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A Farmer's 'Bill, or Accoutu.

AUBURN, Oct. 21, 1822. Thomas Yates, Esq.

To John Mornington, Dr. 1822. April 5. To 5 barrels Cider, at $2,00

$10,00 20 bushels Potatoes, at


5,00 55 lbs. Butter, at


9,35 June 6. 1 ton of Hay,

10,00 July 15. 40 lbs. Cheese, at


3,20 2 cords of Wood, at 4,00



Received the amount.


JOHN MORNINGTON. N. B.-To prevent accidents, care should be taken not to receipt an account until it 18 paid.

A negotiable Note.

New-Haven, March 21, 1822. Six months after date, I promise to pay to William Walter, or or der, (at my house,) One Hundred Dollars, value received in two yoke of oxen.

JAMES HILLHOUSE. Dit is best to mention where the note shall be paid, and for what it is given. Without the words, " or order," a note 18 not negotiable

A Receipt in full. Received, Hartford, May 22, 1822, of Theodore Barrell, Esq. Fifty two Dollars, in full of all demands,

GEO. GOODWIN. Or if the payment be not in full, write “ on acruunt.N, B. For other useful forms, see the Arithmétick.

NOTE. The affectionate Instructor, who always feels a parental solicitudo for the permanent welfare of his pupils, cannot in any way so much contributo to their success in life, with so little trouble, as to teach then to understand this abridged, complete and siinple system of Book Keeping. It contains all the imporlant principles of extended and expensive works on the science; all, in fact, that is necessary to be known by the Farmer, Mechanic, and Shopkeeper, relating to accounts; and yet with very little explanation and repeated copying and balancing the accounts, will be so fully understood and Jeeply innprese sed on the memory of scholars of cominon mind, as never to he forgot ten; while their knowledge of common arithmetick and practical per manship will thereby be greatly improved.


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