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Vainly he did th' unrighteous Change bemoan,
And languish in vile Numbers, not his own.
Nor stopt his Usage here :
For what escap'd in Wisdom's ancient Rhimes,
Was murder'd o'er and o'er in the Composers Chimes.

What Praises, Purcel, to'thy Skill are due,
Who hast to Judal's Monarch been so true,
By thee he moves our Hearts, by thee he reigns,
By thee Makes off his old inglorious Chains,
And sees new Honours done to his immortal Strains,
Nor Italy, the Mother of each Art,
Did e'er a juster happier Son impart.
In thy Performance we, with Wonder, find
Corelli's Genius to Bajani joyn’d.
Sweetness, combin'd with Majesty, prepares
To wing Devotion with inspiring Airs.

Thus I, unknown, my Gratitude express,
And conscious Gratitude cou'd do no less.
This Tribute, from each British Muse is due ;
The whole Poerick Tribe's oblig'd to you.
For where the Author's scanty Words have failid,
Thy happier Graces, Purcell, have prevail'd.
And surely none but you, with equal Ease,
Cou'd add to David, and make D'Urfy please.


R E .

Jurat utriq; unam prodit utrique fidem, Quid mirum ? Si sit semper jurare paratus,

Cum per quos jurat tres habet ille Deos.

The fame Allegiance to two Kings he pays,

Swears the fame Faith to both, and both betrays.
No wonder if to swear he's always free,
That hath two Gods, to swear by, more than we.


Upon the taking of the new Oaths.


UR Fathers took Oaths as of old they took Wives,

To have and to hold for the Term of their Lives; But we take our Oaths, as our Whores, for our Ease, And a Whore and a Rogue may part when they piease.

Tom Brown having committed some great Fault

at the University, the Dean of Christ Church threatend to expel him; but Tom, with a very submissive Epistle, begging Pardon, so pleas'd the Dean, that he was minded to forgive him, upon this Condition, viz. That he should translate this Epigram out

of Marshal extempore. N

O N amo Te, Zabidi, nec poffum dicere quare;

Hoc tantum pofum dicere, non amo Te.
Which he immediately render'd into English thus,

I do not love you Dr. Fell,
But why I cannot tell ;
But this I know full well,
I do not love you, Dr. Fell.

W222222 2222222292 A pensive Thought at the Rose Spunging house

in Wood Street, and left there by T. Brown. N

ON adverja videns me fractum fata coarctum,
Carcer Corpus habet, mens coaperta volat.'


L'ACONICKS; or, New Maxims of STATE


E naturally love to cheat; 'tis interwoven with

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for a

boust that we have palm'd false Dice upon others, wl we our felves are the Bubbles. Do but hear, says Sir John Squander, what a Trick I put upon a Whore laft Night! 'Fore George, I made the silly Baggage take a Lewis d'Or for Seventeen and six pence, after the Proclamation.

A Soldier, a Vintner, and a Physician, are the three Degrees of Comparison; and so are a. Cut-Throat, a Backbiter, and a Flatterer: Bat the Physician is the superlative Murderer, and a Flatterer the superlative Villain.

How is it posfible, says Madam BWoman to.

keep her Cabinet unpick’d, when every Rascal has got a Key to'r? Aye, but Madam, the Rar. cal's Key signifies not a Farthing, unless the Owner of the Cabinet, at least, go's Halves with him.

A Widow and a Government are ready, upon Occasions, to tax the new Husband and the new Prince with the Merits of their Predecessors, unless the former Hufhand was hang’d, and the former King fent to Grass; and then they bid them take fair Warning by their Destiny.

For a King to engage his People in War, to carry off every little ill Humour of State, is like a Physician's ordering his Patient a Flux for every Pimple.

