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on THE SEconD DAY of MAY, 1837.



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The President laid before the Convention the following commu-
nications, viz:
LIBRARY, Monday Evening,
November 27, 1837.

DEAR SIR-In obedience to an order of the Directors of the Library Company of Philadelphia, I have the honor of communicating to you, for the information of the members of the CConvention, the *...* resolution, which was adopted unanimously by the


“Resolved, That the free use of the books in the Library be tendered to the members of the Convention of this commonwealth, which is to meet in this city on the 38th instant, in as full and ample manner as if they were members of the company.”

By order of the Directors,
Secretary of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

The Hon. John SERGEANT,
President of the Convention, &c.

The Library is open every day (Sundays excepted) from one o'clock, P. M. until sunset.

PHILADELPHIA, 27th November, 1837. SIR-The Directors of the Atheneum of this city beg leave, through you, to offer to the members of the Convention for revising the constitution of this commonwealth, the free use of their rooms every day during their residence in Philadelphia. The rooms are open every day (Sundays excepted,) from eight in the morning till ten o’clock at night. I have the honor to be, With great respect, sir, Your obedient servant, PETER. S. DU PONCEAU, President of the Board of Directors of the Atheneum of Philadelphia.


President of the Convention for revising the Constitution of Penn



November 28, 1837.

To the President, Officers and Members generally, of the Convention to propose Amendments to the Constitution of PennsylvaIlla. GENTLEMEN-The Executive Committee of the Philadelphia Merchants' Exchange, through me, would most respectfully tender to you the use of their Reading Room during your session. Gentlemen will please leave their names at the foreign letter office, and receive tickets of admission. I am, very respectfully, gentlemen, Your obedient servant, J. COFFEE, Superintendant.

Which were severally read and laid on the table.

The President also laid before the Convention a letter from P. Augustus Sage, accompanied by a recommendation signed by Samuel W. Neal and others, praying that he may be appointed German printer for the Convention.

Which was read and laid on the table.

A motion was made by Mr. Denny, and read as follows, viz:

Resolved, That the President of the Convention be and is hereby authorised to make such arrangements as may be expedient for procuring the attendance each day, of some one of the clergy of this city to open the session of the Convention each morning, with prayer.

And on motion,

The said resolution was read a second time. And being under consideration,

A motion was made by Mr. Stevens, To postpone the consideration of the said resolution indefinitely. And on the question,

Will the Convention agree to the motion ?

The yeas and nays were required by Mr. Chauncey and Mr. Stevens, and are as follow, viz:

YEA8. Mr. Brown, Northam. Mr. Fr Mr. Martin Brown, Philada. Gilmore M’Dowell Carey Hastings M'Sherry Cleavinger Hayhurst Overfield Coates High Reigart Cope Hopkinson Riter-" Crain Houpt" Serrill Darlington Jenks Smyth, of Centre Darrah Keim Stevens Dillinger Konigmacher Taggart Earle Krebs Weaver Fleming Magee Young 37 Foulkrod NAYS, Mr. Agnew Mr. Dickerson Mr. M'Call Ayres Doran Meredith Baldwin Dunlop Merrill Barnitz. Farrelly Montgomery Bedford Forward Pennypacker Biddle Fuller Pollock Chandler, Philada. # Porter, Lancaster Chauncey Helffenstein Purviance Clapp Henderson, Alleg. Read Clarke, Beaver Hiester Saeger Clark, Dauphin Hyde Scheetz Clarke, Indiana Ingersoll Scott Cochran Kennedy Shellito Cox Kerr Sill Cunningham Lyons Sterigere Curll Mann White Denny M’Cahen Sergeant, Pres’t. Dickey 52

So the question was determined in the negative.

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