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An Act for the better collecting the Land

and Poll-Tax.


1. WHEREAS some sheriffs have refused or been unable to give security for collecting the taxes imposed by one act of Assembly, made in the twenty eight year of his majesty's reign, intituled, An act for raising the sum of twenty thousand pounds, for the protection of his majesty's subjects, against the insults and encroachments of the French, and one other act, intituled, An act to explain an act, intituled, An act for raising the sum of twenty thousand pounds, for the protection of his majesty's subjects, against the insults and encroachments of the French, and for other purposes therein mentioned; and no other collectors have been appointed in their stead, by the courts of the counties where such refusal or inability hath happened pursuant to the directions of the said acts; te

prevent the inconveniences that may arise thereby, Where sher II. Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Counitis have not cil and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and given secu, it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That rity accord

where any sheriff hath not given security, and shall ing to former

neglect or refuse to give security, for collecting any of the said taxes in the manner by the said acts prescribed, within three months after the passing of this act, every such sheriff shall forfeit and pay the sum of one hundred pounds; and the justices of the court where such neglect or refusal shall happen, shall and they are hereby required to order the person appointed to prosecute for the king in such court, to exhibit an information in the name of our sovereign Jord the king, against such sheriff for recovery of the same, which when recovered, shall be paid to the treasurer of this colony, for the time being, and applied to the same uses as the said taxes are directed to be applied: Provided always, That if such sheriff shall in open court on his corporal oath depose, that he hath used his best endeavours to procure such security, and can not get the same, then he shall not be liable to such penalty.


III. And be it further enacted, by the authority afore- Where shersaid, That where any sheriff shalí refuse, or be unable ils are unato give security, within the time herein before limitted, such securi. for the collection of the said taxes or any of them, and ty, governor no other person will undertake the same, then and in to appoint

others in every such case, the court of the county where such

their stead. refusal or inability shall happen, shall certify the same to the governor, or commander in chief, for the time being, who upon such certificate being produced to him, is hereby impowered and desired to appoint some other fit and able person to be sheriff of such county in the room of the sheriff so refusing or disabled, as aforesaid, which person so appointed as aforesaid, shall at the next court to be held for his county, after the date of his commission, give bond and security for the due collection and payinent of the money laid and assessed by the said above mentioned acts, and shall account for and pay the same, in the same manner, as is directed by the said acts, and shall be subject to the same penalty, for refusing or neglecting to give security, recoverable in the same manner, as is herein before directed.


An Act for settling the rents of the publie

warehouses and inspectors salaries, for this present year.

I. WHEREAS the salaries of the several inspec

Preamble. tors at the public warehouses are more than sufficient to compensate them for their trouble and service, in inspecting the short crop of tobacco, made this present year, and will be a great expence and unnecessary burthen to the public,

II. Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant-Govern- Inspectorsinor, Council, and Burgesses of this present General As- stead of their sembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the salaries to re

ceive three same, That the salaries directed to be paid to the in

shillings per spectors at the several public warehouses, for the in hogshead spection of tobacco in this colony be and are hereby dis

contiued for this present year, and in lieu thereof, the said inspector's shall retain to their own use three shillings, for every bogshead of crop tobacco, and five shillings for every bogshead of transfer tobacco, which has been or shall be delivered by them. respectively, between the twentieth day of October, in this present year, and the twentieth day of October next, over and above the six pence allowed for nails, for every hogshead of transfer tobacco, out of which

nevertheless, they shall pay to the proprietors of the Proprietors said warehouses, eight pence for every hogshead that instead of

shall be delivered out of such warehouses, within the their rents to receiv 8d.

time aforesaid. per hogs III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforehead. said, That the proprietors of all warehouses, which

have a certain and established rent by law, shall inInspectors to stead of such rent, receive eight pence for every hogs

head of tobacco, delivered as aforesaid, and no more:

IV. Provided nevertheless, That the several inspectors shall account for and pay to the treasurer, all sums of money arising by the said three sbillings, and five shillings per hogshead, over and above their salaries, established by law, and the eight pence per hogshead, due to the proprietors of the respective warehouses.




An Act to enable the inhabitants of this co

lony to discharge their Tobacco debts in money, for this present year.

I. WHEREAS by reason of the great drought a very small quantity of tobacco is made, so that the inhabitants of this colony are not able to pay their public, county and parish levies, and the officers fees, and other tobacco debts in tobacco for this present year, according to the directions of the laws now in force: for remedy whereof, and to prevent the sheriffs and other collectors of the public dues, from taking advantage of the necessities of the people, and exacting er orbitant prices for tobacco, due or payable to them from the poor and needy,

debts may

II. BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant Governor, Coun- Tobacco cil, and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and

be paid off it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same, That at 16s. 8d. it shall and may be lawful to and for any person or persons, from whom any tobacco is due by judgment, for rent, by bond, or upon any contract, or for public, county and parish levies, or for any secretaries, clerks, sheriffs, surveyors, or other officers fees, or by any other ways or means whatsoever, to pay and satisfy the same, either in tobacco, according to the directions of the act of Assembly, intituled, An act for amending the staple of tobacco, and preventing frauds in his majesty's customs, or in money, at the rate of sixteen shillings and eight pence, for every hundred pounds of nett tobacco, and so in proportion for a greater or lesser quantity, at the option of the payer: And the sheriffs and other collectors shall, and they are hereby required to receive the same from any person or persons, in discharge of any such levies and officers fees; and the sheriffs or other collectors of the levies and fees, aforesaid, shall account with, and pay to the persons entitled to the same, in proportion to their several demands, all tobacco and money which they shall receive in payment of such levies and fees, which shall discharge such sheriffs and collectors from any other de. mand for such levies and fees, any law to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

III. Provided always, That nothing herein contain- Not to er. ed shall extend, or be construed to extend, to any pub- tend to any lic, county, or parish levies, or officers fees now due or debts now hereafter to become due, in any county where by law due. the inhabitants of such county, are now impowered to discharge the same in money.

IV. And be it further enacted, That this act shall Continue continue and be in force for the space of ten months, ance. and no longer.


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An Act for paying the Burgesses wages out

of the Treasury, for this session of .ls. sembly.


I. WHEREAS by one act of Assembly, made in the third and fourth years of the reign of his present majesty, intituled, An act for the better regulating the payment of the Burgesses wages, it is amongst other things enacted, that when any session of Assembly should be thereafter held, and upon examination of the treasurer's accounts, it should appear that there are monies sufficient in his hands, to discharge all the money debts, together with the Burgesses wages, and the salaries and allowances to the respective officer of the General Assembly, saving and reserving in the hands of the treasurer, over and above the said pay. ments, a ballance of one thousand five hundred pounds, at the least; then every Burgess elected and serving for any county or corporation, within this dominion, should be paid out of the public money, the snm of ten shillings, for each day he should serve in the house of Burgesses, with such further allowances, and under guch restrictions and regulations, as in the said act is at large directed. And whereas by reason of the low circumstances of the treasury, the wages of the Burgesses for this present session cannot be discharged in money, according to the letter of the said act, and the payment of the said wages in money will be a great ease to the poorer sort of people, by lessening the levy by the poll,

II. Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant Goretaor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present General sembly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the same. That the Burgesses wages for this present ses sion of Assembly, shall be paid by the treasurer, og the first day of November, in the year of our lord, or thousand seven hundred and fifty six, out of the public monies then in his hands, according to the directives and regulations in the said recited act mentioned, any thing in the said art to the contrary thereof, in art wise notwithstanding.


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