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Settlers cross mountains.
Walpole Company proposed.

Colonel James Smith visits Kentucky. 1767.

Western Indians grow impatient.
Franklin labors for Walpole Company.
Finley visits Kentucky.

Zeisberger founds mission on the Alleghany. 1768. Oct. 24, Treaty of Fort Stanwix by which the title of the Iroquois to all south

of the Ohio is purchased. 1769. March, Mississippi Company proposed.

May 1, Boone and others start for Kentucky.
June 7, Boone and others reach Red river.
Dec. 22,

Boone taken by Indians. 1770. October,

Treaty of Lochaber.
Ohio Company merged in Walpole Company.
Washington visits the West.
The Long Hunters explore the West.
The Zanes found Wheeling.
Moravians invited to Big Beaver.
Captain Pittman in Illinois.

Spain obtains possession of St. Louis. 1771. March, The Boones return to North Carolina. 1772.

Indians killed by whites on Lower Kenawha.
May 3, Moravians invited by Delawares, found Shoenbrun on the Muskingum.

April, General Gage's proclamation against settlers on Wabash.
1773. Sept. 25, Boone and others start to settle Kentucky.
Oct 10, Boone and others are attacked by Indians and turn back.

Bullitt, McAfee, &c., descend the Ohio.
Bullitt, McAfee, &c., survey at Falls, and on Kentucky river.
General Thompson surveys in the valley of the Licking.

General Lyman goes to Natchez.

Purchase by Illinois Company in Illinois.
James Harrod in Kentucky.

(within Virginia. January, Dunmore sends Connolly to take possession of Pittsburgh as being Jan. 25, Connolly calls out the militia; he is arrested by St. Clair; his follow

ers are riotous, and fire on the Indians.
March 28, Connolly, released on parole, comes to Pittsburgh with an armed force.

He rebuilds the fort and calls it Fort Dunmore.
April 16, Cherokees attack a boat on the Ohio.
April 21, Connolly writes to the settlers to beware of the Indians.

Cresap, having Connolly's letter, attacks Indians.
Greathouse murders several Indians.
Preparations for war.

Logan revenges his family.
June, Boone sent for surveyors in Kentucky.
June 10,

Friendly Shawanese attacked by Connolly.

Traders murdered.
July, McDonald attacks Wappatomica.
Sept. 6 & 12, Troops under Lewis march down Kenhawa.
Oct. 6, Troops under Lewis reach Point Pleasant.
Oct. 10, Battle of Point Pleasant.

November, Dunmore makes peace.
1775. March 17, Treaty of Wataga; purchase by Transylvania Company.
April 1,

Boone goes to Kentucky and founds Boonesboro'.
April 20, Henderson reaches Boonesboro'.
May 23, Henderson calls representatives together.
May 27, Legislature adjourns.
April, Massachusetts Council try to prevent hostility by Iroquois.
May, Guy Johnson influences Iroquois against Americans.

Oneidas and Tuscaroras adhere to America.

Boone and several families move to Kentucky.
July, Congress forms three Indian Departments,
August, Meeting of Commissioners and Indians at Albany.
October, Meeting of Commissioners and Indians at Pittsbro'.

Connolly arrested in Maryland.
October, Purchase by Wabash Company on Wabash.

June 28,



1776. April 29, An attack on Detroit proposed in Congress.

April 19, Washington advises the employment of the Indians.

Indians incline to British.
June 3, Congress authorises the employment of Indians.
July 7 to 21, Indians attack Kentuckians; settlers leave.

George Rogers Clark moves to Kentucky.
June 6,

Kentuckians petition Virginia for admission as citizens, and choose

Clark and Jones members of Virginia Assembly.
August 23, Clark procures powder from Council of Virginia.
Dec. 7,

Virginia admits Kentucky among her counties.

Clark and Jones return by Pittsbro' with powder.
Dec. 25,

Jones killed while going for powder to Limestone.

Clark reaches Harrodsburg.
1777. Summer, Cornstalk murdered at Point Pleasant.

Congress of Indians and British at Oswego.
Spring, Kentucky infested with savages.
April, Kentucky chooses Burgesses.

Logan's station attacked.
April 20 to June 22—Clark's spies in Illinois.
August, Logan crosses the mountains for powder.

