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in com.,

Charles Lowndes. Elisha Peck.

George Adams.

John Manning L. M. Goldsborough, Thomas J. Manning. Cadwalader Ringgold. James L. Lardner. George N. Hollins. Thomas O. Selfridge. Wm. F. Lynch. Robert G. Robb. Duncan N. Ingraham. Henry Eagle. Henry W. Morris. John Colhoun. John Marston. Andrew K. Long. Isaac S. Sterett.

Thomas T. Craven. Henry Bruce.

G. J. Van Brunt. Francis B. Ellison. Andrew H. Foote. Henry A. Adams. William M. Glendy. Edw. B. Boutwell. Wm. W. Hunter. William S. Walker. George S. Blake. Sidney Smith Lee. Amasa Paine. George F. Pearson. Z. F. Johnston. Wm. C. Whittle. Edg. G. Tilton. James T. Gerry. William Green. Thompson D. Shaw. James H. Ward. John S. Nicholas. Samuel Barron. Robert D. Thorburn. Henry K. Hoff. Samuel F. Du Pont. Timothy G. Benham. Samuel Lockwood. Murray Mason. William L. Hudson. Oscar Bullus. Lloyd B. Newell. Charles H. Davis. George A. Magruder. Charles H. Jackson. William S. Ogden. Ebenezer Farrand. John Pope.

Andrew A. Harwood. Frederick A. Neville, Henry H. Bell.
Levin M. Powell. Theodorus Bailey. Charles C. Turner. Wm. Smith.
Charles Wilkes. Hugh Y. Purviance.

6. PAY OF THE Navy, per annum.

Pay. CAPTAINS, 63, the senior one in service, $4,500 ASSISTANT SURGEONS, at sea,

$ 950 on leave, 3,500

" after passing, 1,200 Captains of squadrons,

at navy yards,

950 Other captains on dụty,


after passing, 1,150 on leave, 2,500 PURSERS, 64, from

$1,500 10 3,500 COMMANDERS, 97, in sea service, 2,500 CHAPLAINS, 24, in sea serv.orat navy-yds,1,500 at navy yards, or on

on leave, &c., 1,000 other duty,

2,100 PROFESSORS of Mathematics, 12, 1,500 on leave, &c.,

1,800 Masters in the line of promotion, 14. LIEUTENANTS, 327, commanding, 1,800 Passed MIDSHIPMEN, 194, on duty, 750 on other duty, 1,500

waiting orders, 600 waiting orders, 1,200 MIDSHIPMEN, 68, in sea service, 400 SORGEON3, 69, 1st 5 years 1,000

on other duty,

350 in navy yards, &c., 1,250

on leave, &c.,

300 in sea service, 1,333 ACTING MIDSHIPMEN, 137, of the fleet,

1,500 MASTERS, 17, of ship of the line at sea, 1,100 2d 5 years, on leave, 1,200

on other duty,

1,000 at navy yards, &c., 1,500

on leave, &c.,

750 in sea service, 1,600 SECOND Master, 1, in sea service, 750 of the fleet, 1,800

on other duty, 500 3d 5 years, on leave, 1,400

on leave,

400 at navy yards, &c., 1,750 MASTER'S MATES, 2, on duty,

450 in sea service, 1,866

on leave,

300 of the fleet, 2,100 BOATSWAINS, 36

600 4th 5 years, on leave, 1,600 GUNNERS, 47 orders at navy yards, &c., 2,000 CARPENTERS, 52

shore duty,

700 in sea service, 2,133 SAILMAKERS, 40 sea service,*

900 of the fleet,

2,400 CHIEFENGINEERS,12, on duty, 1st 5 years, 1,500 20 years and upwards,

" after 5 years, 2,000 on leave, 1,800

on leave, 1st 5 years, 1,200 at navy yards, &c. 2,250

" after 5 years, 1,400 in sea service, 2,400 1st ASSISTANT ENGINEERS, 22, on duty, 1,000 of the fleet, 2,700


2D ASSISTANT ENGINEERS, 29, on duty, 800 ASSISTANT SURGEONS, 43, waiting or

on leave, 600 ders,

650 3D ASSISTANT ENGINEERS, 41, on duty, 600 after passing, &c., 850

on leave, 400 Note. One ration per day only is allowed to each officer when attached to vessels for sea service, since the passage of the law of the 3d of March, 1835, regulating the pay of the navy.

