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ABATEMENT. Picas in, rules concerning 336 ACCESSARIES. , In horse-stealing, how punishable 130. May be prosecuted, although the principal felon be not convicted 130. ACCOUNTS. Store, how proved 53. Limitation 54. Defendant may contest such proof 55. ACC () UTREMENTS. Of the militia, of what to consist 531. ACTIONS. Of debt on protested bills of exchange 86. So, on notes 86. So, on bonds, bills, or notes assigned 87. By ministers, for disturbance in their benefices 96. A ('I'S OF ASSEMBLY. Certain acts repealed 131, 132. A DII, II UGH Act for relief of, and Nathaniel IHarrison 280. AI),J UTANT GENERAL. His privileges, in passing ferries 541. ADMIRALTY. Act concerning seamen, not to affect the jurisdiction of 28.

A.G.E. Of children imported, how adjudged 41. ALB E MARLE. Conoty, part of, on south side James River added to Bedford 441. Mode of holding courts in, altered 201. Expiration of act 231. A L. KANI) ER, GERARD Intaii of certain lands, in Fairfax, whereof he is seized, docked $99. ALEXAN DRIA. Fairs allowed in town of 286. Privileges at 287. Act for, revived 499. AM ELIA. County divided, and Prince Edward formed 379. Boundaries 380. Court days 380. Al’PEAL. Allowed, on convictions for gaming 79. To general court 329, 339. Errors, how assigned 339. Damages on 340. Limitation of 340. Judgment in 340. Al’PEARANCE. In personal actions, without bail 331. By engagement of attorney 331.

APPOMATTOX. River, act for clearing 291. Power and duty of trustees 292, 293. Bridge over, to be built by subscription 293. APPRIASEMENT. Of articles impressed, for military purposes, how to be 115. APPRENTICES. What poor children may be bound 32. To serve out their full time 368. Of the militia, fines on, how collected 539. ARMISTEAD, JOHN Authorised to dispose of certain intailed lands, for performance of his father's will 405. ARMISTEAD, WILLIAM Agreement between, and Philip Johnson, concerning certain lands, confirmed 412. * ARMS. Found in custody of negro, mulatto or Indian, may be scized 109. Exception 110. Militia to find their own 116. When the public to provide 118. Of officers, of the militia 537. Of privates 537. Time allowed to provide 537. Exempted from executions and distresses 538. ARMY. Raised by impressment, for French war 438. Power of justices to levy soldiers by warrant 438. Who exempted 439. Their pay 439. Provision for, if wounded 439. Further preparations for supporting, by instituting a lottery 553. Act for raising reve nues for, explained 461. Rangers to be enlisted or drafted of young men of the militia, who have not wives or children 465. Further provi

sions, for raising 521. Eucouragement to enlist 525. Remedy against fraudulent arrests, in those enlisted 525. Act of limitations, not to run, in favor of soldiers, while priviledged from arrests 527. Militia who have not wives or children to be drafted 527. Wounded in the service, to be supported by the public 527. Rewards to officers and privates, who behaved gal

lantly, in the late engagement

on the Monongahela 52s. Treasury notes, to be emitted 528. Their currency and redemption 529. Act for bet. ter regulating and training the militia 580. Act amending the act for making provision against invasions and insurrections 544. Duty of officers, on notice of 543. To call a council of war 545. Fines for various offences 546. Corres. pondence with enemy felony 546. Liability to martial law 546. Courts martial how constituted 547. Disobedience how punishable 547. Limi. tation of punishment 548. Protection of officers if sucd 548. Militia not to be marched more than five miles be: yond inhabitants, on western frontiers 548. Officer not permitted to resign, when called into service 548. Pay of officers and soldiers 548. Of the cavalry 549. Of the infantry 549. Of smiths wheelwrights,carpenters, and other artificers 549. For wag. gons, boats &c. 549. Rewards, for Indian prisoners, or Indian scalps 551. Punish.

ment of mutiny, desertion,
and disobedience 560. Spe-
cial courts martial may be
authorized by the governor
560. Of what number to con-
sist 560. Their oath and that
of their clerk 561. What num-
ber must concur in sentence
562. Within what hours, court
to sit 562. Party, accused to
have a copy of his sentence;62.
Record of proceedings to be
transmitted to governor, and
sentence respited, until his
pleasure be known 562. Pow-
er of magistrates to appre-
hend deserters 562. Consta-
bles charged with, may im-
press men, and horses 563.
Penalty to suffer escapes 563.
Encouragement to apprehend
deserters 563. Penalty to
harbour, or deal with them
for their arms, or cloaths 563.
How recoverable 563. In
what actions, defendant may
plead the general issue, and
give the special matter in evi-
dence 564. Friendly Indians
intitled to reward for Indian
scalps 564. 565.

