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hands, and have set our seals with our coats of arms thereunto. Done at Worms, this TV day

. of September, one thousand seven hundred and forty-three. (L.S.) Carteret. (L.S.) Ojsorh. (L.S.) DeWasner.

W E having seen and considered the treaty abovewritten, have approved and ratified it in all and singular its articles and clauses, as we do by these presents approve and ratify the same, for ourselves, our heirs and successors, undertaking and promising, upon our Royal word, that we will religiously and inviolably perform and observe all and singular the things which are contained in it; and that we will never suffer, as much as in us lies, that they be violated by any body, or that any thing be done, in any manner whatsoever, to the contrary thereof. For the greater saith and corroboration of all which, we have commanded our great seal of Great Britain to be set to these presents, signed by the hands of our guardians and justices of our kingdom of Great Britain, and our lieutenants in the same. Given at Westminster, the 20th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1743, and of our reign the seventeenth.



1490. T^ H E first commercial treaty between X England and Florence, may be seen— Rym. Feed. vol. xii. p. 390.

1667 See before, all the treaties with Spain, from to. 1667 till 1718, in this volume, page 1 to 175 i 1718. and See particularly The Quadruple AlliAnce, in this vol. p. 175.

Part of the fifth article of this treaty is as follows: " It is surther agreed, between his "Sacred Imperial Majesty and the Catholic "King, that the town of Leghorn may, and "ought, perpetually to remain a Free Port, "in the same manner as it now is."—See vol. i. p. 262.

See also in this volume, p. 321, the treat)-of Worms, article Sardinia.

Vol. II. Z The


1604 QEE the several treaties with Spain, to O which comprehend the rights of Great 1648. Britain, in the Two Sicilies, in this vol. from p. 1 to 255.

. 1667, The treaty of peace and commerce bell May. tween Great Britain and Spain, concluded at Madrid; which treaty comprehends at present she 'Two Sicilies.

See this treaty at large, in this vol. p. 5.

1713. The declaration and engagement concern25 Feb. ing the rights and privileges of the British g Mar« merchants in the kingdom of Sicily, made at Utrecht.

1736. See the treaty of Vienna, whereby the 1738. reigning samily became possessed of the Two Sicilies.

Roujfess Supp. Corp. Dip. torn. iv.

part. ii. p. 546—49. Mablys Dr. Pub. torn. iii. p. 86—87.

[The following is printed from the copy which was published by authority in 1714.]

Declaration and Engagement concerning the Rights and Privileges of the British Merchants in the Kingdom of Sicily, made at Utrecht, the % Day of Sgp


WHEREAS by several treaties of peace, alliance, commerce, and navigation, formerly made between

the the kingdoms of Great Britain and Spain, and at. this time subsisting, but more particularly by the treaty concluded at Madrid, the 44 day of the month of May, in the year one thousand six hundred sixty-andseven, and the cedulas annexed thereunto, provision was made for the freedom, security, and perfect ease of the commerce of the British subjects, trading in the kingdoms and provinces of Spain; the observance and usage of which treaties have been hitherto received in the kingdom of Sicily, in the same manner as in any other the dominions of Spain, and have remained there in full force, except some variations which have been introduced in the course of time; fof the rectifying whereof, according to the rule of thofe treaties, Great Britain has hitherto justly insisted.

Wherefore, on occasion of transferring the kingdom of Sicily to his Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy, her Sacred Majesty of Great Britain, being watchful to preserve the rights and privileges of her subjects trading in the said kingdom, and being likewise willing to preserve to the Sicilians the privileges they have in Great Britain, which are so very dear to the most Serene Duke of Savoy, hath been graciously pleased to give instructions to her under-written ministers plenipotentiaries, to agree with the ministers plenipotentiaries of his Royal Highness of Savoy, about: making declarations mutually upon this subject: in pursuance thereof, the said ministers plenipotentiaries of his Royal Highness, in the name of their most Serene master, do most solemnly declare and promise, that during the reign of the asoresaid most Serene Duke in Siciiy, as likewise of his heirs and successors, the British merchants are henceforward to have, and shall effectually have, use, and enjoy all thofe rights, privileges, liberties, and entire security, as to their persons, goods, ships, seamen, trade, and navigation, in the said kingdom of Sicily, which, by virtue of the treaties made between Great Britain and Spain, they have hitherto enjoyed, or ought to enjoy; and to that end, that all

Z 2 abuses, abuses, which deviate from the tenor of the said treaties, shall be forthwith removed, and the rights and privileges acquired to the British subjects, by virtue of the asoresaid treaties, shall not on any occasion, or under any pretence, ever be violated or lessened; and if hitherto any more savourable privileges have been granted to the merchants of any other foreign nation, or shall hereafter be granted, any way relating to the persons of the traders, their ships, goods, duties, or the business of merchandizing, the British merchants shall likewise in all respects, and in the fullest manner, enjoy the same.

And in like manner the ministers plenipotentiaries of Great Britain do, in the name of her Majesty, confirm, that the Sicilians shall hereafter enjoy the same privileges and liberties which they have hitherto enjoyed, or ought to have enjoyed, as subjects of the Kings of Spain, by virtue of the aforesaid treaty of the year 1667.

The ratifications of this present declaration and engagement, made in due form, shall be exchanged at Utrecht, within six weeks, or sooner if possible.

In witness and confirmation whereof, the aforesaid ministers plenipotentiaries of her majesty of Great Britain, and of his Royal Highness of Savoy, have signed this present instrument with their own hands, and put their seals thereunto, at Utrecht,

** V <**y of 3= 17i,m

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