* They have an addition of 2 per cent. upon the foregoing rates for every year's sea service, and an addition upon sea pay of 10 per cent. when serving in ships with 400 men, and 20 per cent. when serving in ships with 900 men.

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7. VESSELS OF WAR OF THE UNITED STATES Navy. - Oct., 1854. [The officers marked thus (*) have the rank of Commanders; thus (t), Lieutenants ;

the rest are Captains.)

Name and Rate.-Guns. Where and when built.

Commanded by

Where stationed.

Ships of the Line. 11.
Pennsylvania, 120 Philadelphia,

1837 *John Manning, Rec'g ship, Norfolk. Columbus,

80 Washington,
1819 In ordinary,


84 New York, 1820 *Andrew K. Long, Recig ship, Boston. North Carolina, 84 Philadelphia, 1820 *Elisha Peck,

N. York. Delaware,

84 Norfolk, Va.,
1820 In ordinary,


On stocks, Ports’th. Vermont,

84 Boston, 1848 In ordinary, Boston. Virginia, 84

On stocks, Boston.

Norfolk. New York,

84 New Orleans, 84

Sac. Har. Frigates. 13. Independence, 56 Boston,

1814 Josiah Tatnall, Pacific Ocean. United States, 50 Philadelphia, 1797 In ordinary,

Norfolk. Constitution, 50 Boston,

1797 *John Rudd, Coast of Africa. Potomac,

50 Washington,

1821 In ordinary, Norfolk. Brandywine, 50 1825 In ordinary,

New York. Columbia,


1836 *Stephen B. Wilson, Home Squadron. Congress, 50 Portsmouth,

In ordinary,

New York. Cumberland, 50 Boston,

1842 *A. A. Harwood, Mediterranean. Savannah,

50 New York, 1842 *Samuel Mercer, Coast of Brazil. Raritan, 50 Philadelphia, 1843 In ordinary.

Norfolk. Santee, 50

On stocks, Ports'th. Sabine, 50

N. York. St. Lawrence, 50 Norfolk, 1847 *W. W. Hunter, Pacific Ocean.

Sloops of War. 20. Constellation, 22 Norfolk,

1854 In ordinary,


East Indies.
Macedonian, 22 Capt'd 1812, reb’t 1836 Joel Abbot,
20 Portsmouth, 1842 In ordinary,

John Adams, 20 Charleston,S.C.,1 1799 *Edw. B. Boutwell, Pacific Ocean.
20 New York,

1826 Henry Rolando, N. Pacific Expedition. Falmouth,

20 Boston,
1827 *T. D. Shaw,

Home Squadron.
20 Philadelphia,
1828 *John Pope,

East Indies. St. Louis, 20 Washington, 1828 *Henry W. Morris,


20 Boston,
1837 In ordinary,


20 New York,
1837 *C. C. Turner,

22 Portsmouth,

1843 *T. A. Dornin, Pacific Ocean. Plymouth,

22 Boston,
1843 *John Kelly,

East Indies.
St. Mary's,
22 Washington,
1844 *T. Bailey,

Pacific Ocean. Jamestown, 22 Norfolk, 1844 In ordinary,

Philadelphia. Albany,

22 New York, 1846 *James T. Gerry, Home Squadron. Germantown, 22 Philadelphia, 1846 *Wm. F. Lynch, Coast of Brazil. Decatur,

16 New York;
1839 *Isaac S. Sterett,

Pacific Ocean.
46 Portsmouth,

Naval School Ship. Marion,

16 Boston,

1839 *Hugh Y. Purviance, Coast of Africa. Dale,

16 Philadelphia, 1839 *William C. Whittlé, Coast of Africa.
Brigs. 4.

4 New York,
1836 In ordinary,


4 Boston,

1836 PA. B. Davis, N. Pacific Expedition. Bainbridge,


1842 C. G. Hunter, Coast of Brazil.
6 Norfolk, 1843 In ordinary,

Fenimore Cooper,

3 Purchased,
1853 +H. K. Stevens,

N. Pacific Expedition.
Steam Frigates. 6.


Portsmouth. Mississippi, 10 Philadelphia, 1841 *S. S. Lee,

East Indies.

