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No. 76. Ch. CCLXVII. An Act making appropriations for the support of the Army, for the year ending June 30, 1855. $ 10,408,459.63 are appropriated. The superintendency of the armories is given to civilians. August 5, 1854.

No. 77. Ch. CCLXVIII. An Act making appropriations for the Naval Service for the year ending June 30, 1855. $9,306,806.19 are appropriated. The Memphis Navy Yard is ceded to the city of Memphis. The two general orders of the Secretary of the Navy, of August 31, 1846, and May 27, 1847, upon relative rank, are made law. August 5, 1854.

No. 78. Ch. CCLXIX. An Act to carry into effect a Treaty between the United States and Great Britain, signed June 5, 1854. Whenever the President of the United States shall receive satisfactory evidence that the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain and the Provincial Parliaments of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, have passed laws on their part to give full effect to the provisions of the treaty between the United States and Great Britain, signed on the 5th of June last, he is hereby authorized to issue his proclamation, declaring that he has such evidence, and thereupon, from the date of such proclamation, the following articles, being the growth and produce of said provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward's Island; to wit:

Grain, four, and breadstuffs of all kinds; animals of all kinds; fresh, smoked, and salted meats; cotton-wool; seeds and vegetables ; undried fruits ; dried fruits ; fish of all kinds; products of fish and other creatures living in the water ; poultry; eggs; hides, furs, skins or tails undressed; stone or marble in its crude or unwrought state; slate ; butter, cheese, tallow; lard; horns; manures; ores of metals of all kinds; coal; pitch, tar, turpentine; ashes; timber and lumber of all kinds, round, hewed, and sawed, unmanufactered in whole or in part; firewood, plants, shrubs, and trees; pelts; wool ; fish oil; rice; broom-corn and bark; gypsum ground or unground; hewn or wrought or unwrought burr or grindstones; dye-stuffs; fax, hemp, and tow, unmanufactured; unmanufactured tobacco, rags ; —

Shall be introduced into the United States free of duty, so long as the said treaty shall remain in force, - subject, however, to be suspended in relation to the trade with Canada, on the condition mentioned in the fourth article of the said treaty: And all the other provisions of the said treaty shall go into effect, and be observed on the part of the United States.

$ 2. Whenever the island of Newfoundland shall give its consent to the application of the stipulations and provisions of the said treaty to that Province, and the Legislature thereof and the Imperial Parliament shall pass the necessary laws for that purpose,

the above-enumerated articles shall be admitted free of duty from that Province into the United States, from and after the date of a proclamation by the President of the United States, declaring that he has satisfactory evidence that the said Province has consented in a due and proper manner to have the provisions of the treaty extended to it, and to allow the United States the full benefits of all the stipulations therein contained. August 5, 1854.

No. 79. Ch. CCLXX. An Act making appropriations for the service of the Post-Office Department during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1855. $ 10,379,000 are appropriated; and $2,344,464 are appropriated to supply any deficiency that may arise in the revenues of the Department to meet the foregoing appropriations. The Postmaster-General is directed to continue the steam mail service during the months of August and September, as is now done for 10 months in the year, between Charleston and Key West and Havana. The Postmaster, at Washington, D. C., is allowed the compensation of 1 mill per pound upon the aggre. gate weight of public documents mailed from his office, this allowance to continue for one year only, and to be computed from the ascertained weight for January, 1854. Out of such commissions, he shall pay the employees in his office, not exceeding $ 250 each, per annum, as their compensation for services upon these documents. The Postmaster-General shall establish a daily mail on the Mississippi River, from Cairo to New Orleans, and a mail from Keokuk, Iowa, to Galena, in Illinois. August 5, 1854.

No. 80. Ch. CCLXXI. An Act to establish certain additional Post-Roads. August 5, 1854.

No. 81. Ch. CCLXXIV. An Act authorizing the payment of balance of the Property Accounts between the United States and the State of New York, for military stores in the War of 1812. The balance is $ 11,929.45. August 5, 1854.

No. 82. Ch. CCLXXVI. An Act to establish a Land District in the State of Florida, to be called the District of Tampa. August 5, 1854.


