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A New U'SE FOR ETIER DURING which is digested, is really better for ANESTHESIA.- Very frequently during the patient than a beeksteak which the early stages of the administration sumply passes through the alimentary of anæsthetic the patients "forgets to canal. To supply to the much tried breathe," even before the ability to organism that which it really requires perceive peripheral irritation is lost. is to give the most efficient help to it." Even later in anæsthesia, wiien breath- In diabetes diluted phosphoric acid ing suddenly ceases we are ancustomed

quiets the inordinate thirst more effectto use cold water externally and to slap ual than any other drink. the patient with wet towels.

The following Clinical cases Such measures are generally called reporied by Abrm. Livezey, A. M., for hurriedly, and it is not all uncom. M. D. in the Medical summary of Dec. mon for an exasperating delay to occur 1888. before the water arrives. The ether is

('ase I. A large, stout middle-aged always at hand, however, and I have

woman had an attack of cholera morbus, found that in a large number of instan. ruuning into a form of dysenteric diarces, both in man and the lower animals, rhea, After a little usual preliminary the free use of ether poured upon the treatment, I gave her four pills (Febribelly causes so great a shock by the cide), one to be taken 3 or 4 times a cold produced by its evaporation as to ! day, before taking a little simple food cause a very deep inspiration, which is of hot milk and soda biscuit. The relief often followed by the normal respira- wis promjt, relieving the pain, griping tory movements. This is, of course, a

and irritation of the bowels, and some simple procedure, and one which has distressing nervous symptoms or feelprobably been used by others, but I ings to which she was subject. Going have never seen it so employed.--H. A. away on a visit for some time, she HARE, V. D., Demonstrator of Thera- called for a few pills to take with her peutics, University of Pennsyvania, in case of need. University Med. Magazine.

II. A middle-aged woman, colored, Papine is recommended by Dr. Merz, subject to pleurodynia of left side of of Cleveland, as a substitute for mor- chest. Local applications to the part phine and opium.

with aconite, bryonia, etc., etc., failed

to give but the merest temporary relief. PUBLISHER'S DEPARTMENT. Five pills of Febricide, one before each

meal, "settled the business," in the Horsforo's Acu PHOSPHATE.--Dr. language of the colored patient. J. F, Townes, Ada, Tenn., says: “I find

III. A case of ophthalmic tarsi--some it a valuable reconstructive agent, re- granulations of the lids, etc.--that was pairing the system, aidir:g digestion, particularly troublesome every afterfertilizing the brain and nervous sys

noon, eyes watery, etc., so that the patem."

tient could not read or write or attend The writings of the late Dr. J. Milner to his books, was immediately relieved Fothergill contain many passages which by taking a pill before breakfast and are true ephorisms. No truth could be dinner. more tersely and forcibly said than that IV. A case of inveterate sick or nerin the passage from his "Manual of vons headache of a woman, zet. 54, who Dietetics:" "A suspicion that there is still menstruated regula ly and who is a difference between merely getting alarmingly bad at that time and every food down into the stomach and its di- few days ad interim. Febricide pills gestion, is abroad; and that a table were tried, and not in vain. One before spoonful of milk and Hellin's Food breakfast, two before dinner and supper,

gave the most marked and pleasing re- given the Cocanized Beef, Wine and lief.

Iron to patients that seemed to be in V. I had an interesting case lately. need of it and it has given good satisAn elderly gentleman of rather nervous faction. I think your Restorative Wine temperament, complained that he awoke of Coca has about superseded all other every night before the clock struck 12, similar preparations. I am always careto find that his pulse was running over ful to specify your brand and will not 100 per minute; though without fever accept any other. Again thanking you or beat of skin, yet he did not feel very for your kind favor, I remain, comfortable. Sometimes he was tym

C. EUGENE Rigas, M. D, panitic. I give him 6 Febricide pills,

Third and Roberts Streets. one to be taken each evening,--and, P. S.--Allow me to say that your presto change! The ailment vanished Natrolithis Water, which I have been before the six rere taken, and he no prescribing for years, is without a rival longer bears the solemn hour of mid- in the classes of disease for which it is night tolled.

advised. VI. A young girl, itt. 17, delicate,

Extract from a lecture on Antisepties, very thin, of a consumptive family and

at the Post Graduate School, New tendency thereto herself, had fever York, by Dr. Robert T. Morris. every afternoon and eveniny. A few

“In certain forms of leucorrha, deFebricide pills taken morning and noon

pendent upon catarrh of the mucons soon arrested the fever and she felt

membrane of the uterine canal, (amquite different.

