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ings, and all that, for the publick Benefit of the Commonwealth. Mr.

the Merchant is in our company, who has travel'd Abroad, and seen the World : He fays, that a Whore in the Civil State, is what Farthings are in the Business of Trade, only to be used for the Convenience of ready Change. But that a Man that makes a Whore, if not his constant Wife, yet his conftauc Companion, and a Government that makes: Farthings their only current Money, will foon be convinc'd of elie Vanity of their Poliricks. And he said Ireland was lately a fad Instance of the Larrer.

What vexes me molt, says is to hear there Keeping-Coxcom bs magnify themselves upon their Discretion. I fäve Charges by it, cries one.

Yes, replies his Neighbour, they are as much St vers by the Bargain, as one chat goes

down to Tune bridge or the Bath, to save his Expences in Town. But since this point has been spoken to already, I will Say no more to it. Only give me Leave, Gentlemen, to cap the Story of the two Candles with another like it. A Brace of Country Attorneys went into a Tavern one Morning to take a Whet, and because they had not seen one another for a Term or two, they drank to the Tune of eleven Pints. At last, one of them callid for a French Roll :- Why, Brother, says the other, are you not asham'd to infame the Reckon. ing? Let the Keepers apply this.

Well, lug, I’scape Continement by it, fays another

I don't know that, says Mr. Nam; for I think a Man is as inuch a Prisoner by a Gout or Rheumacism of his own legering, as if the Government had confin'd him. What signifies it a Farthing to one in this case, whether the Priest ties The Knot, or he does it himself ? 'Tis true, the Gonfinement of Keeping does, 1100 last so long as that of Marriage, but ic devours more in a Month than the *ather does in a Year. It's like falling into the Hands


who on certain Days of Mortification, lash''them

of the Black Rod, or a Serjeant of the House, where the Fees, run so high, thaf you spend more in a few Weeks, than would handsomly maintain you in another Prison all your Life. But to see by, whae Chimera's the World is managid : Matrimony is Helt in Folio, lecanfe it's a Charin that can't be diffolv'd when a Man pleases. At the fame Time, those that keeps can sometimes, subinit to a Confinemene full as long and fevere ; yet bear it easily, Because forfooth 'eis of their own ordering. This puts me in Mind of the famous Citizen of Paris; who had pass’u threescore long years within the City.Walls, and never had the least Inclination to make a step into the Country: So soon as he hearity that his Prince had commanded him ilever to fcir out of it, he discreetly dy'd with the Thoughts of being a Prisoner. There are Penitents in Spain, felves as heartily as any of our Newgate Rogues art whipp'd by the publick Executioner Tis certain the pain and Anguilli are 'the fame; but one does it voluntarily, and the other cannot help it. What. pretty Salvo's a fruitful Imagination can find out!

Thus far, Sir John, we live given you our Thoughts « of Keeping in general, withont descending to Par. ticulars i buç now we come to consider your own. Çafe more nearly. To the Surprize of all your Friends, you have pitch'd upon a Daughter of the Srage, upon an Actress, to thew your particular Fa.. vours to ; and pray be pleas'd to hear what the Como pang thinks of it. Mr.

who, next to Mr. Rymer; is the best Historian about the Town, fays, that this Transaction of your Life will be found up with the Annals of Goatam in the next Age ; becaufe to presend to, confine a She-Player to one's felf, is altogether of a Piece wịcli hedging in a Cuckotv. M 4



to Mr.

the Poet first mention'd, prov'd out of the ancient Records of Parnasus, that all Actresses belong to those of his Profession; and that if a Lay Person pretended to lay his unhallow'd Hands upon her, he was guilty of making an Impropriation, and ought to be indicted in Apollo's Spiritual Court.

Mr. of the Temple, who, tho' he never goes to Westminfter, is nevertheless an Oracle of the Law, pretends that your Case comes within the Statute of Monopolies; that you have done as bad as inclos'da

Common ; and that all the Lovers of Magna Charta onght to break down the Fence.