Pay of 117. 549.
Inspectors of tobacco ineligible
to 185.

Of bonds, &c. allowable, and as-
signees may bring suits in
their own names 87.

For rent, when it lies 11. Pro.
ceedings upon 11. Goods car-
ried off the premises, may be
seized within 10 days 11. But
not if bona fide sold 12.

Rules concerning,


Examiners of, how appointed

140. Licence, how obtained
141. How qualified 141.
Penalty for practising with-
out 142. Who incapable of
obtaining 142. General court
may suspend 142. Barristers
cxempted 142. Power of
county courts over 142. Lia-
ble to pay costs, for neglect
142. Those of general court,
not to practise in county
courts 143. Proviso 143. Ex-
ception, as to some courts
143. Only two to argue on a
side 143. Except in criminal
cases 143. Engagement for
defendants 331. Fees of, in
general court 336. Fees of,
settled 371.

[blocks in formation]

in certain
county courts 203. In what
cases, no bail required 331.
Rules where bail required
331. Remedy of Sheriff 332.
Of bail 332. Recognizance
of, how taken 333. When
liable 333. In what cases no
bail 333.

[blocks in formation]

To be sent to work-houses 476.
How goverited 477.
Actions of debt may be main-
tained on 86. So, by assignee
Damages on protest 85. How
judgment to be entered 86.
Protested, to have force of
judgments 86. Action of debt
may be maintained on 86.
Defendant may prove dis-
counts 87. Currency paid
for sterling, to be expressed
in 479. Penalty 480. Draw-
er may exhibit a bill in equi-

ty to discover true amount
Westry of parish of, in James
City and New Kent author-
ised to sell certain lands, and
lay out the money in commu-
nion plate, and church orna
ments 393.
Penalty for taking
leave 40.
Warehouse, act for relief of
proprietors, whose tobacco
was burnt in 485.
Assignee of bonds, bills, and
notes may maintain an action
in their own names 87. But
must allow all just discounts
Method of proving store ac-
counts 53. Limitation 54.
55. Ex’rs. or adm’rs. may
prove in like manner 54,
When a copy may be given
in evidence 54. Defendant
may contest such proof 55.
Of lands, how to be marked by
surveyors 35.
In inspectors of tobacco, how
punishable 185. On the per-
son offering it 186.
Intail of certain lands, whereof
he is seized docked 448.
How erected, and kept in repair
66. Owners of iron works
may take timber for 158.
Bridge over Pagan creek, to
be erected 288. Over Appo.


mattox, by subscription 293.
One to be erected over Hog
Island creek 495.
Rates of 103. Penalty for ex-
cceding 104. r
Parish in Culpeper, formed
from St. Mark and St. Thom-
as 256.

Lieutenant, reward to, for his

gallant conduct, in the late
engagement on the Mononga-
hela 528.
County, mode of holding courts
in, altered 201. Expiration
of act 231.
Inspectors of tobacco, ineligible
to house of 185. Wages of,

payable in money 251, 373,
422,432,570. At what time

251, 374, 423, 433. To be
paid by their respective coun-
ties 497. Travelling expen-
ses, how adjusted 498. Wa-
ges of, how and when payable
555, 57 ().
Certain lands, devised by, in
upper parish of Nansemond,
to be sold 266.
Light house to be erected at 227.
Duties to be paid by masters
of ships 228.
Treasurer authorised to borrow
money, for the purpose of re
building 196. Persons ap-
pointed to contract for 197.
Directors, their power and
duty 198.

When to be argued in general
court 336.
Trespasses by unruly, penalty
on owner 38. Duty of dri-
vers, passing through the co-
lony 124. Must produce
manifests, take an oath, &c.
125. Penalty, for neglect
125. Sheriff's duty and fees
125. Appropriation of seiz-
ure 126. Persons excepted
And plats of survey, when and
where to be returned 35, 36.
Rules, in issuing 330, 340, 341,
342. Punishment for false
oath, on 341.
On surveys, to be sworn 36.
Intail of certain lands, in James
City, docked, and Wested in
Rules of practice in county
207. In the general court
345 to 349.
At gaming, how punishable 79.
Intail of certain lands, in Mid-
dlesex, docked, and vested in
Ages of imported, how adjudg-
ed 41. Bond or free accor-
ding to the condition of their
mother 357.
|Their duty in transferring the

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