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work of peace between the Christian Princes and States at Utrecht, to conclude and sign terms and conditions, as well of peace and friendship, as of commerce and navigation, between us and the said Catholic King. Know ye, therefore, that we repofing very great confidence in the fidelity, industry, and perspicacity and experience in treating of affairs of the greatest importance, of the Right Reverend Father in God our right trusty and well-beloved counsellor John Lord Bishop of Bristol, keeper of our privy seal, Dean of Windsor, and register of our most noble Order of the Garter; and of our right trusty and right well-beloved cousin and counsellor Thomas Earl of Strafford, Viscount Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse, and of Staineborough, Baron of Raby, lieutenant general of our armies, first commissioner of our admiralty, knight of our most noble Order of the Garter, and our ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Provinces; have nominated, made, and constituted, as we do by these presents nominate, make, and constitute them our true, certain, and undoubted ambassadors extraordinary, commissaries, procurators, and plenipotentiaries, giving and granting to them, either joindy or separately, all and all manner of power, leave, and authority, and our general as well as special command (provided that our general command shall not derogate from or be contrary to our special command) to meet at Utrecht, or at anyother place whatsoever, and have conferences with the ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiaries whom the said Catholic King shall depute on his side, and provide with sufficient authorities, and of treating of, agreeing upon, and concluding, safe, firm, and honourable conditions of peace and friendship between us and the said Catholic King, and of signing whatsoever shall be so agreed, for us, and in our name, and of making, delivering, and receiving reciprocally, all the neceslary instruments of the things concluded, how many or whatsoever they are, and in general, of


doing and performing all things which they shall judge to be any ways necessary or convenient towards making and establishing conditions of peace and friendship, as asoresaid, in as ample manner and form, and with the same force and effect, as we could do and perform the same, if we ourselves were present; promising and engaging our Royal word, that we will approve and ratify all and every one of the articles, which by virtue of these presents shall be transacted, concluded, and signed by our said ambassadors extraordinary, commissaries, procurators, and plenipotentiaries, jointly or separately, in the form and manner wherein they are agreed. For the greater testimony and validity whereof, having signed these presents with our Royal hand, we have commanded our great seal to be affixed thereunto. Given at our palace at St. James's, the third day of May 1713, in the twelfth year of our reign.

DON PHILIP, by the graceof God, KingofCastille, Leon, Aragon, and both Sicilies, Jerusalem, Navarre, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Sevilla, Sardinia, Cordova, Corsica, Murcia, Jaen, the Algarves, Algezira, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, the East and West Indies, the islands and continent of the ocean, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, and Milan, Earl of Apsburg, Flanders, Tirol, and Barcelona, Lord of Biscay and Molina, &c. Whereas we have desired, and do desire, that our subjects may be set at ease and rest, from the afflictions and calamitics of so long and bloody war, as this has proved to be, and that by putting an end to the deplorable ef.r sects thereos, they may come to enjoy that repofe, splendor, and profperity, which they earnestly wish for, and we ought to procure them; and considering how much this common good will be secured, by entering upon and concluding a treaty of commerce, between this crown and that of England, which may be of reciprocal advantage and convenience to the subjects of'


both crowns: we have thought fit to nominate for that purpofe you Don Francisco Maria de Paula, Tellez, Giron, Benavides, Carrillo y Toledo, Ponce de Leon, Duke of Osuna, our cousin, Earl of Urena, Marquis of Penafiel, gendeman of our bed-chamber, and great chamberlain, and cup-bearer, chief notary of our kingdoms of Castille, knight of the Order of Callatrava, great treasurer of the said order and knighthood, commendador thereof, and of the Usagre in the Order of St. James, and captain of the first company of our royal Spanish life-guards; and you Don Isidro Casado de Rofales, Marquis de Monteleon, our kinsman, and one of our council of the Indies; with sull power and authority, and the dignity of our ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiaries, by reason of the intire satissaction and confidence we have in your persons, and that both of you are endued with thofe valuable qualities of prudence, judgment, experience, zeal, and love for our royal service, which arc necessary for a negotiation of this importance, to the end that you may treat of, conclude, and finish with the ministers plenipotentiaries named for that purpofe by the Queen of Great Britain, the aforesaid treaty of commerce, for the reciprocal convenience and advantage of the subjects of the two crowns ; promising, as we do hereby promise, for ourselves and successors, upon our saith and Royal word, that we will perform and keep for ever, all that you shall stipulate, conclude, and agree, with the afore-mentioned ministers plenipotentiaries of the Queen of Great Britain, for the attaining and settling the said treaty of commerce, and that we will observe it exactly, and cause it to be observed, without contravening the same, or suffering it to be contravened in anywise whatsoever, directly or indirectly; for all which, and whatsoever else may be necessary thereto, we give and grant to you all the power, authority, and saculty that is needsul; and that we will approve and ratify the same, within the time that shall be reciprocally agreed: declaring that in

cafe case of absence or sickness of either of you, the said Duke of Osuna, and Marquis of Monteleon, the other of you may proceed in the effecting and concluding this treaty of commerce; we promising also, upon our saith and Royal word, that we will approve, confirm, and ratify the same, with all the solemnities and forms that are necessary, and in the same manner as if it had been adjusted and concluded by both of you. In testimony whereof we have commanded to be dispatched, and we do dispatch these presents, signed with our hand, sealed with our privy seal, and countersigned by our under-written secretary of state. Given at Madrid, the twentieth day of October,


I the KING. Manual de Vadilloy Velasco..

We do certify, that this present writing is a copy taken word for word from the original power, with which his Majesty has honoured us. Hague, the twenty-third of February, 1714.

Duque de Osuna.
Marque de Monteleon.

[The following is printed from the treaty which was published by authority in 1717.]

The Treaty of Commerce between the most Serene and most Potent Prince George, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. and the most Serene and most Potent Prince Philip V. the Catholic King of Spain. Concluded at Madrid the —^. of December, 1715.

GEORGE, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all and singular to whom these present letters ters shall come, greeting. Whereas a certain treaty of commerce between us and our good brother Philip the Fifth, the Catholic King of Spain, was concluded and signed by ministers plenipotentiaries, impowered with sufficient authority on both sides, at Madrid on the ~ day of this present month, in the form and words following-:

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Whereas since the treaties of peace and commerce lately concluded at Utrecht, on the 13th of July, and 9th of December, 1713, between his Catholic Majesty and her late Majesty the Queen of Great Britain (of glorious memory) some differences remained about commerce, and the course thereof; their Catholic and Britannic Majesties, being inclined to maintain and cultivate a firm and inviolable peace and friendship, have (for attaining so good an end) by the two ministers reciprocally and in due form authorized for this purpofe, caused the following articles to be concluded and signed.

I. The British subjects shall not be obliged to pay higher or other duties for goods which they shall bring in or carry out of the several ports of his Catholic Majesty, than thofe which they paid for the same goods in the time of King Charles the Second, setded by cedules and ordinances of the said King or his predecessors; and though the savour or allowance called Pie del Fardo, be not founded on any royal ordinance, yet his Catholic Majesty declares, wills, and ordains, that it shall be observed now and for the future, as an inviolable law; which duties shall be demanded and collected, now and for the suture, with the same advantages and savours to the said subjects.

II. His Catholic Majesty confirms the treaty made by the British merchants with the Magistrates of St. Ander, in the year 1700.

III. His Catholic Majesty allows the said subjects


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