[The omitted numbers are private resolutions.] No. l. Joint Resolution of Thanks to General John E. Wool. The thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby tendered, to Brevet Major-General John E. Wool, for his distinguished services in the late war with Mexico, and especially for the skill, enterprise, and courage which distinguished his conduct at the battle of Buena Vista. The President is requested to cause a sword, with suitable devices, to be presented to General Wool, as a tes. timony of the high sense entertained by Congress of his gallant and judicious conduct on that memorable occasion. January 24, 1854.

No. 3. A Resolution authorizing an increase of the force in the office of the Superintendent of the Public Printing. February 10, 1854.

No. 4. A Resolution for supplying neid members of the Senate and House of Representatives with such books of a public character as have been heretofore supplied. February 23, 1854.

No. 5. Joint Resolution authorizing a supplemental contract for certain marble for the Capitol Extension. March 1, 1854.

No. 6. A Resolution accepting certain volumes and medals presented by her Britannic Majesty's Government to the United States. The presentation volumes and medals, illus. trative of the Exhibition in London, in 1851, are accepted, and placed in the Library of Con. gress. March 27, 1854.

No. 7. Joint Resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury and Light-house Board to determine upon the site, plan, and mode of constructing the Light-house on Cohasset Rocks, and for other purposes. March 27, 1854.

No. 8. Joint Resolution relative to bids for provision, clothing, and small stores for the use of the Navy. All such bids may be rejected, at the option of the Department, if made by one who is not known as a manufacturer of, or regular dealer in, the article proposed to be furnished; which fact, or the reverse, must be distinctly stated in the bids offered. The bids of all who have failed to fulfil any contracts previously entered into with the United States, shall, at the option of the Department, be rejected. If more than one bid be offered for the supply of an article on account of any one party either in his own name, or in the name of his partner, clerk, or any other person, the whole of such bids shall be rejected at the option of the Department. Copartners shall not be received as sureties for each other. Whenever it is necessary for the interest of the government, and the health of the crews of the United States vessels, to procure particular brands of four, which are known to keep best on distant stations, the same may be procured in market overt. March 27, 1854.

No. 10. A Resolution uuthorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the expenses of codifying and revising the Revenue Laws. $5.000 are appropriated ; and report of expenditure be made by Secretary of the Treasury, to Congress, in December, 1854. April 6, 1854.

No. 11. A Joint Resolution authorizing the accounting officers of the Treasury to adjust the expenses of a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Territorial Assembly of Oregon, to prepare a code of laws; also to adjust the expense of collecting and printing certain laws and archives of the Territory of Oregon. May 3, 1854.

No. 12. A Resolution for extending an existing contract for carrying the Mail in Alabama. May 3, 1854.

No. 13. Joint Resolution directing the connection of the public surveys in Alabama, with the boundary line between the States of Alabama and Florida. June 29, 1854.

No. 16. Joint Resolution explanatory of the 2d section of a Resolution to establish certain Post Routes, approved July 12, 1852. July 17, 1854.

No. 17. A Resolution providing for the distribution of the Works of Thomas Jeffer. son. July 20, 1854.

No. 18. Joint Resolution to fix the compensation of the employees in the Legislative Department, and to prohibit the allowance of the usual extra compensation to such as receive the benefits hereof. 20 per cent. added to their present compensation. July 20, 1854.

No. 25. A Joint Resolution directing the presentation of a Medal to Commander Duncan N. Ingraham. It is for rescuing Martin Koszta from the Austrian war-brig Hussar. August 4, 1854.


Year en

1. Statement of Duties, Revenues, and Public Expenditures, during the Fiscal

Years ending June 30, 1852, and June 30, 1853. [From Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury, Jan. 15, 1853, and Dec. 6, 1853.] The receipts into the Treasury were as fol

Year ending lows:

June 30, 1852. June 30, 1853 From customs, viz.: –

During the first quarter, ending Sept. 30, $14,754,909.34 15,723,935.71
During the second quarter, Dec. 31, 9,601,509.40 11,307,465.45
During the third quarter, Mar. 31, 12,109,761.80 16,208,498.82
During the fourth quarter, June 30, 10,873,146.08 15,691,965.54
Total customs,