pho-Phenique is a very satisfactory VII. Another case, a nervous, rest

drug for local application after thie less man--a very poor sleeper, after 12 cervical can al has been dilated in order would hear the clock strike every hour, to allow of easy access to the interior and get up in the morning feeling more of the uterus. In connection with other fatigued than when he retured--is de- appropriate treatment, the local appliriving much benefit at present by taking cation of Campho-Phenique is readily one pill at bedtime. I have been much responded to by the deep-seated cervical pleased with their action in my own glands, in many cases in which response person; I'm inclined to wake every cannot be easily obtained by the use of night just before 12, when I find myself the orthodox remedies describe l in the tympanitic with small rapid pulso, etc. text books. When I take a pill before supper or at NERVOUS IIEADACHE.— With the near bedtime, I find I sleep much better constantly increasing nervous disorders and have a much more comfortable of the female portion of my practice, I night. This is as far as I have tested find that Peacock's Bromides does more the Febricide to this time.

to relieve such patients and lesson the St. Paul, April 16, 1888. cares and anxities of the physician, than Allow me to thank you for your kind anything I have ever tried. I had a ness in snding me the Restorative Wine female patient lately who had to go to of Coca and the Cocanized Beef, Wine | bed for four or five days, at each menand Iron. I have been using your pre- strual period, on account of nervous paration for a good while. You, some headache. One bottle cured her, and months since, sent me a sample and I the three last periods have been easy have used it entirely in place of Vin and no headache. I use it in all classes Mariani, which I formerly used. My of nervous troubles with great benefit. patients much prefer it to any other

GEO. H. F. Hor'SE, M. D. preparation in the market. I have

Clayton, Ind.

zvij M.

In these days when food adulteration H. T. Betchtold, M.D., O'Fallon, Ills., is so common , it is a comfort to find an

says: After experimenting for several article for the table that is thoroughly months with Campho-Pheniqne, I am reliable. Walter Baker & Co.'s break- convinced that as an antiseptic and local fast cocoa is eminent in this limited anæsthetic it stands first on the list of class. No chemicals are used in its like preparations and am using it very manufacture and it is absolutely pure. extensively now.

I have used CamphoIt forms moreover a delicious and Phenique in a case of chronic ulcer healthful drink, as refreshing, and more of twenty-two years standing, by dressnutritious, than tea or coffee, and free ing same with absorbent cotton satfrom the injurious effects that those urated in Campho-Phenique, pure. Afbeverages sometimes produce. And it ter repeated dressings, the ulcerated is very cheap withal. The house of tissues are now nearly healed. In all Walter Baker & Co., has maintained cases of chronic catarrh, I have used it for more than 100 years a great and with marked success. It would be imhonored repute by the excellence and possible for me to do without Campbopurity of its manufactures.

Phenique. DIPUTHERIA.—Listerine alone, in

UTERINE STYPTIC.--John Adderly, combination with other drugs or antisep M. D., Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireties, may be used to spray the throat and land, says: It gives me great pleasure fauces, and to diminish the dangers of

to add my testimony to the great value septic absorption.

of S. H. Kennedy's Extract of Pinus R Listerine,

Canadensis, which I consider a most Water,

valuable uterine styptic, seeming not Sig. Spray and gargle frequently and only to possess the power of arresting allow patient to swallow freely.

uterine hemmorhage, but to produce a R Listerine,


healthy action of the parts. I used it Glycerine,


with a patient who had been suffering Water,

for a number of years from menorrhaSig, Spray every two hours.

gia. Extract of Pinus Canadensis apR Listerine,

plied to the os uteri on cotton wool, and Solution Cholorinated

also used as a lotion, arrested the hemSoda aa

zss orrhage immediately, and the Aletris Water,

Cordial, which was taken internally, Sig. Spray every two three

helped to invigorate the system and hours.

promote a cure which I had at one time Its employment with tannic acid has considered incurable. I should not wish been especially recommended in a wide to be without these remedies in similar range of diseases.

cases, and shall continue the use of them REMOVAL.-A. M. Lawson, manufac- in my practice, as I consider they gave turer of Seamless Underware, Elastic most satisfactory results. Stockings, &c., has removed bis office to

The Hungarian wines imported by 783 Broadway, opposite Stewart's, Mr. Wortman, and advertised on page where in connection with his knitting 16, are pronounced the finest in the machine business he will endeavor to

United States by connoisseurs. This fill all orders with great promptness and tokay is of most delicate bouquet, ripe to perfect satisfaction.

age, and wonderful building power. Of Progressive physicians interested in all the importations we have used in antisepties and germicides should not the sick room these are the best we have fail to try Campho Phenique.

ever had experience with.

ziij M.

ziij M.


