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tions, and when attacked by the exan- that of assimilation, as is the case when thematous fevers or other diseases of fully digested food like glucose is given. childhood, were lacking in power or re- The same rule applies, I think, to the sistance or recuperative energy.

digestive organs as to the muscles. If As a part of the symposium of infant we insist on quietude of the muscles, feeding in the pediatric section at the theo atropy and become feeble. If we late meeting of the American Medical fully predigest the infant's food, it Association previously referred to the seems to me probable that glands or report of a special committee upon this follicles which furnish the digestive subject formed an important part in ferments, lacking the needed stimulawhich Dr. Eustace Smith, of London tion, are likely to suffer deterioration says:

in their functions and furnish ferments “No artificial food will efficiently of poorer quality and of less quantity, nourish an infant unless cow's milk be than when the food is of a nature that added; for all preserved foods want the requires some digestion.” living antiscorbutic principle which is

But if the digestive organs be criponly to be found in fresh foods. In pled, I am sure by long experience that other respects, many of them, such as I am justified in endorsing the furnishthe desiccated milk foods, contain in ing of food that is ready for immediate themselves; as far as I know, all the assimmilation. I have found in many elements of nutrition.”

cases where the artificial digestion was If trouble arises during our care of unsatisfactory that if I gave the latter an infant and indigestion ensue, I most my personal attention, and demonstradecidedly commend partially predigest- ted to the mother the process, I had no ed milk using the Fairchild peptongenic further trouble. While I am willing to milk powder, in spite of the fact that admit that many mothers can not imJacobi, Forchheimer and some others mediately grasp the difficulties and overpronounce against it. I have had most

come them, yet I do not agree with Dr. valuable results from its use.

Woodbury, of Philadelphia, who says: I do not

"I consider it impracticable. The believe in the constant and habitual use

woman intelligent enough to conduct of completely predigested foods. I in

the process properly are engaged in dorse fully the position of one of our

teaching in some college, and if marstrongest, longest and best workers in ried, rarely if ever, have children.” the dietetic field, Dr. J. Lewis Smith,

I am disposed to believe that the ma

jority of mothers have sufficient interest “I think that it is not best to feed in and intelligence to carry out the details fants habitually with fully digested nf artificial digestion. The, point I food, for the stomach of the baby should make is that physicians often do not be allowed to accomplish what it can take the trouble to sufficiently elaborate without being overtaxed. Its normal their instructions or go into details in functional activity produces a healthier giving directions. An explicit explanstate, and conduces to a better conditionation and practical demodstration will of the infant in my opinion, that when often accomplish much whether we there is no functional activity except | order food or physic.

who says:

Each case is a law into itself, and we conditions by Fothergill, Eustace Smith, must study it individually and recognize Louis Starr and many of the highest the fact that as in dyspepsia of adults authorities on dietetics. I find it valu"what is one's food is another's poison." able to give it simply in plain water

There can be given to no one infant now and then, but I frequently order it or adult a stereotyped food.

to be added to milk diluted with water The condition of the food tract must

oue part to eight, a teaspoonful to a half be studied for each case. We must not pint for the purpose of breaking the forget that the food which agrees with curd and adding an element of nutrition the babe this week or month may for and aiding digestion. certain reasons disagree the following.

There can be no doubt that there are Babies, the same as older people,

some superfluous “Infant Foods” in the

market, but in the main I think we may must have a varied diet. We must not

consider ourselves fortunate that comand cannot safely ignore the palate of

mercial firms have so enlarged the menu either.

from which to choose a food for the Farinaceous foods are injurious to

child at various times under varrying young babies for obvious reasons. It has been found that by adding

conditions. Whether selecting a food malt in certain proportions, the same

or a drug in the disturbances of child

hood or later life, a careful discriminachange is exerted in the starch artifici

tion must be exercised. ally as is produced naturally by the

I feel justified in epitomizing as folsalivary and pancreatic secretions dur

lows: ing the process of digestion.

1. In the dietetic treatment of the The employment of malt for this pur

summer diarrhea of infants, the almost pose was first suggested by Mialhe in a

complete withdrawal of food temporpaper read before the French Academy in 1845, and the suggestion was put into

arily is sometimes desirable.

