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composed of about 230 members, one member from each town. Pay of the members of each house, $2.00 a day during the session of the Legislature.

JUDICIARY. The Supreme Court consists of three judges, and holds its stated sessions in each county, once each year, with an additional term, each year, in each judicial circuit, at such time and in such county as the court shall direct.

For the trial of cases in the County Courts (Court of Common Pleas) the State is divided into four judicial circuits. The first circuit includes the counties of Bennington, Rutland, and Addison; second circuit, Windham, Windsor, and Orange ; third circuit, Chittenden, Franklin, Lamoille, and Grand Isle ; fourth circuit, Washington, Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex. The County Court is composed of a circuit judge, who is appointed by the Legislature, and two assistant judges, in each county, who are elected by the people. The salary of each judge of the Supreme Court and each circuit judge is $ 1,375 per annum, and the assistant judges receive a per diem allowance. The salary of the reporter is $ 450.

The Court of Chancery has two stated sessions annually, in each county, and is always in session, except for the final hearing of a cause. An appeal from the decree of the Chancellor lies to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court.

Salary. Isaac F. Redfield, of Windsor, Chief Judge,

$ 1,500 Pierrepoint Isham, of Bennington, Associate Judge,

1,500 Milo L. Bennett, of Burlington,

1,500 John F. Deane, of Cavendish, Reporter,

450 County Courts. First Circuit. Robert Pierpont, of Rulland,

Assistant Judges.
Circuit Judge.

Sylvanus M. Parsons, Chittenden County.
Assistant Judges.

Samuel B. Kennedy,
Dennis J. George,

Augustus Young,
John S. Pettibone,
Bennington County. Preston Taylor,

Franklin County.

Nathan Foster,
Samuel H. Kellogg,
Rutland County. Samuel Pennock,

Lamoille County.
B. F. Langdon,
Joseph Hayward,

Gideon H. Rice,
Addison County.
Roswell Botlom, Jr.

Jabez Ladd,

Grand Isle County. Second Circuit. Abel Underwood, of New-Fourth Circuit. Luke P. Poland, of St. bury, Circuit Judge.

Johnsbury, Circuit Judge.
Assistant Judges.

Assistant Judges.
William Harris,

Denslow Upham,
Alonzo Pearce,

Washington County.
Gardner Winslow,
Barnabas Deane,

Windsor County.
A. W. Burroughs,

Caledonia County.

Orra Crosby, John W Batchelder, Orange County.

John D. Harding, Orleans County. .

Sabin Kellum,
Third Circuit. Asahel Peck, of Burlington, Harvey G. Fry,

Essex County.
Circuit Judge.

Myron S. Chandler,
Clerks of the Supreme and County Courts.
Clerks. Residence. Counties.

Clerks. Residence. Bennington, Sam. H. Brackmer, Bennington. Washington, Shubael Wheeler, Montpelier. Windham, Royal Tyler, Brattleboro'. Caledonia, G. A. Burbank,

Danville. Rutland, Fred. W. Hopkins, Rutland. Lamoille, Carlos S. Noyes, Hydepark. Windsor, Norman Williams, Woodstock. Grand Isle, Gary Whitney, North Hero, Addison, George S. Swift, Middlebury. Franklin, Jos. H. Brainerd, St. Albans. Orange, Samuel M. Flint, .

Chelsea. Orleans, Hubbard Hastings, Irasburg. Chittenden, David B. Buckley, Burlington. (Essex, Wm, H. Hartshorn, Guildhall.

Emery Wheelock, Windham County.

Common Schools. — The school fund was abolished in 1845, to pay the State debt. There has been no State Superintendent of schools since 1851 ; and since that year there have been no returns of the conditions of the Schools. The returns for 1851 will be found in the American Almanac for 1854, p. 234.

State Prison. Year ending September 1, 1854. — Hiram Harlow, Superintendent, salary $ 500. Number of convicts, September 1, 1853, 75; admitted during the year, 22; total, 97; 29 were discharged during the year; 20 by expiration of sentence; 5 by pardon ; 4 died; leaving in confinement, September 1, 1854; 68. The services of the convicts are let out to contractors. The contract per-diem charge per convict is two shillings. The income of the prison for the year was $6,687.46. Expenditures, including depreciation of property, $7,538.77. Balance of expenditures over income, $ 851.31.

