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parties shall truly and firmly observe and put in execution the present treaty, and all and every article and articles therein contained and comprehended, and cause the same to be observed and effectually performed by the people, subjects, and inhabitants of each respectively.

XXVIII. It is also agreed and concluded, that the present treaty, and all and every point and points therein contained and concluded, shall, within six months next ensuing, be confirmed and ratified by the said Lord Protector, and the King, by the letters patent of both parties, sealed with the great seal, in a due and authentic form; and within the said term, mutual instruments shall be delivered on both sides, and the said peace and confederacy shall be proclaimed in the usual forms and places, immediately aster the delivery and exchange of the instruments.

In witness and testimy of all which, we the commissioners of his Highness the Lord Protector, and the ambassadors extraordinary of the most Serene King, by virtue of our respective commissions and full powers, have signed the present treaty with our own hands, and sealed it with our seals. Done at Westminster, the 10th day of July, in the year 1654.

(L. S.) Nath. Fiennes.
(L. S.) Walt. Strickland.

The Secret Article.

THE people and inhabitants of the commonwealth of England, following their commerce as asoresaid within the kingdoms, dominions, ports, and territories of the said King, shall not pay any customs or duties but in manner following; that is to say, the goods, merchandizes, and manusactures of the English, in setting rates, according to which they are to pay their


customs (which shall never exceed 23 per cent.) shall be savourably valued according to the rates of the custom-house, and the ancient laws of the realm; and if at any time it be designed to raise them higher, because the true and real value of the said goods is increased, it shall not be done but in the presence and by the advice of two English merchants, then residing in Portugal, and chofen by the English consul: and if it shall happen that the price of commodities shall sall, the value or rate shall in like manner from time to time be abated, according to the said rule and law: and if any controversy shall happen to arise about the said valuation, that doubt shall be determined by such indifferent arbitrators as shall be chofen by the consul of the English nation, and the officers of the customhouse. The subjects and inhabitants of the said kingdom, trading in the dominions and territories of the said commonwealth, shall pay the present customs and duties as they are now valued in this month of May, 1654, according to the laws and customs of the place: and likewise they shall, on both sides, observe the laws and customs of each place. And thus it was agreed upon and concluded, that the abovesaid article, and every thing contained therein, shall be confirmed and ratified by the said King, and by the said Lord Protector, by the letters patent of the one and the other party, sealed with the great seal, in due and authentic form, within six months next following: and within the said time instruments shall be passed or exchanged by the one and the other party.

In saith and testimony whereof, we the commissioners of his Highness the Lord Protector, as well as the commissioner of the said most Serene King, by the force and virtue of our respective commissions, the asoresaid secret article have signed with our hands, and to the same have affixed our usual seals.


Done at Westminster, the iothday of the month of
July 1654.

(L. S.) Math. Fiennes.
(L. S.) Walt. Strickland.

[The following is printed from the copy in the Board of Trade.—" Entries relating to Portugal," p. 144.]

Articles of Marriage between hi? Majesty and the Lady Infanta of Portugal, 1661.

IT being upon mature deliberation mutually and fully agreed between their Majesties, Charles, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. and Alphonso, by the same grace of God, King of Portugal and Algarve, &c. that the King of Great Britain shall, with all possible speed as such an affair can be transacted in, many and take to wise the most Excellent Princess Dona Catherina Insanta of Portugal; for a more firm and durable peace and alliance betwen the two Crowns, and for the good of both nations, which are henceforward to take each other's interest to heart no less than their own, it is mutually consented and agreed as followeth:

I. That all treaties made between Great Britain and Portugal since 1641, until this very time, shall be ratified and confirmed in all points and to all intents, and shall receive as sull force and ratification by this treaty, as if they were herein particularly mentioned and inserted word by word.

II. The King of Portugal, by and with the advice of his council, doth give, transfer, grant, and by these presents confirm unto the King of Great Britain, his heirs and successors for ever, the city and castle of

Tangier, Tangier, with all its rights, territories, profits, and appurtenances whatsoever, and also as well the profits and revenue, as the direct, sull, and absolute dominion and sovereignty of the same city and castle and territories aforesaid, with their royalties, freely, sully, entirely, and absolutely. He doth also covenant and grant, that the sull and peaceable possession of the aforesaid city and castle, and other the premisses, be freely and effectually delivered unto the King of Great Britain, and for his use, with as much speed as the same can be dispatched in: and it is agreed, that as soon as this treaty shall be signed by the King of Great Britain, and the matrimonial contract between his Majesty and the Lady Insanta per verba de presold facta, the said King of Great Britain shall send five frigates (or as many as he shall think fit) to Lisbon, there to receive orders to go and lie before Tangier, as well for the transportation of the garrison as the security of the place. And as soon as notice is given by the governor of that place, that he hath put in execution the King of Portugal's orders concerning the delivery of the said places, the treaty being confirmed and ratified by his Majesty of Portugal, notice thereof shall with all speed be given to his Majesty of Great Britain, who shall thereupon, immediately send away his fleet of twelve men of war for the port of Lisbon, which, within four or five days after their arrival there, shall have orders to go and take possession of the city and castle of Tangier, with other the premisses, for the use of the King of Great Britain, and effectually to receive the same. Which city with the castle and territories, and other the premisses (as well for the dominion and absolute sovereignty, as for the possession thereof) shall be and remain to the King of Great Britain, his heirs and successors, for ever, annexed unto the Imperial crown.

III. That all soldiers and other inhabitants whatsoever of the said city and castle of Tangier, who shall desire desire to continue and reside there, shall be very kindly treated, and have the free exercise of the Roman Catholic religion, and in all civil affairs shall be governed under the King of Great Britain, and as his subjects, by the same laws and customs which have been hitherto used and approved in the said city and castle; and all such of the soldiers and inhabitants thereof, who shall desire to return into Portugal, shall have free liberty to sell and dispofe of all that belongs to them, and shall be transported into Portugal whensoever they desire it (so also shall the ordnance, as much as can be spared from the fortifications of Tangier) by the steet or ships of the King of Great Britain.

IV. As soon as the city of Tangier, with the castle and territories thereof (in performance of this treaty and grant concerning the transfening of the sovereignty and absolute dominion thereof to the King of Great Britain) shall be effectually delivered to the use and possession of his said Majesty of Great Britain, the fleet shall return to Lisbon, and her the Lady Insanta shall be received on board with such signs of joy, and such other ceremonies, as may befit the excellency and quality of her person.

V. The King of Portugal doth promise and oblige himself, by these presents, to give unto the King of Great Britain, for a portion or dowiy witii the said Lady Insanta his sister, two millions, i. e. 2,000,000 of crowns Portuguese; and that one moiety thereof shall be really put on board the said sleet before the Insanta herself embarks; and the said money, or so much thereof as consists of money, shall be immediately delivered upon account to such persons as his Majesty of Great Britain shall appoint to receive the same, for his proper use: but so much of the said moiety as shall be put on board in jewels, sugar, or merchandize, shall not be taken upon the account of his Majesty of Great Britain, but shall be transported into the river of Thames, for the use of such persons who shall be authorized

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