2. While a cow's milk diet in its practice by Liebig fifteen years later. Liebig's food for infants contains purity or properly modified is in the

majority of cases to be preferred as a wheat flour, malt, and a little carbonate substitute for a mother's or wet nurse's of potash, and has gained a well deserv- milk, there are frequently conditions ed celebrity as a food for babies during where all forms of milk are to be withthe first few months of life.

drawn and raw beef extracts or diluted A form of malted food which is a

albumen substituted along with broths, modification of Liebig's "Food for In

beef teas, etc. fants” and has a very decided advant

3. As a temporary expedient conage, in that it is much more palatable is densed milk is valuable, but it is objec“Mellin's Food for Infants,” Mellin, the tionable as a permanent food. deviser of this food, was an associated 4. The addition of malted foods conchemist with Mialche tue author of the taining proper proportions of carbo paper read before the French Academy hydrates to diluted milk (such as Mellin 1845, and is yet one of the recognized in's food which I have found of great chemists of Europe. The "Mellin's" value) is frequently most desirable. food is highly commended in certain 5. Artificial digestion is a great ad


vance, in the direction of the problem phate of soda or small repeated doses of artificial feeding. If the digestive of hypophosphite of soda or lime, in

creased gradually to 45 or 60 appearratus be in perfect condition, predigestion is uncalled for, but when it is grains in the 24 hours, may be given in

stead of the iodide of sodium. The use crippled its burdens may be very ma

of the compounds of phosphorus favors terially and happily lightened by the greatly the assimilation of albuminoids. careful and judicious use of Fairchild's 6. Inhalations of oxygen are very usepeptonizing ferments.

ful, the albumen disappears sometimes 6. No stereotyped food which is ap- in a few days. 7. Astringents are not plicable to all infants, no matter what only useless, but harmful.

DIGITAL EXPLORATION OF THE PERIthe age or condition, has yet been de

CARDIAL Sac.—Under the very approvised, and in the nature of things is not priate title of “ Invasions of Surgery,” likely to be.

in a report to the N. C. Med. Soc., Dr.

P. C. Barrenger, of Davidson, Coll., N. TreatmENT OF Bright's DISEASE.- c., relates the following remarkable According to Prof. M. Semola (La case (Va. Med. Monthly, August, '88): Medicina Contemp., London Med. Rec., A student made a successful attempt Feb., 1887), the main indications for

to drive a sewing needle into the heart. treatment are: 1, To furnish the patient Serious symptoms began twelve hours with the most assimilable food; 2, to after, when pain in the region, difficulty excite methodically the functions of the of breathing, and a loud pericardial skin; 3, to favor by every possible

murmur at the apex developed. Thirtymeans the assimilation and combustion six hours later the symptoms increased of the albumenoids of the food. 1. Ex

so in severity that an operation was declusively milk diet; ordinary nitrogen- cided on. Stezner resected a piece of ous food must be prescribed as most the fifth rib, opened the left pleural harmful in all periods of the disease. cavity, and then the pericardium, when Milk acts marvellously, but not, as is about a teaspoonful of cloudy pericaroften said, as a diuretic. Milk is only dial fluid ran out. The needle was now a diuretic because it contains a large felt lying diagonally in the right venquantity of water. When two or three tricle. Its head was then driven out quarts are taken daily the quantity of through the anterior cardiac wall, and milk is naturally increased. The milk fixed in this position with the fingerdiet should be continued for a long nail. The violent, irregular heart-conperiod. 2. Methodical and repeated tractions made it so difficult to catch dry rubbing of the skin, massage, the needle that in the attempt to catch douche, Turkish baths. Cold water is it with the forceps, the needle slipped not to be used, because the power of re- back into the ventricle, where it action is lost. Patients are wonderfully sumed a vertical position; an iodoform sensitive to cold, and the least cold tampon used to plug up the hole in the

pleura was also drawn into the cavity tends to aggravate the disease. 3. The by a deep respiratory effort, and could patient must live in a dry, temperate, not be found afterwards. The wound but uniform temperature; this is most was thoroughly tamponed, and the paessential. 4. Iodine and chloride of tient was well in four weeks, although sodium in progressive doses, according in the mean time there was severe pneu

mothorax, with copious exudation. to tolerance. 5. After two or three

There is now no heart murmur, nor abweeks at the most, if the albumen has normal pulse, nor a trace of pleural exnot entirely disappeared, and especially udation; and of course no one can tell if the anasarca has disappeared, phos- | where the ncedle is.



cine substitution practiced. In order MEDICAL MONTHLY. to protect himself, his professional W. C. WILE, A. M., M. D.,

reputation, and the health of his

Danbury, Conn.

patient, we consider it a part of

his bounden duty to direct the patients ASSOCIATE EDITORS:

to go to such places as he knows are reI. N. LOVE, M. D., St. Louis, Mo.

liable and honest. For ourselves we John J. BERRY, M.D., Portsmouth, N. H. L. S. McMurtky, M. D., Danville, Ky have our own baker, butcher and

have our own druggists the same as we Max J. STERN, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. A. M. OWEN, M. D., Evansville, Ind.

grocer, because we know they keep ROBERT T. MORRIS, M. D., N. Y. City. good goods and handle them carefully. W.F.HUTCHINSON, M.D.,Provldence, R.I. Therefore we direct our patients invariGUSTAVUS Eliot, M. D., New Haven, Ct. ably to go to such and we are well satis

fied with the working of the rule. DANBURY MEDICAL Printing Co., PUBLISHERS.

