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Upon Mr. Creech's Translation of Lucretius.



ET not the Thracian Bard admire,
Whose powerful Strains and liftning Stones inspire;

To keep juft Measures with his Lyre;
Tho'taught by his commanding Harmony,
The Beasts forgot their native Cruelty,
And to a universal Peace did jointly all conspire:


Thy sacred Hand does more, That does Lucretius again restore, Who was a miglity Solitude before :

His rolling Atoms now we see,

In Squadrons and just Measures lie,
Even in Confufion now appears just Symmetry.

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Nought but a heav'nly Hand could make
These Atcms their old Nothing forsake,

And a true decent Order take :
Thy charitable Hand has greater Wonders done,
And has Lucretius his own Errors shown:

Our modern Atheist grieves to see

His belov'd Sins so lafh'd by thee, That do'st in this deferve ev'n of Posterity.

What Trophies can thy Victory out-do, That triumph'ft o'er the present Times, the past, and

(future too?


A pensive Thought at the Rose Spunging-House
in Woodstreet, and left there by T. Brown.

ON adverfa videns me fraétum fata coar&tum,

Carcer corpus habet, mens coaperta volat.

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Algern. Sidney's Letter of Advice to his Friend,

concerning the Education of his Son. By T.B.
Ince 'tis your only Study, and your Care,

How to dispose of Bob, your Son and Heir,
I'll give you my Advice, Sir, in this grand Affair..
If Bob's ingenious, and a Boy of Parts,
Do not debauch him with the lib'ral Arts.
Those jilting Whores, instead of silk and Sattin,
Equipt in Linsey-Woolsey, Greek, and Latin,
Will spoil his Fortune if they once come at him.
But if he is mercurially inclinod,
Of Wit fagacious, and heroic Mind,
He'd best persue those honourable Courses
of picking Pockets, and of taking Purses;
And I'll prescribe the Lad a safe and true Gate,
How to avoid the dreaded Path of Newgate |
Lest bloody Judge and Jury should transport
The Boy to Tyburn. - -Send him to the Court;
Where, in a Fortnight's Time he'll learn his Cure,
To pick the Pockets of a free-born Nation,
In furnising two Dishes for Collation :
Like learned Cooks, as all Men grant they are,
To make the self-fame Sawce to Peace and War.
What better are we for this boafted Quiet,
If we must

pawn our Birth-right for our Diet ?
But since it is by Providence decreed,
That Liberty and Property must bleed;


This only Comfort will their Suff'rings ease,
That, like good Chriftians, they depart in Peace.
You cannor, Sir, do better for your Lad,
Than bind him an Apprentice to this Trade :
The King's his Surety, and will not neglect him,
But with a Standing.Army still protect him.
Yet if Bob's Talent lie nor in his Brains,
Make him a Parson, Neighbour, by all Means.
His Road unto Preferment, Sir, is chaulk'd,
In all my Life I ne'er knew Blockhead baulk'd.
As rankest Weeds in richest Soil are found,
So Spiritual Hemlock thrives in Holy Ground.
The Church and State, like Sharpers, cry out Halves,
One claims the Fools, the other all the Knaves.
Thus, Sir, I've shewn you how your Sou may rise,
But do as féemeth good in your own Eyes :
For if your English Stomach can't digeft
The rav'ning Courtier, or the Jackal Priest,
Teach him yourself, and let the Son inherit
His Father's res, and his.Father's Merit :
E'er Sense, that, like Aurora, does make Way
For brighter Reason, the ensuing Day,
With Nol's great Image fill his dawning Soul,
His Fancy flatter, and his Judgment rule.
May's Action's suit unto his country's Fame,
And keep the Rebel in the English Name.
Let him, like me, all Monarchy oppose,
And pluck the Idol by his Roman Nose.

Your Servant,

Algernoon Sidney,

P. S.
Your old Friend Mr. Ludlow's in good Health,
And hopes to live to see a Commonwealth.

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By Mr. Tho. BROWN. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※※※※※※※※※苏

Have ar laft, with much Difficulty, pre

cur'd you a Copy of the Character of a Í Latitudinarian, anatomiz'd, which you

have so long, and with so much Impor

tunity defir'd of me. All I can learn from the Paper is, that the Author calculated it for the Meridian of York, as I take it, (the Magistrate of which Place in the Year 44, was a famous Ambidexter)

and that it will equally serve for any Corporation tj. within his Majesty's Dominions; but I will not de

tain it from you any longer.

A Latitudinarian is a walking Amsterdam of Religions, out of whom all the Ancient and Modern Heresies might be easily retriev'd, though the Volumes of Epiphanius and Ross were loft. He thinks no Part of a Church facred but the Weather-Cock, and honours the Menzory of him that invented a Windmill, because it can grind indifferently with East, Weft, Norsb, and South. He talks



much of Moderation, yet is as hot as one of his own Custards, and as Cholerick as a Hafty-pudding; he's as Positive in his own single Self, as an Assembly of fplaymouch'd Divines; Geryon and Cerberus were only Types of him, but though he has three Heads, ris. An indepen. dant, a Presbyterian, and a Church of England Head, yet he has not Brains to furnifh any one of them. By his Wisdom and Gravity one would think he had Long Ears ; but 'tis certain he has none, for he is deaf to the Cries of the Poor, and though he devours Widows and Orphans at a Morsel, yet he has no Bowels. His Confcience is as unaccountable as a Modern Hypothesis, which fpares Cockle-shels in Noah's Flood, and diffolves the hardeft Mettals; for it starts at an innocent Ceremony, when it makes nothing to digest Perjury and oppreffoon. 'Tis impossible to frame an Oath, but what he'll readily swallow to gratify hts Ambition. He calls them State Counters, takes them for his Interest, and breaks there for his convenience ; he calls God to witness, and yet believes nothing of his Existence, like the Fellow in Plantus's Ampliritrio, that swears by Hercules before he was born. Trade, with him, is the Law and the Prophets; and, in Opposition to the Text, he's refolved to serve God and Mammen together. Had he liv'd'in the Time of Constantine, he'd have gone to the Christian Assemblies, one Day to save his Bacon, and to the Heathen Temples the next,, to secure a Stake against a Pagan Revolution. The Men of Gotham.a

s are register'd for a Pack of Fools, for endeavouring: to hedge in a Cuckow , is it not then a scurvy. Reflection, upon a cer, tain wise City's Care for Religion, to pitch upon a Cameleon for its Head, who changes his Calour as ofren, as he shifts his Place ? 'Tis pity, that our Laws, that order, so honourable a Reward for Plurality of Wives, have not made the fame wholefome-Provision against Plurality of Religions. He rails at Superstition, and pretends to stand up for the Primitive Church; but though we read that the Apostles, were Fishers, they were not Water-men, ta look one Way and row anarher.

He is very severe against the Bakers, and punishes them upon every Occasion; not for Cheats, for as such

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