Scandal is a never failing Vehicle for Dullness. The True-born Englishman had dy'd filently among the Grocers and Trunk-makers, if the Libeller had not help'd off the Poet,

Merit is not always the Road to Preferment; some Men get it by refolving not to be deny'd, as Irishmen in Town pick up Women, by hunting them, as School



Boys do Squirrels, 'till they are weary, and fall down before them.

A thousand Actions pass in the World for virtuous, tho they proceed from a quire different Principle. My Lord released Arsennus out of Goal, and paid his Dzbrs. This every one applauded as an Act of the highest and most disinterested Generosity. They little knew that my Lord, at the same Time, lay every Night with ArSemyus's Sister.

Tho'a Soldier, in Time of Peace, is like a Chimney in Summer, yet what wise Man would pluck down his, Chimney, because his Almanack tells him 'is the Middle of June.

War, as the world goes at present, is a Nursery for the Gallowš, as Hoxton is for the Meetings, and Bartho low mew-Fair for the two Play-Houses.

A Woman may learn one useful Doctrine from the Game of Backgammon, which is, not to take up her Man 'rill Mhe's sure of binding him. Had Madam C, and some of our young Ladies, consider'd this, they would not have made such a Blot in their Tables.

'Tis a Mortification to a Prince to fee an old Minister torn from him, but Self-preservation is the first Law of Nature; and any Man, in his Senses, would sooner submit to part with his Crutch, than his Leg.

The sureft Way of Governing, both in a private Family and a Kingdom, is for a Husband and a Prince sometimes to drop their Prerogative.

Could a Woman keep her Failings to herself, as well as Ilie does her Age, Cheapside would be the happiest Place in the World, and the House would not be croubled every Seflions to grant Bills of Divorce.

'Tis the most nonfensical Thing in the World, for a Man to be proud, since 'cis in the meaneft Wretch's Power to mortify him. How uneafy have I seen my Lord All- Pride, in the Park, when the Company (nrn'd their Eyes from him and his gandy Equipage !

Gaming finds a Man a Cully, and leaves him a Knave.

The Generality of Women would sooner be found in Bed with a Gallant, than in their Undress; and some


Men in the World would rather be feen with their Misses in the Park, than their wives.

The greatest Men may, fometinies, over-shoot themfelves; Lut then their very Mistakes are so many Lessons of Instruction.

Examples- make a greatet Impression upon us than Precepts. The sight of Sir Edward B-, running after a Coach for Six-pence, will sooner reclaim a Prodin gal, than a Sermon.

An old Counsellor in Holbourn us’d, every Executionday, to turn oat his Clerks, with this Complement, Go, ye young Rogues, go to School, and in prove.

Of all our Infirmities Vanity is the dearest to us : A Man will starve his other Vices, to keep that alive. How many Fops, at Man's Coffee-House, and Will's

l'sg have laid out the only Half Crown they had in the World upon an ounce of Snuff, when they wanted a Dinner, and their Lodgings were unpaid ?

Young Cotilus's Pension, for his Weekly Expences, amounts just to twenty Shillings. His Chair-Men run a way with eighteen of it, and he finds Tei and Chocolare, Ellence and Powder, out of the rest.

Vanity is so inseparable from our Nature, that it survives our Ashes, and takes Care of Epitaphs and Tombstones before we die. Clearchus was as brave as

he had given Proofs of his Valour upon a thousand Occasions, yet once upon a Time had a Dish of hot Coffee Aung in his Face, and bore it patiently. The Reason was, he had a foul Shirt on, and was loath to die in it.

A Citizen that thinks to compound for forty Years Knavery, by building a lowzy Hospital, and endowing a paultry Lecture, does not offer so much for a good Seac in Heaven as he would do for one in Middlesex. He does not bid above ten Years Purchase for Eternity:

In Point of Interest, if there were no more in't, a Man Thould rather lesen himself, than pretend totoo much.

A famous Instance of this we had in a late Quack : Not content to be the seventh Son of a seventh Son, he must needs call himself the unborn Doctor.

Hercules ;

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