i'th' Lurch !
Doctor, in short, you have amaz'd us all,
Making that Norling you Religion sall.
Had you comply'd at first, 't had been a Jeft,

And you no more to blame than were the rest ;
But after such mature Deliberation,
(Preaching up Loyalty in Spite oth Nation)
At last, to turn Apostate on a sudden,
Shews, tho' a Church-man, that you are no good One.
The senseless Book you have writ in your Defence,
Discovers more your Guilt than Innocence :
Each Argument therein does seem to say,
Your Reafor, with Religion, 's fled away.
N.w some pretend you tempted were by Woman,
Nay, by a Wife, which is a Thing not common,
To fin against the Laws Divine and Human :


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Her Importunity was such, they fay,


did Preach, me never ceas'd do Pray; Until at length, by Force of much Perswaliong. She brought gorer Doctorship into the Fashion, To take an Oath, to justify the Reign Of William, 'till King James return d again. But, Do&tor, most believe what she could say, Had not prevailed to make you go Astray, And with the present Government to join, If little William had not pass'd the Boyn: But now you from your Principles do fwerve, For fear that you and yours fnou'd come to starve;. Trusting to Providence (it seems) your Sorel, But for your Body, you're not such a Fool. Doctor, in fine, you'll live to curse your Fate, And then repent, (alas !) when 'tis too late Reproachful Ruin fill such Crimes attends; Your Friends you've made your foes, your foes no Friends,

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BOOKS Printed for Sam. BRISCOE.


*HE Works of his Grace George Villiers, late.


taining a complèat Collection of all his Poems, Letters, and Speeches in Parliament. To which is added a Collection of the most remarkable Speeches, Debates, and Conferences of the most eminent Statesmen, on both sides, in the House of Lords and Commons, from the Year 1640, to the present Time; by the Earl of Clarendon, Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Rochester, Earl of Bristol, Earl of Shaftsbury, Lord Fardkland, Lord Finch, Lord Lucas, Lord Wharton, Lord Capel, Lord Havershan, Bishop Merks, Archbishop Williams, General Monk, sir William Perkins, Sir Ashiny Cooper, Sir Charles Sidiey, Sir John Knight, Sir Lionel Jenkins, Sir William Temple, Buftrode d hitlock Efq; and several others. The third Edition : To which are added all the Duke's Plays that. were acted, and those design'd for the Stage : Adorn'd. with Cuts.

II. The Works of Petronius Arbiter, TranQated by several Hands. With a Key by a Person of Honour: And also his Life and Character by Monsieur St. Evremont.

The fourth Edition. To which is added, some other of the Roman Precs, viz. Catullus Tibullus and Propertius. And Translations from the Greek of Pindar, Anacreon and Sappho. With a Poem on Telemachres, liy the Duke of Devonshire; and an Esay on Poetry, by John Duke of Buckingham. The whole adorn'd with Cuts.

III. Pofthumous Works in Prose and Verse, written in the Time of the Civil Wars and Reign of King Charles II. by Mr. Samuel Butler, Anthor of Hredibras, from Original MSS. and scarce and valuable Pieces formerly printed ; with a key to Hudibras by Sir Roger L'Eftrange. The third Edition in 2 Volumes

. IV. All

IV. All the Works of Lucian, in 8vo. Translated from the Greek by Sir Henry Sheers, Walter Moyle Esa; Charles Blount Efq; Mr. Atkins, Mr. Thomas Brown, Mr. Dighy, Mr. Tate, Laurence Eachard A. M. Mr. Sel lers, Dr. Drake, Mr. Vernon, Col. Blount, Andrew Baden, M.' D. Mr. Hill, Captain Spragg, Captain Aglof; Christopher Eachard, of Eaherine-Hall, Cambridge; Mr. Savage, fof. Wasbington, both of the Middle Temple ; James Terrel Efq; Mr. Philips, and several other Perfons of Learning and Quality. With the Life of Lucian, 2 Discourse of his Writings, and a Character of some of the present Translators. By the late famous fohn Dryden Éfq; in 4 Vols.

V. The Works of that wife Critick, Dionysius Longinus; or, A Treatise concerning the Sovereign PerSection of Writing, faithfully translated from the Greek by Mr. Welfted; with some Remarks on Milton, Spencer, Shakespear, Dryden, the prefent Duke of Buckingbam, Waller, and other English Poets.

VI. Aftronomia Carolina ; or, A new Theory of the Celestial Motion : Composed according to the best Observations, and most rational Grounds of Art, yet far more easy, expedite, and perspicuous than any before

extant; with an exact and most easy Table thereunto, and Precepts for the Calculation of Eclipses, &c. By Mr. Tho. Itreet. With his Memorial Verses on the Ecclefiaftical and Civil Calendar. The second Edition with Additions; the whole carefully corrected. To which is added, an Appendix, containing a Collection of Olfervations of the Moon and Planets, made by Dr. Edmund Halley, Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford ; and a Proposal how to find out the Longitude at Sea by the Help of these Observations. Printed in a neat Quarto Volume.

VII. Epicurus's Morals, translated from the Greek by John Digby Efq; with Comments and Reflexions taken out of several Authors. Also Isocrates his Advice to Demonicus. Done out of the Greek by the same. Hand. To which is added, An Essay on Epicurus's Morals. Written by Monsieur St. Evremont, and made English by Mr. Johnson.

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