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of the treaty of peace signed at Vienna the 18th of November 1738; and of the accession thereto, done and signed at Versailles the 3d of February 1739: *&. which treaties are fully recalled and confirmed here, forasmuch as they may concern the allies, and as sar as they have not derogated from them by the present treaty.

III. In conformity to the guaranty contained in the foregoing article, and to the end that no subject of dispute may remain between the two most Serene Houses of Austria and Savoy, his Majesty the King of Sardininia, for himself, his heirs and successors, renounces by name, and for ever, but solely in savour of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and of her heirs and successors, his pretended rights upon the state of Milan; which rights, though never admitted on the part of the Queen, he had reserved to himself, by the provisional convention, the liberty of availing himself of. And besides, his Majesty the King of Sardinia engages himself formally and specially to the guaranty of the order of succession established in the said most Serene House, by the pragmatic sanction, in the same manner as it is set forth in the treaty of pacification and alliance made at Vienna the 16th of March 1731, excepting, however, that his said Majesty shall never be obliged to send succours out of Italy.

IV. For this purpofe, his Majesty the King of Sardinia, who has already joined his troops to those of the Queen ofHungary, and who has already considerably augmented them, shall continue to concert and execute, jointly with her and her generals, all the measures and operations which shall be judged the most effectual for keeping off and repelling the invasion now made, or to be hereaster made, against the dominions of the said Queen, and for securing them from all danger, present and future, as much as possible.

V. In order to attain this end, and as long as the present war shall last, her Majesty the Queen of Hungary gary engages not only to keep in Italy the number of troops which she has there now, but to augment them to the number of 30,000 effective men, as soon as the situation of affairs in Germany will permit it: and his Majesty the King of Sardinia engages to keep and employ the number of 40,000 foot, and 5,000 horse, comprehending in it what will be necessary for the garrisons, and defence of his own dominions.

VI. His Majesty the King of Sardinia shall have the supreme command of the allied army, when he shall be there in person, and he shall regulate the military motions and operations of it, in concern with her Majesty the Queen of Hungary, according as the common interest aad occasions shall require.

VII. As long as it shall be necessary towards favouring and seconding thofe operations, and as long as the danger of the allies, and of Italy, shall demand it, his Majesty the King of Great Britain engages to keep in the Mediterranean Sea a strong squadron of ships of .war, and bomb-vessels, and fire- ships, the admiral and commanders whereof shall have orders to concert constantly and regularly with his Majesty the King of Sardinia, or with his generals, and with thofe of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary, who shall be nearest at hand, the most proper measures for the service of the common cause.

VIII. Moreover, and in order to assist in bearing the extraordinary expence which his Majesty the King of Sardinia is and will be obliged to support, for raising, and causing to act, a much greater number of troops than his own revenues can maintain, his Majesty the King of Great Britain engages to surnish to him, for as long as the war, and the occasion for it, shall continue, a subsidy of two hundred thousand pounds sterling/w annum, to be paid every three months, and to commence from the 1st of February 1742, New Stile, being the day upon which the provisional convention was signed between the said King and her Majesty the


Queen of Hungary; and the said subsidy shall be punctually paid from three months to three months in advance, provided, however, that what shall have been advanced to his Majesty the King of Sardinia, before the signature of the present treaty, shall be reckoned into it.

