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poor to their own parish 31.1 In receiving them 32. CLERGY-See MINISTERs. Act for support of 88. Salary 88. Levy for 88. Repairs by 89. Entitled to all the spiritual and temporal benefits of the parish 90. Action for disturbance 90. CLERGY, BENEFIT of When allowed to slaves, when not 105, 106. Third offence of hog-stealing 123. CLINCH, REBECCA Wife of William, intail of certain lands whereof she is seized, in Charles City, docked, 297. COLCHESTER. Town of, in Fairfax connty, established 396. COLLECTORS. Of customs, their duties and fees 96. Of land and polltax, when to be appointed

567. COLLEGE. Of William and Mary, duties for support of 91. COMMON LAW. Rules of practice at, in certain county courts 205. CONSIPIRACY. In slaves, to rebel or murder, felony without clergy 105. CONSTABLES. Conducting runaways, how ferriages to be paid 22. Duty of, in preventing the tending of seconds of tobacco 51, 52. Duty of, in suppressing unlawful assemblies of slaves 109. Power and duty of, charged with deserters 563. Penalty for suffering escapes


[blocks in formation]

COUNTIES. Lunenburg divided, and Halifax formed 252. Boundaries 252. Court days 253. Prince George, divided, and Dinwiddie formed 254. Boundaries 255. Court days 255. Frederick and Augusta divided, and Hampshire formed 376. Boundaries 377. Court days 377. Amelia divided 379. Prince Edward formed 380. Boundaries S80. Court days 380. Lunenburg again divided and Bedford formed 381. Boundaries 381. Court days 381. Surry divided and Sussex formed 384. Boundaries 384. Court days 384. Part of

Albermarle and Lunenburg
added to Bedford 441.
Method of holding, in Bruns-
wick, Fairfax, Lunenburg,
Frederick, Albemarle, and
Augusta, altered 201. Rules
of proceeding in, 201, 210.
Process and proceedings in,
between commencement and
expiration of act, declared
valid 231. Actions against
justices of, jointly 336.
Method of holding, in Bruns-
wick, Fairfax, Lunenburg,
Frederick, Albemarle, and
Augusta altered 201. Quar-
terly courts, in 202. Rules
concerning attachments 202.
Bail 203. Defendant in cus-
tody 204.
fendant is not found 204.
Rules of practice, at common
law 205. In chancery 207.
Same fees for rules, as orders
210. Grand juries 210. Or-
phan's court 210.
How constituted, their power
and duty 534, 535. What
fines they may impose 535,
- 536. How appointed, in times
of invasion and insurrection
547. Officers of, to take an
oath 547. Form of oath 547.
To appoint a clerk 547. His
oath 547. Governor may
grant a commission, for hold-
ing a court martial 560. Of
what number court to consist
561. Members of court to
take an oath 561. Form of
oath 561. Court to appoint
a clerk 561. His oath 561.
What number must concur
X x x—Wol. 6.

Process when de- |

in sentence 562. Within
what hours court to sit 562.
Party accused to have a copy
of his sentence 562. Trans-
cript of proceedings to be
sent to governor, and sentence
respited, until his decision
thereon be known 562.

Surgeon, reward to, for his gal-
lant conduct, in the late en-
gagement on the Mononga-
hela 528.


And rivers, act for clearing 69.

Slaves, how tried 105. Judg-

ment and execution 106.


Parish of, in Lunenburg divid-
ed and Russel formed 382.
§ Fort to be garrisoned 463.
* CUS''' () DY.
Proceedings against defendant

in 333.

Regulations, for securing, and
preventing frauds in 94, 98.
For pound breach or rescous
10. On protested bills of
exchange 86. How recover-
able 87. On appeals 340.
Intail of certain lands, in King
William, docked, and vested
in 321.
Intail of certain lands whereof
he is seized, in King William,
docked 428.
Authorised to receive ferriages
for passing to and from the

causeway near Claiborne's

ferry, between King William
and New Kent 425.
Penalty for casting into rivers
and creeks 101.
For rent, when it lies 12. On
protested bills of exchange
86. On notes 86. By assign-
ees of bonds, bills, or notes
87. Tobacco debts, payable
in money 569. Limitation of
this last act 569.
Persons carrying, out of the
country, without licence, lia-
ble for their debts 45. -
In what cases, debts contracted
for retailed liquors not re-
coverable 74. All gaming
void 76.
Of witnesses, when may be ta-

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How punished, in officers and
soldiers 546. Further pun-
isliment of 5C0. Power of
magistrates to apprehend de-
serters 562. Power and duty
of constables charged with
such 563. Rewards for ap-
prehending 563. Penalty for
harbouring or dealing with,
for arms or cloaths 563.
County. formed from Prince
George 254. Boundaries 255.
Court days 255.
May by proved by defendant,
on trial 87.
Of slaves, when allowed 1 | 1.