Colonel Bowman and 100 men come from Virginia.
Sep.26 & 27, Fort Henry (Wheeling) attacked.
September, First Court at Harrodsburg.
Oct. 1,

Clark leaves for Virginia.
Nov. 20, The attack on Detroit urged in Congress.
Dec. 10,

Clark opens his plan for conquering Illinois to Governor of Virginia. 1778. January 2, Orders issued to Clark to attack Illinois.

February 7, Boone taken prisoner at Blue Lick.
March 10, Boone carried to Detroit.
June 24,

Clark passes Falls of Ohio.
June 16, Boone escapes.
May, McIntosh commands at Fort Pitt.

Fort McIntosh built.

New Jersey objects to land claims of Virginia.
July 4, Clark takes Kaskaskia.
July 6, Clark takes Cahokia.
Aug. 1, St. Vincents joins the American cause.
Aug. 1, Boone goes to attack Paint creek town.
Aug. 8, Boonesboro' besieged.

Fort Laurens built.
September, Clark holds council with the Indians.
Sept. 17, Treaty with Delawares at Pittsbro'.
October, Virginia grants Henderson and Company 200,000 acres on Green river.

December, Governor Hamilton takes Vincennes. 1779. Jan. 29, Clark hears of capture of Vincennes.

January, Delaware objects to land claims of Virginia.
Feb. 7, Clark starts against Hamilton,
Feb. 24,

Hamilton surrenders.

Hamilton is sent to Virginia.
April 1, Americans suspect and attack Iroquois.

Lexington Kentucky settled.

Virginia passes land laws.
May 21, Maryland objects to land claims of Virginia.

General Sullivan devastates Iroquois country.

Bowman's expedition against Indian towns on Miamies.
August, Fort Laurens abandoned.
September, Indians treat with Brodhead at Fort Pitt.
October, Rogers and Benham attacked by Indians.
Oct. 13, Land Commissioners open their sessions in Kentucky.
Oct. 30,

Congress asks Virginia to reconsider land laws. 1780.

Hard winter-great suffering.
Feb. 19, New York authorises a cession of western lands.
Spring, Fort Jefferson built on Mississippi.
Spring, Great emigration to Kentucky.

Virginia grants lands in Kentucky for education.
St. Louis attacked by British and Indians.

Louisville established by law,
June, Byrd invades Kentucky.

June 25,




1780. July, Clark prepares to attack Shawanese.

He destroys British store on Miami, &c.
Sept. 6, Resolution of Congress relative to western lands.
October, Connecticut passes first act of cession.
October, Fort Pitt threatened by savages.
November, Kentucky divided into three counties.

December, Clark prepares to attack Detroit.
1781. Jan. 2, Virginia makes her first act of cession.

January, Spaniards take St. Joseph's.
Feb. 15, Mr. Jay instructed that he may yield the navigation of the Mississippi.
March 1, New York cedes her western lands.

Brodhead attacks Delawares on Muskingum.
April 16, Mary Heckewelder born; first white child in Ohio.

Americans begin to settle in Illinois.

Chickasaws attack fort Jefferson.
September, Colonel Floyd rescued by Wells.
September, Moravians carried to Sandusky by British and Indians.
October, Moravian missionaries taken to Detroit.

Williamson leads a party against the Moravians, but finds the town
Kentucky organized.

(deserted. Great emigration of girls to Kentucky. 1782. March, Moravians murdered by Americans.

March, Moravian missionaries taken to Detroit.
March 22, Estill's defeat.

Crawford's expedition.
June 11,

Crawford burnt.
Aug. 14, Attack on Bryant's station.
Aug. 19, Battle of the Blue Licks.
September, Clark invades the Miami valleys the second time.
November, Land offices opened.
Nov. 30,

Provisional articles of peace with Great Britain. 1783. Jan. 20, Hostilities of United States and Great Britain cease.

March, Kentucky formed into one District.
April 18, Congress calls on States to cede lands.
April 19, Peace proclaimed to the army.

English propose to carry away negroes.
May, Washington protests against course of English.
June, Rufus Putnam applies for lands in west.
July 12, Baron Steuben sent to receive western posts.

Cassaty sent to Detroit.

Virginia withdraws Clark's commission.
Sept. 3, Definitive treaty of peace.
Sept. 7, Washington writes to Duane about western lands.
Sept. 13, Congress proposes terms of cession to Virginia.
Sept. 22, Congress forbids all purchases of Indian lands.
Oct. 15,

Congress instructs Indian Commissioners.