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1 Rebuilt at Norfolk, in 1831. * $ Under the act of the last session of Congress, authorizing the construction of six steam frigates, they are building as follows: the Merrimack at Boston; the Niagara at New York; the Wabash at Philadelphia; the Minnesota at Washington; the Roanoke and the Colorado at Norfolk ; each to carry 50 guns.

Where stationed.

East Indies.
East Indies.

Commanded by
Name and Rate.-Guns. Where and when built.
Susquehannah, 9 Philadelphia, 1850 *F. Buchanan,

9 Norfolk, 1850 Wm. J. McCluney, Saranac,

6 Portsmouth,

1848 John C. Long, San Jacinto,

6 New York, 1850 C. K. Stribling, Steamers, 1st Class, 4.

SNew York, 18431 Princeton, 10 Boston, rebuilt

, 1851

*H. Eagle, Fulton,

5 New York, 1837 +John K. Mitchell, Michigan,

1 Erie, Pa.,

1843 *J. S. Nicholas, Alleghany,

10 Pittsburg, Pa., 1846 In ordinary, Less than 1st Class, 5. Vixen,

Purchased, 1846 In ordinary, Water-Witch, 2 Washington,

1845 |Thomas J. Page, Massachusetts, Transf'd from W. D. FR. W. Meade, Engineer,


1846 Tender, John Hancock,

2 Boston,

1850 +John Rodgers, Storeships. 7. Warren,


1826 D. McDougal, Relief,

6 Philadelphia, 1836 1S. C. Rowan, Lexington,

6 New York,

1825 Jno. J. Glasson, Southampton, 4 Norfolk,

1845 (J. J. Boyle, Supply,

4 Purchased,

1846 #Arthur Sinclair, Fredonia,


1846T. D. Johnston, John P. Kennedy, Purchased,

1853 N. Collins, Permanent Rec'g Vess. 2. Ontario,

18 Baltimore,

1813 *Robert G. Robb, Union (Steamer), 4 Norfolk,

18421*Frederick Engle,

Home Squadron.
Home Squadron.
New York.
River La Plata.
N.Pacific Expedition.
San Francisco.
East Indies.
East Indies.
East Indies.

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The Marine Corps has the organization of a brigade. The pay and allowances of the officers of the Marine Corps are similar to those of officers of the same grades in the infantry of the Army, except the adjutant and inspector, who have the same pay and allowances as the paymaster of the Marines; namely, about $ 2,800 per annum.

The Marine Corps is subject to the laws and regulations of the Navy, except when detached for service with the Army by the order of the President of the United States. The head-quarters of the Corps are at Washington.* † Archibald Henderson, Colonel-Commandant.

General Staff
| Parke G. Howle,

Adjutant & Inspector.
† William W. Russell, Paymaster.
# Aug. A. Nicholson,

s George F. Lindsay,

Assistant Quartermaster.

James Edelin,
Samuel Miller.

William Dulany,

Thomas S. English.
John Harris,

* There are 13 Captains, 20 First Lieutenants, and 20 Second Lieutenants. The number of non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates varies; it may average 1,100 men. + Brigadier-General by brevet. • With the rank of Major. $ With the rank of Captain.



1837, 1841,


Appointed. Salary. Roger B. Taney, Baltimore, Md., Chief Justice, 1836, $ 5,000 John McLean, Cincinnati, Ohio,

Associate Justice, 1829, 4,500 James M. Wayne, Savannah, Ga.,

1835, 4,500 John Catron, Nashville, Tenn.,

4,500 Peter V. Daniel, Richmond, Va.,

4,500 Samuel Nelson, Cooperstown, N. Y.,

1845, 4,500 Robert C. Grier, Pittsburg, Pa.,

1846, 4,500 Benj. Robbins Curtis, Boston, Mass.,

4,500 John A. Campbell, Mobile, Ala.

1853, 4,500 C. Cushing, of Mass., Washington, D.C., Attorney-General, 1853, 8,000 Benj. C. Howard, Baltimore, Md., Reporter, 1843, 1,300 William T. Carroll, Washington, D. C., Clerk,

Fees, &c. The Supreme Court is held in the city of Washington, and has one session annually, commencing on the 1st Monday of December.


