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Original Lectures.
Antiseptic Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra,

On the Significance of Cough, with Reference to Treatment,

The Relation of the Morbid Anatomy to the Clinical Phenomena of Pul-

monary Phthisis,

Original Addresses.
Our Duties as Journalists and the Reforms We should Persistently Ad-

Presidential Address before the Kentucky State Medical Society,

President's Address before the Connecticut Medical Society,

The President's Address before the American Medical Association,

Original Translations.
How Shall the Physician Disinfect His Instruments,

Original Communications.
A Case of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media, with Abscess in the Neck
and Destructive Purulent Irido-Choroiditis, Probably Metastatic,

A Case of Laparotomy for Extra Uterine Pregnancy,

A Defence of Electrolysis in Urethral Strictures with Documentary Evi-

A Discussion on Extra Uterine Pregnancy,

A New Operation for the Radical Cure of Ventral Hernia, with Report of
a case,

A Solvent for Diphtheretic Membrane,

Broncho-Pneumonia in Children,

Conditions Rendering Diagnosis Difficult in Pelvic and Abdominal Dis-

Chronic Intestinal Obstruction, Report of Case and Operation,

Doctors Differences,

Electricity and the Death Penalty,

Four Consecutive and Successful Extractions of Luxated Lenses by Means

of the Agnew Bident, with Two Additional Cases from other Sources, 345
Fractured Patella Treated by Wiring,

Heredity-A Physiological and Psychological Study,

16, 54, 97, 149
Hydriodic Acid,

Infantile Convulsions,

Infantile Diarrhea,

Loss of an Eye Following Keratonyxis for Soft Cataract in an Adult,
with Remarks,

Notes on the Use of the Salycilates,

(Esophageal Stricture,

One Year of Acetanelide in Pediatric Practice,

Papilomatous Tumor of the Bladder Removed by Supra-J'ubic Cystitomy, 403
Paracentesis in Internal Hydrocephalus,

Psychical Traumatism, a Psychological Note,

Rectal Examinations in Life Insurance,

Report of Four Cases of Obstructive Jaundice with Two Operations,

Salol in Diarrheal Affections,


401 512

Sleep and Rest from a Pediatric Standpoint,
Spina-Bifida with Spinal Meningocele Delaying Delivery,
Success and Failure of Electrolysis in Urethral Strictures, Especially by

Dr. Keyes' Method,
Summer Diarrhæa of Infants, Its Diatetic Treatment,
Surgical Treatment for Lacerations of the Perenium and the Pelvic Floor,
The Antiseptic Treatment of Naso-Pharyngeal Catarrh,
The Extent and Distribution of Consumption in New Hampshire,
The Insane,
The Island of Jamaica as a Winter Sanitarium,
The Diagnosis of Urethral Stricture of Large Calibre,
The Need of Uniformity in Pharmacopæial Preparations,
The Physiological Action of Alcohol,
The Problem of Infant Feeding,
The Treatment of Catarrhal Pneumonia in Children,
Treatment of Peritonitis by Abdominal Section and Drainage,
What shall be the Treatment of Diphtheria,
Why Electrolytic Treatment of Stricture does not Succeed in all Hands,

201 118

49 395 104 215 396 553 548 352 514 166

7 409 304 157


171 518 416 172 374 173 228 126 22 24 462 321 462 281 66

A Greeting to All,
American Medical Editors' Association and Its Meeting at Newport,
American Medical Editors' Meeting,
A Mistake,
An Important Opinion,
Apostoli's Method,
A Wedding,
Can These Pills be Accurate,
Coming Sessions in the Medical Colleges,
('ongress of the American Physicians and Surgeons,
Doctors' Differences,
Dr. Fordyce Barker's Diploma,
Dr. Hamilton's Mistake,
Dr. Mekenzie's Defense, the Ethical Side, -
Echos from the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Asso-

ciation, -
Editorial Changes in the Journal of the American Medical Association,
Editorial Notes,
Electrical Disturbances,
Evansville Meeting of the Mississippi Valley Association,
Fatal Illness of Frederick the Noble,
Ilonors to the Staff,
How President Dwight Paid IIis Doctor,
Hydrogen Gas in Abdominal Wounds,
Importing Doctors,
In Bad Taste,
Meeting of the American Medical Association at Newport,
Our Native Mineral Waters in Kidney Troubles,
Our Staff,
Physicians' Fees,
Sending Prescriptions to Certain Druggists,
Some Emblem to Distinguish a Doctor's Calling,
The American Association of Obstetricans and Gynecologists,
The Atlas of Cutaneous Diseases,
The Coming Meeting of the American Medical Editors' Association,
The Connecticut State Medical Society Meeting,

519 172 280 418 519

64 462 560

62 373 227 517 125 518 228 125 127

63 416 323 461



The ('oroner Laws,
The Death of Dr. Sands,
The Item of Expense of Sickness as a Matter of Social and Political

The Medical Practice Act in New Hampshire,
The Meeting at Newport,
The Meeting of the American Medical Editors' Association,
The Metric System in Medicine,
The Newport Meeting and the Plain Duties of the Medical Profession of

the England States,
The New Preventive of Seasickness,
The New Volume,
The Rhode Island Meeting of the American Medical Association,
Tracheotomy and Intubation,
Urethral Electrolysis,

461 557 171 373 172

323 561

22 279 417 23

Book Notices.