Virginia grants Clark and his soldiers lands.
Dec. 20. Virginia authorises cession on terms proposed.
Nov. 25, British leave New York taking negroes:

Daniel Brodhead opens a store in Louisville. 1784. Jan. 4, Treaty of peace ratified by United States.

February, James Wilkinson goes to Lexington Kentucky.
March 1, Virginia gives deed of cession.
March 4, Indian Commissioners reinstructed.

Pittsburgh re-surveyed.
April 9, Treaty of peace ratified by England.
June 22, Virginia refuses to comply with treaty.
July, England refuses to deliver up western posts.

Treaty with Iroquois at Fori Stanwix.
Logan calls meeting at Danville.
First Kentucky Convention meets.

Kentucky receives many emigrants.
1785. Jan. 21, Treaty with Delawares, &c., at Fort McIntosh.

April, An attempt to settle at mouth of Scioto.
May 20, Ordinance for survey of western lands passed.
May 23.

Second Kentucky Convention meets.
July, Don Gardoqui comes from Spain.
August 8, Third Kentucky Convention meets.

Oct. 22,

Dec. 27,



Dec. 22,

85. August,

Indians threaten hostility.
Great confederacy of northwestern Indians formed by Brant.

Fort Harmar built.
1786. January, Brant visits England to learn purposes of ministers.

January, Virginia agrees to independence of Kentucky,
Jan. 10, Putnam and Tupper call meeting to form Ohio Company.
Jan. 31, Treaty with Shawanese at Fort Finney, (mouth of Great Miami.)
March 1, Ohio Company of Associates formed.
May 16, Governor of Virginia writes to Congress respecting Indian invasions.
May, The negotiations as to Mississippi before Congress.
May 26, Resolution of Congress produces cession by Connecticut.
June 30, Congress authorises the invasion of northwestern territory.
July 29, Pittsburgh Gazette first published.
August, Mr. Jay authorized to yield navigation of Mississippi for a term of years.
September, Clark and his troops at Vincennes.
Sept. 14, Connecticnt makes second act of cession.
October, Clark's troops leave him.
October 8, Clark seizes Spanish property at Vincennes.
November, Virginia protests against yielding navigation of Mississippi.

Great dissatisfaction in the west.
November, Governor of Virginia informed as to Clark's movements.

Great Indian Council in northwest; they address Congress. 1787. January, Fourth Kentucky Convention meets.

March 8, Ohio Company chooses Directors.
May, Meeting in Kentucky relative to navigation of Mississippi.
June, Wilkinson goes to New Orleans.

Dr. Cutler negotiates with Congress for lands for Ohio Company.
July 27, Congress make order in favor of Ohio Company.
July 13, Ordinance passed for government of northwestern territory.
July, Harry Innis refuses to prosecute invaders of Indian lands.
August 18, Kentucky Gazette established.
August 29, Symmes applies for land.

Entries of Virginia Military Reserve, north of Ohio, begin.
Sept. 17, Fifth Kentucky Convention meets.
Oct. 27, Ohio Company completes contract for lands.
Oct. 2, Symmes' application referred to Board of Treasury.
Oct. 3, Troops ordered west.
Oct. 5, St. Clair appointed Governor of northwestern territory.
Nov. 23, Preparations made by Ohio Company to send settlers west,
Nov. 26, Symmes issues proposals for settlers.

December, John Brown, first western representative goes to Congress. 1788. Summer, Indians expected to make treaty at Marietta.

Great emigration; 4,500 persons pass Fort Harmar.
January, Denman purchases Cincinnati.
Feb. 29,

The admission of Kentucky debated in Congress.
April 7, Ohio Company settlers land at Muskingum.
July 2, Marietta named.
July 3, The admission of Kentucky refused by Congress,
July 9, St. Clair reaches northwestern territory.
July 28, Sixth Kentucky Convention meets.
July 25, First law of northwestern territory published..

Symmes starts for the west
August, Losantiville (Cincinnati) laid out.
Sept. 2, First court held at Marietta.
Sept. 22,

Symmes reaches his purchase.

Great Indian Council in northwest to forbid treaties with separate nations.
Nov. 4, Seventh Kentucky Convention meets.
Nov. 18, Columbia settled by Stites.
November, Dr. Connolly in Kentucky as a British agent,
Dec. 24, The founders of Cincinnati leave Maysville.
Dec. 28, Cincinnati reached according to McMillan.