IX. In consideration of the zeal, and generosity, with which his Sardinian Majesty has been willing to expofe his person, and his dominions, for the public cause, and for that of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and of the most Serene House of Austria in particular, and of the effectual succours which the said cause has already received from him; in consideration also of the burthensome engagements of assistance, and of the perpetual tie of guaranty, which he contracts with her, by the present alliance, her said Majesty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, for herself, her heirs and successors, yields and transfers, from this present time, and for ever, to his said Majesty the King of Sardinia, his heirs and successors, to be united to his other dominions, the district of Vigevano, called the Vigevenasco, the part of the dutchy of Pavia which is between the Po and the Thesin, so that the Thesin shall for the suture, by the middle of its stream, form the separation and limit between the respective dominions, from the Lago Maggiore, or greater lake, to the place where it salls into the Po, excepting only the island formed by the canal over against the city of Pavia, which island shall be reserved to her Majesty the Queen, upon these conditions; that the King shall have nevertheless the free communication of the river 1 hesin, for the passage of barks,without their being either stopped, visited, or subjected to the payment of any duty; and that the said canal shall never be filled up, and shall serve in this place for a limit. Moreover, that other part of the dutchy of Pavia, called .he Puvesc, beyond the Po, Bobbio and its territory being reckoned into it, the city of Plaisance, with that part of the dutchy of Placentia which is between the Pavesan, and as sar as the bed of


the river Nura, from its source quite to the Po; in such manner that the middle, as well of the Nura as of the Po, do make in this part the limit of the two states; and consequently, that, which has hitherto belonged to the dutchy of Placentia on the other side of the Po, do remain separated from it.

Lastly, that part of the county of Anghiera, or of the state of Milan, whatsoever particular name may be given to it, which borders upon the Novarese,the valley of Sesia, the Great Alps, and the country of Vallais, extending to the Swils prefectures of Val Maggia and Locarno, and along the banks of, and in the Lago Maggiore, to the middle of the said lake, in such manner that for the suture the confines between the dominions of his Majesty the King of Sardinia, and thofe of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary, shall be continually fixed by a line drawn from the borders of the Swiss, in the.middle, and all along the Lago Maggiore to the mouth of the Thesin, which line shall go from thence along the middle of the stream of that river to the place of its salling into the Po, excepting the front of the above-mentioned island before Pavia, and from thence go on along the middle of the course of the Po, to the place where the Nura salls into the Po, and go up by the middle of the bed of the Nura quite to its source, which is oppofite to the country of Genoa.

The abovesaid division of the course of the rivers fliall not prevent the navigation remaining free, as it is to remain, to the subjects of the two sovereigns, in the whole breadth of the said rivers, with liberty to pass upon the banks on either side, for the towing of boats which go up stream; the said banks being nevertheless to appertain, as well with regard to the property, as in all other respects, to the sovereigns respectively, on either side of the said rivers, who shall be allowed, each on their own side, to make such reparations as they shall judge necessary towards strengthening of them, provided that thofe reparations be not prominent, that is to say, that they may not force the stream of the river against the opposite side, and that, on the part of the King of


XIV. In any case, the allies shall not make either peace or truce, or accommodation whatsoever, with the common enemy, but in concert, and with the participation and advice one of the other, nor without the guaranty of such Powers as should have a share in the pacification, for the possessions and acquisitions of the allies, as set forth in this treaty; and, after the conclusion of the peace, the present alliance shall equally and unalterably subsist, as well for the security of its execution, as, in general, for the mutual and constant security of the allies.

XV. His Majesty the King of Sardinia, and her Majesty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, in gratitude for the generous concern of his Britannic Majesty for the public security, and for theirs, and for that of Italy in particular, do not only confirm to the British subjects the advantages of commerce and navigation, which they enjoy in their respective dominions, but promise to secure them still sarther to them, and, as sar as it shall be found reafonable and practicable, by a specific treaty of commerce and navigation, whenever his Britannic Majesty shall require it of them.

XVI. The Lords the States General of the United Provinces being already under the same engagements towards the most Serene House of Austria, and having the same interest with his Britannic Majesty in all the objects of the present treaty, the allies will jointly invite them to enter into this alliance, as a principal contracting party.

XVII. The other Princes and States who have at heart the peace, the liberty, and the security of Europe, of the Empire, and of Italy, and who will be willing to enter into the present alliance, shall be admitted into it.

XVIII. This treaty of alliance shall be ratified by all the allies, and the ratifications of it shall be exchanged within the space of six weeks, or sooner if possible.

In witness whereof, we the plenipotentiaries abovenamed have signed the present treaty with our own


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