A Manual of Chemistry for the use of Medical Students,

563 A Manual of Instruction for Giving Swedish Movements and Massage Treatment,

563 A Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Prompt Aid to the Injured, 376 A System of Gynecology by American Authors,

67 A System of Obstetrics,

561 A Text Book of Human Physiology,

67 A Treatise on Headache and Neuralgia,

231 Alcohol Inside and Out,

421 American Resorts, with Notes upon their Climate,

422 Book on the Physician Himself and Things that Concern His Reputation,

562 Bright's Disease,

282 Bright's Disease,

464 Clinical Lecture on Certain Diseases of the Nervous System,

232 Compendium of the Laws of Public Health and Safety of Pennsylvania, 233 Current Literature,

69, 378, 423, 563 Cyclopedia of the Diseases of Children, Medical and Surgical,

465 Diseases of the Kidneys,

232 Disinfection and Disinfectants,

69 Electricity in the Diseases of Women,

277 Electricity, the Metho 's of Its Employment in Removing Superflous Ilairs,

464 Eleventh Annual Report of the Connecticut State Board of Ilealth,

422 Excessive Venery Masturbation and Continence,

69 Exploration of the Chest in IIealth and Disease,

283 Extra Uterine Pregnancy,

464 Favorite Prescriptions of Distinguished Practitioners,

231 Hand Book of Ilistorical and Geographical Phthiscology,

127 Hand Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics,

283 Hand Book of Treatment of Diseases of the Skin,

283 Hysteria and Epilepsy,

232 Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office,

69 International Pocket Medical Formulary with Appendix,

282 Immunity through Leucomains,

465 Lectures on Nervous Diseases,

422 L'enseigument et L'organization de L'cort Deutaire Aux Etats Unis,

233 Manual of Hypodermic Medication,

562 Medical Diagnosis,

176 Medicine in the Middle Ages,

376 Nervous Exhaustion,

231 On the Treatment of the Morphine Habit,


Photographic Illustrations of Skin Diseases,

127 Physicians Interpeter in Four Languages,

68 Physicians' Leisure Library,

563 Pocket Medical Formulary,

234 Proceedings of the Connecticut State Medical Society,

233 Radical Cure of Hernia,

463 Report of the Murdock Free Hospital,

67 Report on Medical Education, Medical Colleges and the Regulation of the Practice of Medicine in the United States and Canada,

563 Second Annual Report of the State Board of Health,

175 Second Bi-Ennial Report of the North Carolina State Board of Health, 463 Secons de Gynecologie Operatoine, Par Vulliet et Lutaud,

233 Selections from Essays on Health Culture and The Sanitary Woolen System,

176 Seventh Annual Report of the State Board of Health,

175 Sprains, Their Consequences and Treatment,

423 Surgical Handicraft,

175 Synopsis of Iluman Anatomy,

561 The American Armamentarium,

462 The Dispensatory of the United States,

127 The Etiology Diagnosis and Theory of Tuberculosis,

422 The International Medical Annual and Practitioner's Index,

377 The Life Insurance Examiner,

175 The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion,

561 The Medical Bulletin, Visiting List,

233 The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Liver,

68 The Perineum, Its Anatomy, Physology and Methods of Restoration, 422 The Physiology of the Domestic Animals,

562 The Preventative Treatment of Calculous Disease and the use of Solvent Remedies,

423 The Psychic Life of Micro-Organisms,

276 The Question of Relationship between Lichen Planus and Lichen Ruber, 421 The Theory and Practice of the Opthalmanscope,

68 Transactions of the Texas State Medical Association,

68 Transactions of the Medical Association of the State of Missouri,

68 Treatment of Diseases of Women Puerperal and Non-Puerperal,

175 Treatise on the Diseases of Women,

174 Twenty-Second Annual Report Connecticut Hospital for the Insane,

232 Vest Pocket Anatomist,

176 Warner's Therapeutic Hand Book,

376 Wood's Medical and Surgical Monographs,

176, 283, 433, 562 Correspondence. American Medical Association,

290 An Odd Case,

74 Association of Acting Assisting Surgeons of the U.S. A.,

132 Can These Pills be Accurate,

234 Department of the Interior,

466 Diseases of Children,

129 Explanatory Notes on Dr. Key's Investigation of Electrolysis,

133 In Memoriam,

466 Medico Legal Society,

329 My Trip to Atlantic City in Three and Three-Quarter Hours,

385 Our Paris Letter,

25, 75, 182, 234, 324 Patho-Biological Laboratory,

129 Plants and Their Alkaloids,

566 Surgical Instruments,

136 The Medical Value of Cod Liver Oil as Distinct from its Nutritive Properties,


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