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Statutes at Large,


Second to the Eighth Year of Queen ANNE.



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Statutes at Large,


Second to the Eighth Year of Queen ANNE.

To which is prefixed,

A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES

during that Period.


By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray’s-Inn, Esq;

Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.


for CHARLES BATHURST, at the Cross-Keys, opposite St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street, London. 1764.

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TABLE of the STATUTES, Containing the Titles pf all fuch Acts as are extant in print,

from the Second to the Eighth Year of Queen ANNE.

Cap.1. F magranting an aid to her

Anno 2 & 3 Annæ.

Cap. 8. For the erecting a workhouse

in the city of Worcester, and for Majesty by a , setting the poor on work there. be raised in the year one thousand Cap.9. For granting to her Majesty seven hundred and four.

an additional subsidy of tunnage Cap. 2. For granting an aid to her and poundage for three years; and

Majesty, by continuing the duties for laying a further duty upon French upon malt, muin, cyder, and perry, wines condemned as lawful prize; for one year.

and for ascertaining the values of Cap: 3. For granting an aid to her unrated goods imported from the

Majesty, for carrying on the war, East Indies. and other her Majesty's occasions, Cap. 1o. To enlarge the time for the by selling annuities at several rates, purchasers of the forfeited estates and for such respective terms or e in Ireland, to make the payments ftates as are therein mentioned.

of their purchase money. Сар. For the publick regiftring of Cap. 11. For the making more effec

all deeds, conveyances, and wills, tual her Majesty's gracious intenthat shall be made of any honours, tions for the augmentation of the manors, lands, tenements, or he maintenance of the poor clergy, by reditaments, within the west riding enabling her Majesty to grant in of the county of York, after the nine perpetuity the revenues of the first and twentieth day of September, one

fruits and tenths; and also for enthousand seven hundred and four. abling any other persons to make Cap.5. To repeal a Proviso in an act grants for the same purpose.

of the fourth year of the reign of Cap. 12. For the raising the militia King William and Queen Mary, for the year one thousand seven which prevents the citizens of the hundred and four, notwithstanding city of York from disposing of their the month's pay formerly advanced personal estates by their wills, as be not repaid. others inhabiting within the pro- Cap. 13. For prolonging the time by

vince of York by that act may do. an act of parliament made in the Cap. 6. For the increase of feamen, first year of her Majesty's reign, for

and better encouragement of navi importing thrown filk of the growth gation, and security of the coal of Sicily from Leghorn. trade.

Cap. 14. For the better securing and Cap. 7. For enlarging the term of regulating the duties upon falt.

years granted by an act passed in Cap. 15. For the better and more rethe feffion of parliament, held in gular paying and alligning the anthe eleventh and twelfth years of nuities, after the rate of three King William III. for the repair of pounds per cent. per annum, payable Dover harbour,

to several bankers, and other paVol. XI.


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