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fucceflion, shall enjoy, for ever, as an ultumgau, or freegift, the government of the Carnatic Payen Gaut, in the fullest and amplest manner; the said Nabob Ausuph Jau promising, and engaging, not to hold or keep up any kind of correspondence with any person or perfons, in the faid Carnatic Payen Gaut, or in the circars before and now ceded to the English company, except the said. Nabob Wolau Jau, or the said English company, by the means of their president and council of Madras, who on their part, in conjunction with the said Nabob Wolau Jau, engage likewise not to hold, or maintain, any correspondence with any person or persons in the Decan, except the Nabob Ausuph Jau, his dewan, and the securities, whose names are bereunto subscribed.

VIII. The Nabob Áusuph Jau, out of his great regard and affection, and from other considerations, having been pleased to grant and confer on the Nabob Wolau Jau, and his eldest son, Meyen ul Mulck, Omdetul Omrah, several saneds, viz.

An ulcumgau saned for the whole of the Carnatic; An ultumgau saned for the whole of the purgunnah of Imungundela, with the gudda of Ghunpoora;

An ultumgau saned for the whole of the villages of Cathafera, &c.

An ultumgau faned for the killedary of the fort of Colaur ;

An ultumgau saned for the whole of the district of Sonedaupe ;

And a full and ample saned, containing a discharge for all demands, past, present, and future, on account of the Carnatic, &c.

It is hereby agreed, that all and every one of these faneds shall be regarded, equally binding with any other article of the treaty, and be as duly observed, by the. Nabob Ausuph Jau, as if entered here at full length IX. Hyder Naigue, having, for some years past,


usurped the government of the Monfore country, and given great disturbances to his neighbours, by attacking, and taking from many of them their poffeffions, and having also lately invaded, and laid waste with fire and sword, the poffeffions of the English company, and the Nabob Wolau Jau, in the Carnatic, it is certainly necessary for their peace, and for the general benefit of all the neighbouring Powers, that the said Naigue should be punished and reduced, so that he may not hereafter have the power to give any per-son farther trouble ; to this end, the Nabob Ausuph Jau hereby declares, and makes known to all the world, that he regards the said Naigue as a rebel and usurper, and as such divests him of, and revokes from him, all saneds, honours, and distinctions, conferred by himself; or any other foubah of the Decan, because the faid Naigue has deceived the Nabob Ausuph Jau, broken his agreement, and rendered himself unworthy of all farther countenance and favours.

X. That the English company may hereafter carry on their trade peaceably, on this coast of Coromandel, and also on the coast of Malabar, and that they, with the Nabob Wolau Jau, may hold the Carnatic, and their other posieflions, in peace, it appears necessary, that the countries of Carnatic Balagaute, belonging to the soubahdarry of Viziapour, now or lately poffeffed by Hyder Naigue, should be under the managernent and protection of those who will do justice, and pay obedience to the high commands from court; it is therefore agreed, by the Nabub Ausuph Jau, that he shall relinquish, to the English company, all his right to the dewanny of the faid Carnatic Balagaute, belonging to the foubahdarry of Viziapour, and that the company shall present an arzee, or petition to the royal prefence, to obtain from the emperor Shaw Allum, a firmaund, confirming and approving their right thereto; but, that the Nabob Ausuph Jau, as soubah of the Decan, may not lose his dignity, or the revenue arising from the said countries, the English company agree to

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pay him annually, out of the dewanny collection, from the time they are in poffeffion thereof, the sum of feven lacks of Arcot rupees, including durbar charges, being the sum annually paid heretofore, in two equal payments, at the space of six months froin each other, provided the faid Ausuph Jau, foubah of the Decan, allifts the said company, and the Nabob Wolau Jau, in punishing Hyder Naigue, and neither receives from, or sends either vackeels or letters to him.

· XI. As the English company do not intend to deprive the Morattas of their choute, any more then the soubah of his piscash, which used to be paid from the Carnatic Balagaute, belonging to the foubahdarry of Viziapour, now or lately possessed by Hyder Naigue, it is hereby agreed, and the company willingly promise to pay the Morattas, regularly and annually, without trouble, for the whole choute, as settled in former times, from the time the said countries shall be under the company's protection as dewan, provided, however, that the Morattas guaranty to the company the peaceable possession of the faid dewanny; to this end, the Nabob Ausuph Jau promises to use his best endeavours, jointly with the English, and the Nabob Wolau Jau, to settle with the Morattas, concerning the choute of the said countries, how and where it is to be paid, so that there may be no disturbances hereafter, on that account, between any of the contracting parties or the Morattas.

XII. All the foregoing articles are sincerely agreed to by the subscribing parties, who resolve faithfully to execute and abide by the fame, so that a firm and laiting friendship may mutually subfift between them, and while such an alliance subfifts, what power will dare to disturb the possessions of either party? The English company and the Nabob Wolau Jau will endeavour, on all occasions, to fhew their friendship and attachment to the Nabob Ausuph Jau, Nizam ul Mulck, as soubah of the Decan, and look on the fup


port of that government as the support of their own; in short, there will be no manner of difference in interest between them.

In witness and confirmation of all the above articles,

and every part of the aforegoing treaty, we whose
names are under-written, have interchangeably
subscribed to and fealed three instruments of the
tenor and date, viz. the president and council of
Fort St. George, on the behalf of the English
East India company, at that place, this 26th day
of February, in the year of the Christian æra
1768; the Nabob Ausuph Jau, foubah of the
Decan, at his camp, near Pillere, on the 22d day
of the moon Shevaul, in the year of the Hegyra
1181; and the Nabob Wolau Jau, for himself, at
Fort St. George, the 7th day of the moon She-
vaul, in the 118 1st year of the Hegyra.

Charles Bourchier.
Samuel Ardley.
John Call.
George Stratton.
George Dawson.

James Bourchier.
George Mackey.


N. B. The names of the contracting parties were

transferred, in the parts kept by each of them, and

each took the precedence by turn. The above contracting parties, to wit, the president and council of Fort St. George, on behalf of the English East India company; the great Nabob, high in station, Ausuph Jau, foubah of the Decan; and the Nabob Wolau Jau, foubah of Mahomed Poor, having duly considered, and voluntarily entered into the above articles, which they have respectively signed and sealed in our presence, we, whose names are hereunto subVol. II.

I i


fcribed, do folemnly promise and engage, under our hands and seal, that we will guaranty to the faid English company, and the Nabob Wolau Jau, the due and just observance of the above treaty, on the part of the Nabob Ausuph Jau.

I take God to witness, that of my own free-will I am fecurity

The Seal of
Ruccun ud


I swear by Vencatash and Bail Behauder, that of my own free-will and consent I am security.

The Seal of Rum Chunder Rauze.

I swear by Sactasha, and Bail Behauder, that I am truly and sincerely security.

The Seal of


I swear by Uncatash, and Bail Behauder, that of my own free-will and confent I, Dundaveram, vackeel to Mahaudavarow, Pundit Predane, am security on the part of the said Mahaudavarow.

The Seal of


N. B. The foregoing guaranty agreement was sign

ed and executed, by the guarantees subscribing the same, and annexed to the parts of the treaty delivered to the company and the Nabob; and

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