'Tis but fic ic hould be fo, cries another; for he that pretends to confine a Damosel of the Theatre to his own Use, who by her Character is a Person of an extended Qualification, acts as unrighteous, at least as unnatural a Part, as he that would debauch a Nun: That after all, such a Spark rather consults his Vanity than his Love, and would be thought to ingross what all the young Coxcombs of the Town admire and cover. Captain

ended this serious Debate. He faid, that whoever gave Pay to a Woman, or a Soldier, expected they should prové faithful to him. Now, continu'd he, to expect Fidelity from a Female that has been rais'd up in that hot Bed calld a Play-house, is to expect Honesty from an Evidence. 'Tis a Folly not to be excus'd: 'Tis to bottle up Air, like Shadwell's Virtuoso': 'Tis to wash a Blackamoor. 'Tis to make Dr. Oates rectus in curia : Tis, in short, to grasp at more than attaining an Impossibility ; for 'tis imposible to secure any other Woman to your felf, but much more an Actress,

Thus, we have sent you, Sir John, the Opinion of the Committee of our whole House upon this Occasion. You are defir’d to consider of it coolly by your felf; and when you have so done, if 'tis posible, repent ; otherwise do like some of our Divines when they


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contradict what they formerly afferted, and stand buff to it.


would have you meet us to-morrow Night at the Rofe, where he pretends to attack you with fo many Arguments against the Female Sex, that he does not question to make you a Profelyte to the Bottle,


The Answer of Sir John Sands, in

Defence of keeping a Miss rather than a Wife.

Gentlemen, I

Find I have a whole Pole Comitatus to encounter ;

but I rely so much upon the Goodness of my Cause, that without calling iu the Asistance of my Brother-Keepers, without giving my self the Trouble to repel Numbers by Numbers, I don't question but that I am able, in my own single Person, to maintain the Field against you.

You are divided, Gentlemen, like all other Allemblies, in your Opinions : Some of you seem to favour Marriage, but declare again tt Keeping: Some of you denounce War equally against both, and consequenoly must set up for Fornicacioù at large. I make this Inference, because my Charity wou't suffer me to be lieve that any of you are such rank Infidels, as co uit: card the Sex by Wholesale. If I thought you had any of that Complexion among youl,, yet I should not think it worth my while so dispuse them into better Senlle. 'Tis an old receiv'd Axiom, you know, that contri negantem Principia non eft difputandum,

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As for the former Gentlemen, I mean those that Have fome Refpects for Marriage, but are utter Enemies ro Keeping, they would oblige me to prove, thar lying at an Inn, where a Man ftays no longer than he finds himself well used, and the Place agree. able, is half fo chargeable or foolish, as staying there all one's Life, let the Entertainment be what it will. There are certainly Degrees in Confinement, and the Fleet is not altogether fo Pagan and uncomfortable a Place as Sally or Algiers. Oh! but Imagination goveras all thefe Mutters. If, as we have frequent In. ftances of it in History, Imaginacion can kill as effe&tually as a Blunderbuss loaded with a dozen Bullees, deliver me, I say, from the Hands of that Tyrant Imagination. But tho this is Anfüer enough to so erifing an Objection, get, Gentlemen, I will prove, that there's something more than bare Imagination in the Cafe. A Miss's Parent runs durante bene placito, and the lies eternally at the Mercy of her Patron. A Wife has a Lease of your Body for Term of Life, and has no fuich Olligations upon her to keep within Bounds. One, like an open Town, can make no ReAftance, and consequently has no Temptation or Ine tereft to rebel. A Wife is a Sort of Garrison, forri. fy'd by Law and Act of Parliameirt, which the Sox vereign can't dismantle when he pleafes. She lies fecure behind that unrighteous Bulwark' callà a Sets Element, which is made as strong as the Westminster. Hall Engineers can contrive it ; and tho she's never to plainly convicted of revolting from her lawful Mafter, and holding an intelligence with the Enemy, the forfeits neither Life nor Linib ; nay, me can challenge a Subsistance as long as she lives. This, I think, fhews, with a Witnefs, that there's a vast Difference between Marriage and Keeping : Bar, ro difmifs this: Point, were a Wife never fo fincere, and never fo fübmiffivè, yet there's a Duty in the Care.. Confider what I say, Gentlemen, there's Duty in the Cafey, in which single-Word there's Dulness and I'm


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