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X. That the said Nabob shall not assist the enemies of the English, nor, on the other hand, shall the English assist the enemies of the Nabob; but should assistance be afforded on either part hereafter, the officers and men who may be sent to them, are to be paid at the following rates, by the parties to whom they may be sent; viz.

The commission officers to be paid at the discretion of the party assisted, but with the concurrence and approbation of the party who assists.

Each European soldier, - 15 rupees per month.
Each scapoy - - - 74. rupeesper month.

XI. Should at any time disputes arise, between the servants of the English sactories and the Nabob's subjects, servants, or dependants, and the former be found culpable, they shall be sent to the English resident to be punished, as shall the Nabob's people to his kille-, dars, hummuldars, &c. if they are found to be in sault. The servants of the English sactory, as well as their samilies, shall be entirely under the honourable company's protection.

XII. That the said Nabob shall not grant any new firmaund, or privileges, to any European nation whatever, or suffer any of them to establish any new settlements in any part of his dominions: in all matters of trade or business, the English to have the preference; and in matters of ceremony or state, they are to take rank of all other European nations, as well as the country powers.

XIII. The said Nabob hereby ratifies and confirms the grant which he executed in February 1766, and delivered to Messieurs Sparks and Townscnd, relative, to the privileges and immunities the honourable company possessed, in the several countries he conquered upon this coast, before he took possession thereof; and hereby binds and obliges himself, to compel whoever may be in possession of thofe countries, to grant to the honourable company the produce thereof, as well



as the full enjoyment of all their rights and privileges therein, in their utmost extent.

In witness of all which, the said contracting parties have interchangeably signed and sealed two instruments, of the same tenor and date; viz. the said president and council, on behalf of the English East India company, in Bombay Castle, this 8th day of August, in the year of the Christian sera 1770, and the said Nabob Hyder Ally Khan Behauder.


[The following is printed from the treaty, which was published by authority, in 1784.]

Treaty of Peace with the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun Bahauder.




TREATY of perpetual peace and friendship between the honourable the English East India company, and the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun Bahauder, on his own behalf, for the countries of Seringapatam, Hyder Nagur, &c. and all his other possessions; setded by Anthony Sadleir, George Leonard Staunton, and John Huddleston, Esquires, on behalf of the honourable English East India company, for all their possessions, and for the Carnatic Pay en Gaut, by virtue of powers delegated to the right honourable the president and select committee of Fort Saint George, for that purpofe, by the honourable the governor general and council, appointed by the King and parliament of Great Britain to direct and controul all political affairs of the honourable English East India company in India,


and by the said Nabob, agreeable to the following articles, which are to be strictly and invariably observed, as long as the fun and moon shall last, by both parties; that is to say, by the English company and the three governments of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay, and the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder.

I. Peace and friendship shall immediately take place between the said company and the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, and their friends and allies; particularly including therein the rajahs of Tanjore and Travencore, who are friends and allies to the English, and the Carnatic Payen Gaut, also Tippoo Sultaun's friends and allies; the Biby of Cananore, and the rajahs or zemindars of the Malabar coast, are included in this treaty: the English will not directly or indirectly assist the enemies of the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, nor make war upon his friends or allies; and the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, will not directly or indirectly assist the enemies, nor make war upon the friends or allies of the English.

II. Immediately aster signing and sealing the treaty by the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, and the three English commissioners, the said Nabob shall send orders for the complete evacuation of the Carnatic, and the restoration of all the forts and places in it, now possessed by his troops, the forts of Amboorgur and Satgur excepted; and such evacuation and restoration shall actually and effectually be made in the space of thirty days from the day of signing the treaty. And the said Nabob shall also, immediately after signing the treaty, send orders for the release of all the persons who were taken and made prisoners in the late war, and now alive, whether European or native; and for their being sasely conducted to and delivered at such English forts or settlements as shall be nearest to the places where they now are, so that the said release and delivery of the prisoners shall actually and Vol. II." LI effectually effectually, be made in thirty days from the day of signing the treaty. The Nabob will cause them to be supplied with provisions and conveyances for the journey, the expence of which shall be made good to him by the company. The commissioners will send an officer or officers to accompany the prisoners to the different places where they are to be delivered: in particular, Abdul Wahab Cawn, taken at Chitoor, and his samily, shall be immediately released, and if willing to return to the Carnatic, shall be allowed to do so. If any person or persons belonging to the said Nabob, and taken by the company in the late war, be now alive, and in prison in Bencoolen, or other territories of the company, such person or persons shall be immediately released, and, if willing to return, shall be sent without delay to the nearest fort or setdement in the Mysore country. Baswapa, late amuldar of Palicacherry, shall be released and at liberty to depart.

III. Immediately after signing and sealing the treaty, the English commissioners shall give written orders for the delivery of Onore Carwar and Sadashevagada, and forts or places adjoining thereto, and fend a ship or ships to bring away the garrisons. The Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, will cause the troops in thofe places to be supplied with provisions, and any other necessary assistance for their voyage to Bombay (they paying for the same). The commissioners will likewise give, at the same time, written orders for the immediate delivery of the forts and districts of Caroor, Auracourchy, and Daraparam; and immediately after the release and delivery of the prisoners as before mentioned, the fort and district of Dindigul shall be evacuated and restored to the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder; and none of the troops of the company shall afterwards remain in the country of the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder.

IV. As soon as all the prisoners are released and de

livered, livered, the fort and district of Cannanore shall be evacuated and restored to Ali Rajah Biby, the Queen of that country, in the presence of any one person, without troops, whom the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, may appoint for that purpofe; and at the same time that the orders are given for the evacuation and delivery of the forts of Cannanore and Dindigul, the said Nabob shall give written orders for the evacuation and delivery of Amboorgur and Satgur to the English; and in the mean time, none of the troops of the said Nabob shall be left in any part of the Car natic, except in the two forts above-mentioned.

V. After the conclusion of this treaty, the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, will make no claim whatever in future on the Carnatic.

VI. All persons whatsoever, who have been taken and carried away from the Carnatic Payen Gaut (which includes Tanjour) by the late Nabob Hyder Ali Cawn, Bahauder, who is in heaven, or by the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, or otherwise belonging to the Carnatic, and now in the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder's dominions, and willing to return, shall be immediately allowed to return with their samilies and children, or as soon as may be convenient to themselves; and all persons belonging to the Vencatacherry Rajah, who were taken prisoners in returning from the fort of Vellour, to which place they had been sent with provisions, shall also be released, and permitted immediately to return. Lists of the principal persons belonging to the Nabob Mahomed Ali Cawn, Bahauder, and to the Rajah of Vencatagherry, shall be delivered to the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun's ministers; and the Nabob will cause the contents of this article to be publicly notified throughout his country.

VII. This being the happy period of general peace and reconciliation, the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, as a testimony and proof of his friendship to

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