CIRCUIT COURTS. The United States are divided into the following nine Judicial Circuits, in each of which a Circuit Court is held twice every year, for each State within the Circuit, by a Justice of the Supreme Court, assigned to the Circuit, and by the District Judge of the State or District in which the Court sits.

Presiding Judge. 1st Circuit, Maine, N. Hampshire, Mass., and R. I., Mr. Justice Curtis. 2d Vermont, Connecticut, and New York, Mr. Justice Nelson. 3d New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Mr. Justice Grier. 4th Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, Mr. Ch. Justice Taney. 5th Alabama, Louisiana, and Kentucky, Mr. Justice Campbell. 6th N. Carolina, S. Carolina, and Georgia, Mr. Justice Wayne. 7th Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan, Mr. Justice McLean. 8th Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri, Mr. Justice Catron. 9th Mississippi and Arkansas,

Mr. Justice Daniel. The States of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California have not yet been attached to any Circuit, but the District Courts have the power of Circuit Courts, and the District Judges act as Circuit Judges. There is a local Circuit Court held in the District of Columbia, by three judges specially appointed for that purpose. The Chief Justice of that Court sits also as District Judge of that District.


Portland, 230 April and 230 September.
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Portsmouth, 8th May ; - Exeter, 8th October.

Windsor, 21st May ; — Rutland, 3d October.


* For the Terms in the States not attached to any Circuit, see Terms of the District Courts in those States. For the Terms in the District of Columbia and the Territories, see post, Part IIT.

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MASSACHUSETTS, Boston, 15th May and 15th October.
Rhode ISLAND, Neroport, 15th June ; – Providence, 15th November.
CONNECTICUT, New Haven, 4th Tuesday in April;— Hartford, 3d

Tuesday in September.
N. YORK, S. Dist., • New York, 1st Monday in April and 3d Monday in

October; and a special term for criminal cases and

suits in equity on the last Monday in February. N. YORK, N. Dist., Albany, 3d Tuesday in October an 3d Tuesday in

May; - Canandaigua, Tuesday next after 3d

Monday in June. NEW JERSEY, Trenton, 4th Tuesday in March and September. Penn., E. Dist., Philadelphia, 1st Monday in April and October. Penn., W. Dist., Pittsburg, 2d Monday in May and November;

Williamsport, 3d Monday in June and September. DELAWARE,

Newcastle, 3d Tuesday in June and October. MARYLAND, Baltimore, 1st Monday in April and November. VIRGINIA, E. Dist., Richmond, 1st Monday in May and 4th Monday in

November. VIRGINIA, W. Dist., Lewisburg, 1st Monday in August. North CAROLINA, . Raleigh, 1st Monday in June and last Monday in

November. South CAROLINA, . Charleston, Wednesday preceding the 4th Monday in

March ; — Columbia, 4th Monday in November. Georgia, N. Dist., Marietta,* 2d Monday in March and September. GEORGIA, S. Dist., . Savannah, 2d Monday in April ; — Milledgeville,

Thursday after 1st Monday in November. ALABAMA,

Mobile, 2d Monday in April and 4th Monday in

December. Mississippi,

Jackson, 1st Monday in May and November. LOUISIANA,

New Orleans, 4th Monday in April and 1st Monday

in November. TENNESSEE, Nashville, 1st Monday in March and September ;

Knoxville, 3d Monday in April and October;

Jackson, 2d Monday in October and April. KENTUCKY,

Frankfort, 3d Monday in May and October. Онто, ,

Columbus, 3d Tuesday in April and October. MICHIGAN,

Detroit, 3d Monday in June and 2d Monday in Oct. INDIANA,

Indianapolis, 3d Monday in May and November. Illinois,

Springfield, 1st Monday in July and 3d Monday in December; Chicago, 3d Tuesday in April

and 1st Tuesday in October. Missouri, :

St. Louis, 1st Monday in April and (special) Oct. ARKANSAS,

Little Rock, 2d Monday in April.

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* This court is held by the District Judge, with special authority to exercise the powers and jurisdiction of a Judge of the Circuit Court.

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