An editorial in the St. Louis Weekly

Medical Revier in discussing this subDANBURY, Coxx., DECEMBER 15, 1888.

ject in a recent number touches the key EDITORIAL.

note. It


“We fail to see why the advice of a SENDING PRESCRIPTIONS TO

a physician to his patient as to the best CERTAIN DRUGGISTS. "OME of our esteemed contemporaries be attributed to “ill-guided judgment.'

place to have prescriptions filled, should have been lately discussing the pro- He is in honor bound to give his priety of a physician directing his

patient that which in his judgment is patients to certain specified druggists

the best opportunity for recovery. So for the purpose of having their prescrip- long as 'not all so-called pharmacists are tion prepared. Quite a number of these

competent and conscientious it is the Journals advance the idea, that to do so, physician's duty to see that his prescripnaturally leads to the suspicion that the tions are filled by competent parties. He Doctor gets some gratuity from the

has as much right to patronize a certain druggists in the way of rebates, com- druggist as the latter has to purchase missions, etc. We think it the duty his goods of a certain wholesale house.” of the consentious practitioner to advise his patients to go to those places OUR NATIVE MINERAL WATERS where he knows the prescription will be IN KIDNEY TROUBLES.

, OT a few of the Mineral Waters of where he knows that pure drugs are the United States has become noted kept and no substitutions practiced. for their value in various diseases of the

One of the greatest trials which the kidneys. The most prominent of these physician has to endure is that his which have proved of greatest value remedies which he prescribes for his are the Buffalo Lithia Water of Virpatients, are either carelessly or will. ginia, and the Bethesda Water of Wisfully put up wrong, or the drugs called consin. Both are warmly endorsed by for are not pure, or in the event of pre- the leaders of the profession of this scribing the newest or expensive medic country, the first especially in those

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conditions, where a slushing out of the powdering until the pills have grown to kidneys is desirable, and in renal cal- the desired size. The powdered inculi. The latter in Diabetes and gredient may be changed as often durBright's diseases. Of both we have had ing the growth of the pills as may be ample and extended experience, the re- desirable in accordance with the intendsults valuable to ourselves and patients. ed medicinal character of the pills, or

In a recent outbreak of nehpretic collic they may be entirely formed from a in our own person, the attack under the single ingredient or compound. When Buffalo Lithia Water of the Buffalo the pills are of a proper size the same Lithia Springs of Virginia, was speedily process of moistening and powdering cut short, the stones quickly passed and may be continued to coat them, using of the debris which followed showed a course for the powder powdered sugar thorough cleansing of the kidneys and or any suitable coating material. By bladder of all foreign substances. All of this process the manufacture of pills is thereflex symptoms and sequelae were greatly facilitated, the product cheappromptly relieved, and we feel under a ened, and the medicinal efficacy indeep debt of gratitude to this most ex- creased, the pills being less compact, cellent Water for wonderful relief from and hence more soluble and capable of suffering and disease.

being easily crushed and powdered for

contingent uses.” CAN THESE PILLS BE ACURATE? “Having thus described my invention, N looking over some patent office what I claim is—The process of making reports lately,

noted the pills and confection, which consists in process of quite a popular pill mak- replacing in a revoluble pan nuclei of ing concern, which seemed to us to be any suitable material, setting the pan fraught with so much danger that we in motion, moistening the rolling nuclei propose to lay it before our readers. with liquid spray or vapor, sifting on to

The steps in the process are substan- the moistened nuclei powdered ingredtially as follows: "I first put in the pan, ient or ingredients, and so on alternately nuclei of any suitable material or com- moistening and powdering until the pound to form the center of the pills, pills have grown to the desired size, all set the pan in motion, then moisten the substantially as set forth." rolling nuclei with any suitable moisture Now from this abstract it will be seen applied in the form of a spray or vapor, if we understand the scheme aright, then sift on to the moistened nuclei as that a quantity of a given drug is sifted much of the powdered ingredient or in- upon a lot of the nuclei after they have gredients of which the pills are to be been wetted, and the nuclei kept in composed by accretion to the nuclei as motion during the process. This is rethe damp surface of the rolling nuclei peated till all of the powder, to the will take on, then moisten the growing given quantity of pills is used up. If pills with the spray or vapor in the this is the method, and we should infer manner of first moistening the nuclei, it was from the above, what is to sift on to said growing pills the powered | hinder one pill getting a little wetter ingredient or ingredients, and so con- than another and taking up more of the tinue the alternate moistening and powder than its neighbor. While this


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