New England Medical Monthly

cal School, New York,

DANBURY, Coxx., JUNE 15, 1889. preliminary to operative procedures has

frequently controlled the disease so ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS.

easily and so well that the patients did THE ANTISEPTIC TREATMENT not think it necessary to undergo any NASO-PHARYNGEAL CATARRH, operation. The treatment to which I

shall refer is applicable to a pretty large BY ROBERT T. MORRIS, M. D., Instructor in Surgery at the Post Graduate Medi- proportion of the cases of hypertrophic

catarrh that are seen in every-day office HE word antisepsis is usually sug practice in this part of America. gestive of wounds, but an important

We must, in the first place, remove feature in the treatment of some of the the abundant secretion from the surcatarrhs consists in the prevention of face of the mucous membrane if we exdecomposition of the discharges, and pect to get good results from any local thereby lessening the secondary, inflam- application. It is no wonder that mation which is dependent upon such

many remedies indicated for the relief fermentation; fermentation and decom- of catarrh are inert, if we consider position are used as synonymous terms. that they often come in contact with

In the majority of cases of hyper- the diseased surfaces in a very imperfect trophic naso-pharyngeal catarrh, a


We might as well spray a primary cause for the inflammation is patient's hair with an astringent for the the friction of the air passing through a purpose of quieting an active channel which is narrowed by some de- braiu as to spray the surface of a flood formity of its walls.

of muco-pus with remedies for the conThe friction produces a congestion of gested membranes beneath it. the mucous membrane in the vicinity of Peroxide of hydrogen is by all odds the part which is rubbed hard by the the best local application for cleaning passing stream of air. A profuse dis- up the floor and walls of the nasal room. charge of mucus follows as a result of A fifteen volume preparation can be obthe congestion. The mucus ferments, tained at any first class drug store in and the products of the decomposition the country, and this is to be used either being irritating, the mucous membranes , in full strength or diluted somewhat far and near become involved in an in- with water according to the sensitiveflammatory process. A crooked nasal ness of the mucous membranes of the septum or a deformed turbinated bone, patient. The peroxide is sprayed genas we all know is usually to be found at erally through the nasal canals and after the bottom of a naso-pharyngeal waiting a few moments the patient catarrh, and the first step in treatment snorts and blows the froth from his would naturally be a removal of the nostrils. The process is repeated until original cause, but treatment which I in a short time the muco-pus is decomhave been in the habit of employing, posed. If the patient happens to have




a dark moustache we must be careful The remedies applicable for the relief about getting the peroxide into it. The of certain forms of hypertrophic nasoperoxide of hydrogen is the "golden pharyngeal catarrh are very useful inhair dye” of the nymphs du pave and deed in the treatment of many forms of as it is no respector of persons it will leucorrhæa, when other kinds of approturn a dark moustache in a short time priate mechanical and general treatment to a lovely yellow. A dark browed vin- are judiciously combined. How many dictive man of large size with a canary women are there who do not drizzle bird moustache will strike terror to the just a little? and yet the principles of heart of the small doctor. The mucous treatment that are involved in the treatmembranes having been exposed by the ment of nasal catarrh will put a stop to peroxide of hydrogen, a spray of ten most of the catarrhs of the endometrium. per cent, cocaine solution is thrown

THE ISLAND OF JAMAICA AS A upon them for the purpose of tempor

WINTER SANITARIUM. arily driving the blood out of the swol

F. HUTCHINSON, M. D., len capillary vessels, and then we apply


PROVIDENCE, R. I. with a camels hair brush or a large UST returned from a winter holiday, mouthed injector a coating composed of

a large part of which was passed in one drachm of powdered alum (or the beautiful island in the West Indies hydrastis] one ounce of boro-glyceride whose claims as a health resort are to and two or three ounces of glycerine. be considered in this article, it is a The glycerine because of its affinity for pleasure as well as duty to testify to its water causes a rapid exosmostis of

great value as a climate cure in many serum from the overloaded connective forms of disease, and to its freedom tissues and allows of a freer circulation

from malaria or zymosis in any form. of blood through the vessels of the Long experience in travel, and personal catarrhal region. The boro-glyceride acquaintance with nearly every place which adheres like honey to the mem

visited by seekers after healthh, ave conbranes acts as an antiseptic and pre- vinced me that tables of figures of ranges vents fermentation of the serous and of humidity or barometric pressure, are mucous discharges. The alum and

of much less value or importance hydrastis act in their ordinary way as

in making up an estimate of a place, than astringents and they do not irritate a hundred less imposing things that when used in connection with the em- only present themselves for personal inmollient boro-glyceride. For a de

spection. scription of the chemical composition of

It is of course essential to know how boroglyceride see the National Formu- hot, how cold, how wet or how dry are lary for 1888, page 5. The drug can be

the localities to which we advise our obtained anywhere in the large cities patients to travel; but the chances are to-day, but two or three years ago a

at least even that when they get there good deal of difficulty was experienced it turns out to be an exceptional season in obtaining it. The above described and all signs have failed. “Never saw treatment is applied about once daily by such weather before at this time of the the patient himself after he has received year;" "Nothing like it," etc., etc. instructions,

So I have decided in this article to

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