47,339,326.62 58,931,865.52 From sales of public lands,

2,043,239.58 1,667,084.99 From miscellaneous sources,

345,820.69 738,623.89 Total receipts, exclusive of loans, &c., 49,728,386.89 61,337,574.40 Balance in the Treasury, July 1, 1851 and '52, 10,911,645.68 14,532.636.37

60,640,032.57 75,969,710.77

Total means,

The expenditures, exclusive of trust funds,

were as follows:

Civil List. Legislature,

1,248,017.90 2,015,313.16 Executive,

1,248,011.91 1,611,814.36 Judiciary,

718,065.44 878,309.54 Governments in the Territories,

77,515.58 123,764.86 Surveyors and their clerks,

72,528.46 98,080.01 Officers of the Mint and branches,

55,300.00 52,550.00 Commissioner of the Public Buildings,

2,000.00 3,065.00 Secretary to sign patents for public lands,

1,500.00 1,500.00 Total civil list,

3,422,939.29 4,784,396.93 Foreign Intercourse. Salaries of Ministers, .

71,226.71 * 290,005.74 Salaries of Secretaries of Legation,

16,518.36 24,060.72 Salaries of Chargés d'Affaires,

77,278.61 Salary of Minister Resident to Turkey,

6,000.00 9,000.00 Salary of Dragoman to Turkey and contingencies,

4,000.00 5,250.00 Contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, 30,311.12 51,164.28 Contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, 36,725.62 34,399.43 Salary of the Consul at London,


3,000 00 Clerks, office, &c. of Consul, London,


2,090.75 Salary of Consul at Beyrout,

739.131 625.00 Salary of Consul at Alexandria,

3,000.00 6,250.000 Salaries of Consuls at Kuang Chew,&c., China, 3,855 50 3,000.00 Office-rent of Consul at Bâle, Switzerland,


100.00 Relief and protection of American seamen, 135,844.16 113,146.20 Commissioner in China, Sec., & Interpreter, 6,500.00 Commissioner in China and outfit,

33,185.39 Secretary and Interpreter to Chinese Mission,

3,750.00 Certain diplomatic services,

22,014 19 This includes the salaries of Chargés d'Affaires, and outfits of Ministers and Chargés.

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Commissioner to Sandwich Islands,
A. Ten Eyck's salary and cont. expenses,
Intercourse with Barbary powers,
Interpreters, guards, &c. at the Consulates in

Turkish dominions,
Instalment and interest due May 30, 1852, in-

der Art. 12 of treaty with Mexico, Contingent expenses of commissioners, under

treaty with Mexico,
Do. do. under convention with Brazil,
Expenses of agent of Sublime Porte,
Treaty of peace, limits, and boundaries, &c.,

with Mexico,
Awards under the 15th Article of said treaty,
To enable the President to conclude a treaty

with Mexico, Liquidated claims against Mexico, Payment under 9th Art. of treaty with Spain, Repay ments on appropriations where there were no expenditures,

Total foreign intercourse,

950.75 5,850.00


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Miscellaneous. Surveys of public lands,

242,883.52 295,262.44 Collecting revenue from sales of public lands, 167,082.14 112,220.46 Support and maintenance of light-houses, &c., 597,466.09 615,638.42) Building light-houses, &c., .

113,103.33 325,975.09 Marine hospitals,

203,115.23 280,750.10 Building marine hospitals, and repairs,

128,693.44 42,596.53 Public buildings in Washington, &c.,

141,406.23 127,447.25 Repairs Congressional Library,

62,500.00 Patent fund,

99,117.00 111,544.87 Mail service for government,

865,555.55 900,000.00 Mail service for Congress, &c.,

163,888.89 875,000.00 Deficiency in Post Office revenue,

378,750.00 Mail service for census papers,

12,000.00 Selecting certain Wabash and Erie Canal lands in Ohio, act June 30, 1834,

1,049.97 Geologists and survey, &c. of mineral lands in Michigan, Iowa, &c.,

3,610.51 Completing survey of copper region in Mich., 12,780.77 Payment of war bounty land warrants,

5,900.00 1,325.00 Building custom-houses and warehouses, 521,491.23 581,554.12 Expenses of collecting revenue from customs, 2,082,633.242,243,377.73 Survey of the coast of the United States, 363,000.00 336,000.00 Subdividing Islands on the coast of California,