Vermont Asylum for the Insane, Brattleboro'. - William H. Rockwell, M.D., Superintendent. Since the opening of the Asylum, there have been admitted, to August 1, 1854, 2,229 patients; 1,840 have been discharged, and 389 remain in the institution. Of the 1,840 patients discharged, 1,048 have recovered, equal to 57 per cent. of those placed at the Asylum within six months from the attack, nearly nine tenths have recovered. During the year ending August 1, 1854, the whole number of patients was 535. Admitted, 163; dis. charged, 146; remaining in the institution, 389. Of those discharged, 80 were cured; 40 died; improved, 12; not improved, 14. There have been 207 State beneficiaries in the Asylum during the year, and 152 remained, August 1, 1854. Income during the year, $ 44,492.33; expenditures, 45,194.20; balance against the Asylum, $ 701.87. There is connected with the Asylum a library of over 1,200 volumes, and a large number of newspapers and periodicals are taken.

Terms of Admission. -For the first six months, $2 per week, and $ 1.75 afterwards. When the insanity is connected with epilepsy or paralysis, $ 2.50 per week. Patients are received from other States for $2 per week, or $ 100 per year.

Banks. — From Bank Commissioner's Report, dated September 12, 1854. -— Number of banks in the State, 40; capital paid in, $3,323,826; circulation, $3,989,711. Total liabilities, $ 8,145,514. Notes and bills discounted, $6,264,885; deposits in city banks, $ 1,031,406 ; specie, $ 196,699; total resources, $ 8,476,222. To every $ 100 of circulation there is nearly $ 26 of deposits in city banks, and $4.93 of specie.

In the session of the Legislature of 1851 a General Banking Law was adopted, under which three banks, the South Royalton, the Bank of Castleton, and the Bank of Woodstock have gone into operation.

By a joint resolution of the Legislature passed in 1849, savings banks are required to report to the Auditor their condition on the first Monday of September in each year. On the first Monday in September, 1854, there were 13 savings banks in operation, with deposits to the amount of $ 895,370.13. The expenses of these 13 banks for the year were $ 1,879.53. The average dividend was 5 per cent.

FINANCES For Fiscul Year ending August 31, 1854. Amount received into the Treasury, including balance of 1853, . $ 165,111.84 expended,

152,443 36 Balance in Treasury, Sept. 1, 1854,

$ 12,668.48 Principal Items of Expenditure. Financial disbursements,

$4,749.73 Expenses of the Legislature, $ 34,039.32 Elections,

531.15 Contingent expenses,

9,326.03 Repaid loans and Safety Fund, 10,528.04 Library,

89.58 Peddlers' license money distributed, 2,160.00 Executive expenses, - salaries, 2,375.00 Principal Sources of Revenue. Miscellaneous,

2,121.92 In Treasury, Sept. 1, 1853, $3,009.93 Salaries of Judges, 10,788.25 From taxes,

139,385.07 Vermont Reports, 1,400.64 Safety and School Funds,

2,812.50 Other Court expenses, including prog. Principal collected on same,

2.097.38 ecution of crime, 55,694.80 Bank taxes and interest,

2,861.15 Military expenses, 319.50 State Attorneys,

5,041.65 Infirm poor, insane, deaf and dumb, 8,291.41 Court fees by, Clerks,

5,671.57 Agricultural Societies, &c., 2,687.20 Peddlers' license money,



State Liabilities, Sept. 1, 1854.
Indebted to Safety Fund, $ 21,041.19 To meet which, it has, –

Safety Fund Loan, 5,000.00 Balance in the Treasury, $ 12,668.48 “ State Prison Loan, 5,000.00 Taxes not collected,

35,680.67 Due towns for U. S. surplus revenue,

$ 48,349.15 over notes on hand,

4,559.90 Total,

$ 30,601.09 Resources,

48.349.15 Balance in favor of the State, $ 17,748.06

Taxable Property and Taxation. - Aggregate of Grand List of 1853. 53,234 polls at $2,

$ 106,468.00 Polls and one per cent. are, 876,484.97 Real estate (4,916,131 acres), 61,720,414 44 Deduct for Fire Companies,

1,042.00 Personal estate, over debts owed, 15,281,283,30 Balance list for State taxes, $875,442.97