Virginia passes third act to make Kentucky independent,

George Morgan removes to New Madrid. 1789. Jan. 9, Treaties of Fort Harmar concluded.

Wilkinson goes to New Orleans again.

Daniel Story, first teacher and preacher, in Ohio Company's purchase.

Symmes’ settlements threatened by Indians.

Major Doughty arrives at Symmes' purchase and begins Ft. Washington.

Dec. 29,



1789. July, Western scouts withdrawn by Virginia.

July 20, Eighth Kentucky Convention meets.
September, Governor Miro of New Orleans writes Sebastian.
Sept. 29, Congress empowers President to call out western militia.
Oct. 6, President authorises Governor St. Clair to call out militia.
Dec. 29,

General Harmar reaches Cincinnati with 300 troops.
1790. Jan. 1 or 2, Governor St. Clair at Cincinnati, which name is then given it.

Spring, St. Clair goes west to Kaskaskia.
April, Gamelin sent to Wabash Indians.
May, Indian hostilities take place.
July 15, St. Clair calls out western militia.
July 26, Ninth Kentucky Convention meets.
Sept. 15, Troops gather at Fort Washington.
Sept. 30, Harmar leaves Fort Washington.
Oct. 15,

Colonel Hardin with the advance reaches Miami villages.
Oct. 17, Main army reaches Miami villages.
Oct. 18,

Trotter goes after Indians.
Oct. 19, Hardin's first defeat.
Oct. 22, Hardin's second defeat.
December, Kentuckians petition Congress to fight Indians in their own way.
December, Admission of Kentucky to United States brought before Congress.

December, Massie and others contract to settle Manchester. 1791. Jan. 2, Big Bottom settlement destroyed by Indians.

Feb. 4, Congress agree to admit Kentucky.
March 3, Excise laid on spirits.
March 9, Scott of Kentucky authorised to march against Indians.
March 12, Procter starts on his western mission.
April 27, Procter reaches Buffalo creek.
May 5, Procter is refused a vessel to cross Lake Erie.
May 15, St. Clair at Fort Washington preparing his expedition.
May 21, Procter abandons his mission.
May 23, Scott marches up Wabash.
July 27, Meeting at Brownsville against excise.
August 1, Wilkinson marches against Eel river Indians.
Sept. 6, Collector of Alleghany and Washington counties (Penn.) attacked.

Meeting at Pittsburgh against excise.
Sept. 17, St. Clair commences his march.
Oct. 12, Fort Jefferson commenced.
October, Wilson maltreated in west of Pennsylvania.
Nov. 4, St. Clair's defeat.
Nov. 8, The remainder of the army at Fort Washington.

December, Convention elected to form Constitution for Kentucky. 1792. January 7, Peace offered by the U. States to the Indians, through the Senecas.

January 9, Pond and Stedman sent west.
Feb. Brant invited to Philadelphia.
Feb. 1,

Wilkinson sends to field of St. Clair's defeat.

Gallipolis settled.
March, Iroquois chiefs visit Philadelphia.
April 3, Instructions issued to Trueman.
April 3, Kentucky Constitution prepared.
May 8, Excise laws amended.
May 8. Captain Hendrick sent west.
May 22, Instructions issued to Rufus Putnami.
May 22, Trueman leaves Fort Washington--Hardin also.
June General Wayne moves westward.
June 20, Brant visits Philadelphia.

Fire lands given to sufferers, by Connecticut.
July 7, Indians seize 0. M. Spencer, &c.
Aug. 21, Great anti-excise meeting at Pittsburgh.
Sept. 15, Washington issues proclamation on Excise law.
Sept.'27, R. Putnam makes a treaty at Vincennes.
Nov. 6,

Adair attacked near Fort St. Clair.
Nov. 6. Opposition to excise law diminishes.

December, United States troops at Legionville, on the Ohio. 1793. March 1st, Lincoln, Randolph and Pickering, appointed to treat with Indians. >

April, United States legion goes down to Cincinnati.
April 8, Genet reaches United States.
May 17, Commissioners reach Niagara.
May 18, Genet is presented to Washington.
May 30, First Democratic society in Philadelphia.

Sept. 7.

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