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1729. The treaty of Seville, with the separate 9 Nov. articles and declarations.

Pap. Off. C. 38.

Roujset, Recueil Historique, torn. v.

partii.p. 1.
Treat. 1732, vol. iv. p. 201.
Treat. 1785, vol. ii. p. 306.

i 7 31. The treaty of Vienna, with the separate and 22 July, secret articles and declarations. Pap. Off. C. 44, 45. Roujset, Recueil Historique, torn. vi.

P- *92

Roujset, Supplem. au Corps Diplomatique, torn. ii. part ii. p. 307. Treat. 1785, vol. ii. p. 2ZZ,

•1732. The declaration made at Seville, by the 8 Feb. British and Spanish ministers, concerning depredations in America. Pap. Off. C. 46.

1739. The convention made at the Pardo, be14 Jan. tween Great Britain and Spam, with regard to disputes in America, with the separate articles.

Pap. Off. C. 49.

Treat. 1785, vol. ii. p. 339.

1748. The accession of Spain to the treaty of 18 Oct. peace made at Aix-la-Chapelle. Pap. Off. C. 58. Treat. 1785, vol. ii. p. 370. See this Treaty, vol. i. art. France, in the Table of Contents.

1750. The treaty between Great Britain and

5 Oct. Spain, made at Madrid, for putting an end

to the Assiento. Pap. Off. C. 61.

1763. The definitive treaty of peace between 10 Feb. Great Britain, France, and Spain, concluded at Paris.

Treat. 1785, vol. iii. p. 177.
See it vol. i. art. France, in the Table of

1783. The definitive treaty of peace and friend-

3 Sept. ship between Great Britain and Spain, concluded at Versailles.

1786. The convention between Great Britain 14 July, and Spain, made at London.

[The following is printed from the copy published by authority in 1686.]

Articles of peace, commerce, and alliance, between the crowns of Great Britain and Spain, concluded in a treaty at Madrid, the 44 of May, in the year of our Lord God i66y.

Article I.

FIR S T, it is agreed and concluded, That from this day forward there shall be between the two crowns of Great Britain and Spain, a general, good, sincere, true, firm, and perfect amity, confederation, and peace, which shall endure for ever, and be observed inviolably, as well by land as by sea and fresh-waters; and also between the lands, countries, kingdoms, dominions, and territories, belonging unto, or under the obedience of either of them; and that their subjects, people, and inhabitants respectively, of what condition, degree, or quality soever, from henceforth, reciprocally, shall help, assist, and shew to one another all manner of love, good offices, and friendship.

II. That neither of the said Kings, nor their refoective people, subjects, or inhabitants, within their dominions, upon any pretence, may in public or secret do, or procure to be done, any thing against the other,

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in any place, by sea or land, nor in the ports or rivers of the one or the other, but shall treat one another with all love and friendship; and may by water and by land freely and securely pass into the confines, countries, lands, kingdoms, islands, dominions, cities, towns, villages, walled or without wall, fortified or unfortified, their havens and ports (where hitherto trade and commerce hath been accustomed) and there trade, buy, and fell, as well of and to the inhabitants of the respective places, as thofe of their own nation, or any other nation that shall be or come there.

III. That the said Kings of Great Britain and Spain shall take care that their respective people and subjects from henceforward do abstain from all force, violence, or wrong; and if any injury shall be done by either of the said Kings, or by the people or subjects of either of them, to the people or subjects of the other, against the articles of this alliance, or against common right, there shall not therefore be given letters of reprisal, marque, or counter-marque, by any of the confederates, until such time as justice is sought and followed in the ordinary course of law: but if justice be denied or delayed, then the King whofe people or inhabitants have received harm, shall ask it of the other, by whom (as is said) the justice shall have been denied or delayed, or of the commissioners that shall be by the one King or the other appointed to receive and hear such demands, to the end that all such differences may be compounded in friendship, or according to law. But if there should be yet a delay, or justice should not be done, nor satissaction given within six months after having the same so demanded, then may be given letters of reprisal, marque, or counter-marque.

IV. That between the King of Great Britain and the King of Spain, and their respective people, subjects, and inhabitants, as well upon sea as upon land and fresh-water, in all and every their kingdoms, lands, countries, dominions, confines, territories, provinces,

4 islands,

islands, plantations, cities, villages, towns, ports, rivers, creeks, bays, streights, and currents, where hitherto trade and commerce hath been accustomed, there shall be free trade and commerce, in such way and manner, that without safe-conduct, and without general or particular licence, the people and subjects of each other may freely, as well by land as by sea and fresh-water, navigate and go into their said countries, kingdoms, dominions, and all the cities, ports, currents, bays, districts, and other places thereof, and may enter into any port with their ships laden or empty, carriage or carriages wherein to bring their merchandize, and there buy and fell what and how much they please, and also at just and reasonable rates provide themselves with provisions and other necessary things for their iubsistance and voyage; and also may repair their ships and carriages, and from thence again freely depart with their ships, carriages, goods, merchandize, and estate, and return to their own countries, or to such other place as they shall think fit, without any molestation or impediment, so that they pay the duties and customs which shall be due, and saving to either side the laws and ordinances of their country.

V. Item, It is likewise agreed, That for the merchandizes which the subjects of the King of Great Britain shall buy in Spain, or other the kingdoms or dominions of the King of Spain, and shall carry in their own ships, or in ships hired or lent unto them, no new customs, toll, tenths, subsidies, or other rights or duties whatsoever, shall be taken or increased, other than thofe which in the like case the natives themselves, and all other strangers are obliged to pay; and the subjects aforesaid buying, selling, and contracting for their merchandizes, as well in respect of the prices, as of all duties to be paid, shall enjoy the same privileges which are allowed to the natural subjects of Spain; and may buy and lade their ships with such goods and merchandizes; which said ships being laden, and customs paid for the goods, shall not be detained in port B 4 upon upon any pretence whatsoever; nor shall the laders, merchants, or sactors, who bought and loaded the goods aforesaid, be questioned, after the departure of the said ships, for any matter or thing whadbever concerning the same.

VI. And to the end that the officers and ministers of all cities, towns, and villages, belonging to either, may neither demand nor take from the respective merchants and people greater taxes, duties, stipends, recompences, gifts, or any other charges, than what ought to be taken by virtue of this treaty; and that the said merchants and people may know and understand with certainty what is ordained in all things touching this; it is agreed and concluded, That tables and lists shall be put up at the doors of the customhouses and registries of all the cities, villages, and towns of, or appertaining to one or the other King, where such rights and excises, or customs, are usually paid; in which, how much, and of what quality such rights, customs, subsidies, and payments, either to the Kings or any the aforesaid officers are allowed, shall be put down in writing, declaring as well the species of what is imported, as what is carried out. And if any officer, or any other in his name, upon any pretence whatsoever, in public or secret, directly or indirectly, shall afk or receive of any merchant or other person respectively, any sum of money or other thing, by the name of right, due, stipend, allowance, or recompence (though it be by the way of voluntary donative) more or otherwise than aforesaid, the said officer or his deputy being in such manner guilty, and convict before a competent judge in the country where the crime is committed, shall be put in prison for three months, and shall pay thrice the value of the thing so received; of which the half shall be for the King of the country where the crime is committed, and the other half for the denunciator, for the which he may sue his right before any competent judge of the country where it shall happen.

VII. That

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