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And b great Nassau to Kneller's hand decreed
To fix him graceful on the bounding Steed;
So well in paint and stone they judg’d of merit:
But Kings in Wit may want discerning Spirit. 385
The Hero William, and the Martyr Charles,
One knighted Blackmore, and one pension’d Quarles;
Which made old Ben and surly Dennis swear,
“ No Lord's anointed, but a c Russian Bear.”

Not with such d majesty, such bold relief,
The Forms august, of King, or conquering Chief,
E’er swellid on marble ; as in verse have thin'd
(In polith'd verse) the manners and the Mind.
Oh! could I mount on the Mæonian wing,
Your e Arms, your Actions, your Repose to fing! 395
What f seas you travers’d, and what fields you fought !
Your Country's Peace, how oft, how dearly bought!



Fortis b Alexandri vultum fimulantia. quod fi
Judicium subtile videndis artibus illud
Ad libros et ad haec Musarum dona vocares;
c Boeotum in crasso jurares aëre natum.

[At neque dedecorant tua de fe judicia, atque Munera


multa dantis cum laude tulerunt, Dilecti tibi Virgilius Variufque poetae ; ]

Nec magis expressi d vultus per ahenea signa, Quam per vatis opus mores animique virorum Clarorum apparent. nec sermones ego mallem Repentes per humum, e quam res componere geftas, Terrarumque flutus et flumina dicere, et arces

How g barbarous rage subsided at your word,
And Nations wonder'd while they dropp'd the sword !
How, when you nodded, o'er the land and deep, 400
h Peace stole her wing, and wrapt the world in Neep;
Till earth's extremes your

mediation own, And i Alia’s Tyrants tremble at your

Throne -
But k Verse, alas ! your Majesty disdains ;
And I'm not us’d to Panegyric strains :

The Zeal of 1 Fools offends at any time,
But most of all, the Zeal of Fools in rhyme.
Besides, a fate attends on all I write,
That when I aim at praise, they say m I bite.
A vile n Encomium doubly ridicules :
There's nothing blackens like the ink of fools.
If true, a ° woful likeness; and if lyes,
« Praise undeserv'd is scandal in disguise :"



Montibus impositas, et barbara regna, tuisque
Auspiciis totum 5 confecta duella per orbem, .
Claustraque b cuftodem pacis cohibentia Janum,
Et i formidatam Parthis, te principe, Romam :
Si quantum cuperem, possem quoque. sed neque parvum
k Carmen majestas recipit tua ; nec meus audet
Rem tentare pudor, quam vires ferre recusent.
Sedulitas autem I stulte, quem diligit, urget ;
Praecipue cum se numeris commendat et arte.
Discit enim citius, meminitque libentius illud
Quod quis m deridet, quam quod probat et veneratur.
Nil moror" officium, quod me gravat: ac neque fi&to
In • pejus vultu proponi cereus usquam,

Well may he e blush, who gives it, or receives ;
And when I flatter, let my dirty leaves

415 (Like Journals, Odes, and such forgotten things As Eusden, Philips, Settle, writ of Kings) 9 Clothe spice, line trunks, or, fluttering in a row, Befringe the rails of Bedlam and Soho.

Nec prave

factis decorari versibus opto : Ne p rubeam pingui donatus munere, et una Cum scriptore meo capsa porre&tus aperta, 9 Deferar in vicum vendentem thus et odores, Et piper, et quicquid chartis amicitur ineptis.




“ Ludentis fpeciem dabit, & torquebitur.” Hor. DEAR EAR Colinel, Cobham's and your country's

Friend! You love a Verse, take such as I can fend. Þ A Frenchman comes, presents you with his Boy, Bows, and begins---" This Lad, Sir, is of Blois : “ Observe his shape how clean ! his locks how curld! “ My only fon, I'd have hina see the world : “ His French is pure; his voice too-you shall hear. “ Sir, he's your llave, for twenty pound a year. “ Mere wax as yet, you fashion him with ease, * Your Barber, Cook, Upholsterer, what you please : “ A perfect genius at an Opera songTo say too much, might do my honour wrong.

« Take


FLORE, bono claroque fidelis amice Neroni,

b Si quis forte velit puerum tibi v-ndere natum Tibure vel Gabiis, et tecum fic agat: “ Hic et “ Candidus, et talos a vertice pulcher ad imos, “ Fiet eritque tuus nummorum millibus octo; 66 Verna ministeriis ad nutus aptus heriles; « Litterulis Graecis imbutus, idoneus arti “ Cuilibet : argilla quidvis imitaberis uda :


« Take him with all his virtues, on my word; “ His whole ambition was to serve a Lord : “ But, Sir, to you, with what would I not part ? “ Though faith, I fear, 'twill break his Mother's heart. “ Once (and but once) I caught him in a lie, “ And then, unwhipp'd, he had the

grace to cry: 6. The fault he has I fairly shall reveal, “ (Could you o'erlook but that) it is, to steal.”

cIf, after this, you took the graceful lad, Could you complain, my Friend, he prov'd so bad ? Faith, in such case, if you should prosecute, I think Sir Godfrey should decide the suit; Who sent the Thief that stole the Cash, away, 25 And punish'd him that put it in his way.

d Consider then, and judge me in this light; I told you when I went, I could not write;



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« Quin etiam canet indoctum, sed dulce bibenti. “ Multa fidem promissa levant, ubi plenius aequo “ Laudat venales, qui vult extrudere, merces. “ Res urget me nulla : meo sum pauper in aere. « Nemo hoc mangonum faceret tibi: non temere a me

Quivis ferret idem : femel hic ceffavit, et (ut fit) “ In scalis latuit metuens pendentis habenae : Des nummos, excepta nihil te si fuga laedit.”

c Ille ferat pretium, poenae securus, opinor. Prudens emifti vitiofum : dieta tibi eft lex. Insequeris tamen hunc, et lite moraris iniqua.

d Dixi me pigrum proficiscenti tibi, dixi Talibus officiis prope mancum; ne mea faevus:

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