Total real and personal, $77,001,697.74

IV. MASSACHUSETTS. Governinent for the Year ending the 1st Wednesday in January, 1856.

Salary. HENRY J. GARDNER, of Boston, Governor,

$3,500 Simon Brown,

of Concord, Lieutenant-Governor, $ 4 a day. Ephraim M. Wright, of Westhampton, Sec. of Commonwealth, 2,000 Jacob H. Loud,

of Plymouth, Treas. and Receiver-Gen., 2,000 Joseph Mitchell, of Boston, Auditor,

2,000 Ebenezer W. Stone, of Roxbury,

Adj.-Gen. f Quartermaster, 1,500 Ebenezer Bradbury, of Newton,

Land Agent,

1,000 Benjamin Stevens, of Boston, Sergeant at Arms, House & 1,300 William Tufts, of Boston, 1st Clerk, Secretary of State's Office, 1,300 George Russell, of Kingston, 1st Clerk, Treasurer's Office, 1,300 Barnas Sears,

of Newton, Sec. of Board of Education

and State Librarian, 1,900 Charles L. Flint, of Boston, Sec. of Board of Agriculture, 1,500 Charles E. Cooke,* of Boston, Pres’t of the Senate, $ 4 per day. Otis P. Lord,*

of Salem, Speaker of House of Rep. Charles Calhoun, * of Boston, Clerk of Senate, $10 per day William Stowe,* of Springfield, Clerk of House,


Supreme Judicial Court. Lemuel Shaw, of Boston, Chief Justice,

$ 3,500 Charles A. Dewey, of Northampton, Justice,

3,000 Theron Metcalf, of Boston,

3,000 Geo. Tyler Bigelow, of Boston,

3,000 Benj. F. Thomas, of Worcester,

3,000 Pliny Merrick, of Worcester,

3,000 John H. Clifford, of New Bedford, Attorney-General,

2,500 Horace Gray, Jr., of Boston, Reporter, $ 300 and proceeds of Reports. Charles R. Train, of Framingham, District Attorney, N. Dist. 1,000 L. F. Brigham, of New Bedford,


1,000 * Officers at the session of 1854.


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Alfred A. Abbott, of Danvers, District Attorney, E. District, $ 800 Ezra Wilkinson, of Dedham,


800 P. E. Aldrich, of Worcester,


800 Henry A. Dawes, of North Adams,


800 George W. Cooley of Boston, Comm'th Atty for Co. of Suffolk, 2,000

The Supreme Court consists of six judges, who hold office during good behavior. It has exclusive cognizance of all capital crimes, and exclusive chancery jurisdiction, so far as chancery powers are given by statute; and concurrent original jurisdiction of all civil cases, where the amount in dispute exceeds $600 in Suffolk, and $ 300 in the other counties. It holds Jaw terms in eight of the fourteen counties of the State, and nisi prius terms in all the counties.

Court of Common Pleas. Edward Mellen, of Wayland, Chief Justice,

$2,300 Horatio Byington, of Stockbridge, Associate Justice, 2,100 Jonathan C. Perkins, of Salem,

2,100 E. Rockwood Hoar, of Concord,

2,100 Henry W. Bishop, of Lenox,

2,100 George N. Briggs, of Pittsfield,

2,100 George P. Sanger, of Boston,

2,100 The Court of Common Pleas is held for the trial of civil cases above $ 20, and, except in Suffolk County, has criminal jurisdiction in all cases not capital. In Suffolk, the criminal jurisdiction is surrendered to the Mu. nicipal Court. There are seven judges, and frequent terms are held in every county. Justices of the peace have a limited criminal jurisdiction, and in civil cases under $ 100, with the right of either party in all cases over $ 20 to call in a jury of six ; and a right in all cases of appeal to the Common Pleas. In those places, as in Boston, where the justices of the Police Court on stated days hold a “ Justices' Court,” Justices of the peace cannot try causes.

In Boston, a “ Justices' Court” is held every Saturday. The jurisdiction of these courts is like that of justices of the peace.

Police Court of Boston. John G. Rogers, Abel Cushing, Thos. Russell, Justices, salary, $1,500 each.

Commissioners of Insolvency. County. Commissioner. Residence. County. Commissioner. Residence. Barnstable, Simeon N. Small, Yarmouth. Middlesex, Isaac S. Morse, Lowell. Timothy Reed, Barnstable.

Josiah Rutter,

Waltham. Berkshire, Charles N.Emerson, Great Bar-Nantucket, George Cobb, Nantucket.

rington. Norfolk, Francis Hilliard, Roxbury. Lorenzo H.Gainwell, Pittsfield.