20,000.00 Survey of South Florida reefs, &c.,


30,000.00 Repairs of steamer Bibb

18,000.00 Fuel and quarters of army officers on Cst. Sur.,

4,500.00 Completing east wing Patent-Office building, 166,117.44 123,382,56 Erecting west wing

62,000.00 Mint establishment,

140,003.02 153,530.42 Relief of sundry individuals,

185,485.44 328,133.25 Auxiliary watch in the city of Washington, 15,295.24 15,190.00 Expenses incident to loans and Treas.-notes, 11,408.33 12,779.38


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Year ending Year ending

June 30, 1852. June 30, 1853. Expenses incident to Texas indemnity stock, $ 1,000.00 $ 204.18 Support of the penitentiary in Dist: Columbia, 11, 920.00 9,210.00 Support of lunatics of the Dist. of Columbia, 89700.44 8,982.77 Erecting Asylum for insane in Dist. Columbia,

35,000.00 Support of twelve transient paupers,

2,000.00 2,000.00 Cleaning and deepening Wash.'City Canal, 5,000.00 Repairs of bridges, and draw-keepers,

9,833.38 24,607,00 Repayment of debt of cities of Dist. of Col., 60,000.00 60,000.00 Three per cent. to Illinois,

11,833.25 Three per cent. to Missouri,

31,414.33 17,405.84 Two and Three per cent. to Alabama,

17,497.96 13,875.17 Two and Three per cent. to Mississippi,

11,812.99 Five per cent. to Michigan,

14,613.45 Five per cent. to Arkansas,

3,617.06 8,941.80 Five per cent. to Florida,

1,215.77 1,865.22 Five per cent. to Iowa,

6,464.36 11,901.90 Five per cent. to Louisiana,

9,472.00 5,765.73 Maine, under treaty stipulations,

60,610.31 11,269.07 Debentures, drawbacks, bounties, &c.,

544,452.38 519,680.11 Excess of deposits for unascertained duties repaid to importers,

846,918.86 1,052,086.75 Debentures and other charges (customs), 113,307.73 187,326.19 Debentures and other charges (lands),

1,776.87 Relief of the cities of the Dist. of Columbia, 36,868.54 43,378.42 Payment of horses, &c., lost,

1,053.05 2,215.01 Refunding duties on foreign merchandise, 138,086.41 19,398.61 Tonnage duties on Spanish vessels refunded, 799.50 Certain duties refunded, .

719.37 Refunding duties on sugar and molasses, 221,985.87 Repayment for lands erroneously sold,

49,916.39 34,035.14 Refunding purchase-money for land sold in the Greensburg district, Louisiana,

649.91 3,741.83 Settling land claims in California, .

50,000.00 49,633.65 Northern boundary of Iowa,

13,342.31 14,724.65 Boundary between Missouri and lowa,

5,521.34 Boundary between Wisconsin and Minesota,

600.00 Locating bounty land warrants,

54,515.30 Results and acct. of the Exploring Expedition, 20,000.00 18,000.00 Smithsonian Institution, act Aug. 10, 1846, 30,910.14 30,910.14 Expenses of mineral land service,

27,317.37 Salaries of assistant treasurers and clerks, 24,049.591 25,121.41 Contingencies under act for collect. pub. rev., 7,783.33 16,188.07 Compensation of spec. agents to ex. accounts, 2,706.81 3,280.92 All other items of a miscellaneous nature,

1,943.29 Claims not otherwise provided for,

9,982.38 1,161.07 Consular receipts,

388.75 3,214.95 Building and equipping six revenue-cutters,

31,376.24 Historical paintings for the Capitol,

2,000.00 Pay to each designated depositary (4 per cent.), 168.24 317.50 Library for Territory of New Mexico,

4,418.37 564.67 Public buildings

300.00 19,700.00 Public buildings, Minesota Territory,

10,000.00 6,000.00 Penitentiary,

10,000.00 Public Library, Washington Territory,

4,000.00 Special examiners of drugs and medicines, 5,750.45 7,300.75 Taking 7th census,

547,385.02 127,485.30

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