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In officers or soldiers, how pun-
ishable 547.
For rent. how made 9. May
be replevied 9. For tobacco,
within certain periods 10.
Wrongful distress, remedy
for 10. Pound breach or re-
scous of goods distrained 10.
Goods carried off the premi-
ses, when distrainable 11.
But not if bona fide sold 12.
Distress, after lease determi-
ned 12. Proviso 12. Fur-
ther proviso 12. When offi-
cers' fees and public dues dis-
trainable 171.
Ofcauses, in general court, how
made out 328.
Not to be carried by slaves 295.
Sheep-killing may be de-
stroyed 295, 489. Number
limited to a negro quarter 489.
Exception 489.
For French war, 438. Of un-
married men, for rangers
465. Of the militia, who have
not wives or children 527.
On horses exported, 127.
secured, 128.
What tavern debts for, void 74.
Of cattle, regulations concern-
ing 124.
()n hides, skins, and furs ex-
ported, for support of William
and Mary College, 91. How
collected and paid, 91,92. On
tobacco exported, 92. How


collected,93. Salary of collectors, 94. Bonds to be given by masters of ships entering or lading for exportation, 95. To whom duties paid, 96. Power of officers of customs, 96. Collector’s fees, 96. Naval officers, 97. Duty on horses imported, 126. How collected, 127. Drawback, 127. On liquors continued, 193. On slaves, revived, 217,253. How collected and accounted for, 218,221. Additional on liquors, continued, 222,354, 471. Additional on slaves, carriages, ordinary licenses, and law process, to raise funds for the protection of the settlers, on the waters of the Mississippi, against the French and Indians, 419,420, 436,437,461,466,467. Duties continued, 468. EMANCIPATION. Of slaves, how obtained, 112. ENEMY. Felony to hold correspondence with, or give intelligence to 546. - ENTAILS. See Fee-Tail and Lands. ENTRIES. For land, how to be made, 33. How a surveyor may enter for himself, 34. Rules in special cases, 34. How surveyed, 35. Entries of persons not attending surveyor, within one month after notice, void, 36. ERROR. Writ of, how obtained; 339,340. ESCAPES. Sheriffs, their executors or administrators, liable to plain

tiff, his executors, or administrators, for voluntary escapes, 345. ESTRAYS-Sce Strays. EVIDENCE. When and in what manner store accounts may be given in evidence, 53,55. On negroe, mulatto, or Indian, giving false testimony, 106. When they may be witnesses, 107. EXAMINERS. Ofattornics, how appointed, 140 EXCIHANGE. Rate of, to be fixed by courts, on rendering judgments, for sterling debts, 479. EXECUTI ()N. Rent to be paid before execution satisfied, 10. Proviso, 10. Remedy against sheriff or officer, for not paying money received on 314. EXEMPTS. In the militia, who 531. But must furnish arms, 532. Overseers and millers exempted, not to appear at musters, 538. EXPRESSES. Public, exempt from ferriages, 21. Messengers, and cxpresseS, 117. EXUM, ELIZABETH Certain lands of which she is seised, vested in justices of Southampton, 283. EYRE, LITTLETON Certain lands in Northampton, vested in 443. FACTORS. By whom goods sold, to be mentioned in the declaration, or petition, 481. Limitation of actions by, 481. Exception, 481. Lawyers see to be taxed, 481.

FAIRFAX. County, mode of holding courts in, altered, 201. Expiration of act, 231. FAIRS. In the town of Winchester, in Frederick county allowed, 269. Privileges at 269. In Alexandria, 286. Act allowing in Fredericksburg and Richmond, continued, 300. FALM0 UTH. Trustees of town of appointed, 282. Their power and duty, 282. FEES. For keeping ordinary, 73. Of minister's for marrying, 84. For a funeral sermon, 84. Of collectors, 96. Of naval officer, 97. Of Virginia owners, 97. Penalty on officer taking greater, 97. Table of fees to be set up, 98. Of public goaler, 136. Of inspectors of pork, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine, 148. How paid in tobacco, 168,171. When distrainable, 171. When to be accounted for, 172. Remedy against sheriffs, 172. Act for collecting officers continued, 200. Further continued, 244. Of inspectors of lumber, 234. Act for, continued, 244. For Pedlars’ licenses increased, 244. Of attornies in general court, 336. For runaways, 367. Of attornies settled, 371. - FEE-TAIL. Intail of certain lands in Charles City, whereof Rebecca, wife

of William Clinch is seised,

tlocked 297. Certain intailed lands in Hanover, vested in Rueben Skelton, and others,

settled to the same uses, 300, Intail of certain lands in Isle of Wight, whereof Arthur Smith is seised, docked, and a mill with other lands, settled to the same uses, 308. Intail of certain land in Hanover, whereof David Garland is seised, docked, and other lands and slaves settled to the same uses, 311. Certain intailed lands in King William and Middlesex, vested in Henry Washington, 314. Intail of certain lands in James city, docked, & the same vest. ed in Thomas Chamberlayne in fee-simple, and other lands settled to the same uses, 319. Intail of certain lands in King William, docked, and vested in William Dandridge, in fee-simple, and other lands and slaves settled to the same uses, 321. Intail of certain lands in Fairfax, whereof Gerard Alexander is seised, docked, and other lands and slaves settled to the same uses, 399. Intail of certain lands in Middlesex, docked, and vested in Robert Chew, in fee-simple, and other lands and slaves settled to the same uses, 402. John Armistead authorized to sell certain intailed lands, in Essex, of the inheritance of his mother, late Susannah Meriwether, for the performance of his father's will, 405. Intail of certain lands in Gloucester, whereof Lawrence Smith is seised, docked, and other lands and slaves settled to the same uses, 407. Intail of certain

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