S. B. Noyes,

Canton. Shepherd Thayer, Adams. Plymouth, J. J. Russell, Plymouth. Bristol, Edmund H. Bennett, Taunton.

Welcome Young, East Bridge
Joshua C. Stone, New Bedford.
Dukes, Leavitt Thaxter, Edgartown. Suffolk, Charles Demond, Boston.
Essex, John G. King, Salem.

John P. Putnam, Boston.
N. W. Harmon,

John M. Williams, Boston. Franklin, David Aiken, Greenfield. Worcester, A. H. Bullock, Worcester. Hampden, Henry Vose, Springfield.

C. H. B. Snow, Fitchburg. Hampshire, Ithamar F. Conkey, Amherst.

Thomas G. Kent, Milford.
Samuel T.Spaulding, Ware.

Charles Brimblecom, Barre.
Middlesex, Asa F. Lawrence, Cambridge.



These Commissioners hold Courts of Insolvency in their respective counties as often as they may deem necessary. Salary, — fees not exceeding the amount of $1,500 each.

Probate Courts.


Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, Worcester,


Nymphas Marston, $500 George Marston, $550
Daniel N. Dewey, 425 Henry W. Taft, 600
Oliver Prescott,
500 John Daggett,

800 Thomas G. Mayhew, 150 Richard L. Pease, 175 N. S. Howe,

800 George R. Lord, 1,500 Franklin Ripley,

300 Charles Mattoon, 450 Oliver B. Morris, 350 Henry Smith,

600 Ithamar Conkey, 300 Samuel F. Lyman, 475 Samuel P. P. Fay, 800 Alfred A. Prescott, 1,500 Samuel Mitchell, 200 George Cobb,

300 Wm. S. Leland, 600 Jonathan H. Cobb, 800 Aaron Hobart, 500 Joseph S. Beal, 700 Edward G. Loring, 900 H. M. Willis, 2,000 Thomas Kinnicutt, 800 Charles G. Prentiss, 11,500

FINANCES. Received into the Treasury during the year ending December 31st, 1853, on account of ordinary revenue,

$882,289.32 Received on all other accounts (including $546,800 5 per cent. temporary loans, borrowed in anticipation of the revenue),

1,238,990.75 Total receipts,

$ 2,121,280.07 Add cash on hand, January 1st, 1854,

266,144.54 Total means,

$ 2,387,424.61 The entire payments during the year on account of ordinary expenditures were $877,563.70 On all other accounts, including $ 446,800 temporary loans repaid,

*1,306,891.26 Total payments, .

$ 2,184,454.96 Excess of revenue for 1853,

4,725.62 Cash on hand, January 1st, 1854,

$ 202,969.66 of this $13,409.64 is on account of ordinary revenue, and $ 189,560.02 on account of the school and other funds. Principal Ilems of Expenditure, 1853. State Prison,

40,551.01 Councillors,

$6,104.00 Prevention of counterfeiting, 1,079.37 Legislature, 105,288.50 Pensions,

855.64 Salaries, 84,996.43 State Reform School,

30,000.00 Adj'nt and Q. M. General's Dep't, 3,350.00 Bank Commissioners,

5,574.70 Fuel, &c. for State-House,

1,124.43 Alien and pauper Commissioners, . 8,543.80 Repairs of do.

5,836 22 Commissioners for various purposes, 6,663 22 Furniture for 1,105.13 Sundry Indian tribes,

1,880.96 Stationery for do.

3,429.71 Secret Ballot envelopes, &c., 1,542.47 State Library, 804.13 State printing,

27,009 14 Agent for discharged convicts, 1,000.00 Newspapers and advertising, $ 6,123.38 Coroner's inquests, 1,962.25 Term reports,

2,518.00 Arrest of fugitives from justice, 859.22 County Treasurers,

99,094.57 Asylum for the Blind, 9,000.00 State paupers,

103,330.43 Deaf and Dumb, 7,567.41 Interest on temporary loans, 6,669.72 Eye and Ear Infirmary,

2,500.00 Interest on State Ref. School scrip, 5,000.00 State Lunatic Hospital, .

3,200.00 on Western Railroad scrip, 50,100.00 School for Idiots,

5,000.00 on 5 per cent. scrip, 19,425.00 Bounty to militia, . 29,098.50 Agricultural Societies,


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