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Re-enter Provost.
Prov. Here is the head ; I'll carry it myself,

Duke. Convenient is it : Make a swift return; 410
For I would commune with you of such things,
That want no ear but yours.
Prov. I'll make all speed.

[Exit. Isab. [Within.] Peace, ho, be here!

Duke. The tongue of Isabel :-She's come to know,
If yet her brother's pardon be come hither :
But I will keep her ignorant of her good,
To make her heavenly comforts of despair,
When it is least expected.





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Isaħ. Ho, by your leave.

420 Duke. Good morning to you, fair and gracious

Isab. The better, given me by so holy a man,
Hath yet the deputy sent my brother's pardon?
Duke. He hath releas'd him, Isabel, from the

world :
His head is off, and sent to Angelo.

Isab. Nay, but it is not so.

Duke. It is no other : “Shew your wisdom, daughter, in your close pa

Isab. Oh, I will to him, and pluck out his eyes.
Duke. You shall not be admitted to his sight."

Isab. Unhappy Claudio! Wretched Isabell
Injurious world! Most damned Angelo!



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Duke. This nor hurts him, nor profits you a jot;
Forbear it therefore; give your cause to heaven.
Mark, what I say; which you shall find
By every syllable, a faithful verity:
The duke comes home to-morrow ;-nay, dry your

eyes ;
One of our convent, and his confessor,
Gives me this instance : already he hath carry'd
Notice to Escalus and Angelo ;
Who do prepare to meet him at the gates,
There to give up their power. If you can, pace your

wisdom In that good path, that I would wish it go ; And

you shall have your bosom on this wretch, Grace of the duke, revenges to your heart, And general honour.

Isob. I am directed by you.

Duke. This letter then to friar Peter give; 'Tis that he sent me of the duke's return: Say, by this token, I desire his company At Mariana's house to night. Her cause, and yours, I'll perfect him withal; and he shall bring you Before the duke; and to the head of Angelo Accuse him home, and home. For my poor self, I am combined by a sacred vow, And shall be absent. Wend you with this letter : Command these fretting waters from your eyes With a light heart; trust not my holy order, If I pervert your course. Who's here?



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dry your

ace your

450 yours,

London Printed for J.Bell British Library Strand March 141786. .



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London Printed for J.Bell British Library Strand March 141788.

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