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JUL 13 1938

Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight,

BY JOHN W. EDMONDS, in the Clerk's office of the district court of the Northern district of New York. The copyright extending

only to introduction, index, notes, order and arrangement.





CARRYING out, at length, the purpose avowed in my Introduction to my general work, though in a somewhat different form from that there intimated, I now give the Statutes passed since that work was published. I have carefully aimed at two things in my work - simplicity and. accuracy. I found that, from causes beyond my control, both were difficult of attainment. I have attained simplicity in plan, only to this extent:

Volumes 1 and 2 of my work contain the Revised Statutes, and nothing else, and I give them just as the Legislature has made them, up to the time of my publication. Volumes 3, 4 and 5 contain the General Statutes in force in July, 1862; as well those enacted before the revision and not included in it, as those passed in the interval, between 1829 and 1863. These are arranged in the order of topics, following the Reviser's topical plan. The Analysis printed at the beginning of each volume shows this. Volume 6 contains the General Laws passed in the years 1863, 1864, 1865 and 1866, arranged in chronological order. Volume 7 will contain the general laws passed in 1867 and 1868, also in chronological order. This plan, when understood, will, with the aid of the Analysis and Index in each volume, make it convenient to find the law -- at least, as convenient as my capacity can make it.

As to accuracy without which the work is good for nothing - I can only say, “I have taken pains.” That, and the cause of many most palpable errors, will be shown by inserting here a copy of one or two of

many note that have passed between me and the State Department:


NEW YORK, November 15, 1866. Will the Secretary of State oblige me by looking at the original of chapter 368 of Laws of 1829, and tell me if section 12 says, “ Title 9 of chapter 6?” [Ans. It is so in the original.] There is no such title in chapter 6, and the act undoubtedly refers to chapter 9, but the act as published in Session Laws of 1829 says chapter 6.

Laws of 1843, chapter 202: Is section 2 printed right in the Session Laws, viz., “second, third and fourth articles of title three,” etc.? [Ans. So in the original.] There are no such articles in title 3, but there are in title 2. How is the original ?

Laws of 1857, chapter 585, section 1: Is it "or neglect to appear and file," etc., or is it tapaine and file? [Ans. It is appear.”]

Laws of 1857, chapter 290, section 4: Does the original say “chapter 2 ?” [Ans. Yes.)
Laws of 1857, chapter 732, section 4: The same question. [Ans. Yes.]
Laws of 1857, chapter 287, section 5: The same question. [Ans. Yes.]

Laws of 1837, chapter 460, section 2: Is the language “ of section 7, title 1st, chapter second,” etc.? [Ans. Yes.] There must be an error in the number of the chapter.

Laws of 1836, chapter 499, section 2: Is it correctly printed "article 4, title 3?” (Ans. Yes.] It means title 6. How is the original?

Laws of 1855, chapter '85: Is it printed right in the Session Laws? There is no such thing as section 95 in article 8, title 3, chapter 7, part 3, Revised Statutes. [Ans. So in the original.]

NEW YORK, May 24, 1867. Will the Secretary of State allow me to trouble him again, in view of my anxiety to have my sixth volume of Statutes at Large as accurate as possible: I refer to chapter 836 of the Laws of 1866, sections 5, 6, 7 and 8. Those sections speak of " section 84, article 3, chapter 9, title 9, part 1st, Revised Statutes ; Section 87 of article 3, chapter 9, title 9, part 1, Revised Statutes ; Section 89 of article 3, chapter 9, title 9, part 1, Revised Statutes; Section 149 of article 4, chapter 9, title 9, part 1, Revised Statutes.” Now, as there are no such sections in the Revised Statutes, I desire to know if the act is correctly printed in the Session Laws?

Yours, etc.,



Albany, May 27, 1867. Honorable J. W. Edmonds :

DEAR SIR — In reply to yours of May 24, I answer: Sections 5, 6, 7 and 8, of chapter 836 of Laws of 1866, as referred to by you, are printed verbatim et literatim, as appears from the original on file here.


S. R. HARLOW, Chief Clerk.

And when to that is added such errors as the establishment of a Capital instead of a Capitol Police District, and the incorporation of a Cavalry, instead of a Calvary Cemetery, it becomes quite apparent that there may be more errors in my book than are dreamt of in my part of the work.

J. W. EDMONDS. NEW YORK, December, 1867.







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[The titles of the acts included in this compilation are in this "list" printed in italics.] CHAP. 1. An Act to provide for the payment of certain persons for

services performed wbile acting as officers of the Assenıbly. Passed

January 30, 1863: three-fifths being present. CHAP. 2. An Act to authorize the trustees of “The Orville Presbyte

rian Society," in the town of De Witt, to dispose of their property.

Passed February 13, 1863. CHAP. 3. An Act to authorize the trustees of “ The Methodist Epis

copal Young Society,” in the town of De Witt, to sell their real estate, and to legalize and confirm the acts of said society, and the election of their trustees, and to provide for their classification and

term of office. Passed February 13, 1863. CHAP. 4. An Act to amend the act entitled “An act to amend the

several acts incorporating the village of Owego, in the county of Tioga,” passed April ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty-one. Passed February 14, 1863; three-fifths being present. CHAP. 5. An Act to amend an act entitled “ An act to consolidate and

amend the several acts relating to the village of Cazenovia, to alter the bounds, and to enlarge the powers of the corporation of said village,” passed April fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine.

Passed February 14, 1863; three-fifths being present. CHAP. 6. An Act to amend an act to incorporate the village of Olifton

Springs. Passed February 14, 1863; three-fifths being present. CHAP. 7. An Act to change the place of business of the Starr Arms

Company. Passed February 14, 1863. CHAP. 8. An Act to amend an act entitled “An act revising, amend

ing and consolidating the several acts in relation to the village of Fort Plain,” passed April seven, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and to extend the powers of the corporation of said village. Passed February 14, 1863; three-fifths being present.

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